Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 5 - Nancy Loses Control

After weeks of nagging, Aaron eventually did give in and sleep with his wife. He wasn't sure how much more Nancy he could take. Divorse wasn't something that happened where he was from. A union was until death (which took a very very long time being almost immortal). He was thankful that he didin't have to live an eternity with Nancy. She was a different woman from the professor he had known in college. Maybe it was time to embrace his new found life. Maybe it was time to hire a lawyer. He made a good living and was a good father. Maybe he could divorse Nancy and still get to keep his kids. Even if it was to late for him and Tracy, at least he would be happier and thus so would his kids. They may be young but Aaron suspected that they knew that something wasn't quite right.

Baila grew into a child. As she prepared to start school, Aaron prepared to see that attorny. His kids where old enough now to handle this. In the end, he knew that it was for the best.

All Aaron could think was "THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!" He had talked to a lawyer. He was making all the arrangements to divorse Nancy and NOW she's pregnant AGAIN. How is it possible? He had only been with his wife a handful of times and she's been pregnant three times. Well he couldn't divorse her now. He would have to wait. Would this never end?

Aaron looks on as Nancy gives birth to child number three. All he can think is that the end is in sight. He felt guilty for feeling this way but he was tired. Tired of the nagging. Tired of the hurt. Just plan tired. He wanted his life with Nancy to be over. It was the biggest mistake of his life. He loved his kids and always would but he could no longer stand the sight of their mother. It had to end and the sooner the better.

Nancy happily presented Aaron with another son. She didn't realize what was going through her husband's mind. Aaron took his blond haired, grey eyes boy and held him close. He decided to name him Blake meaning pale skin. He gave him a bottle and tucked him into his crib. First thing in the morning he was calling his attorney. He couldn't take his life anymore. Something had to change.

(Ok so I'm really hating B names for some reason. Don't know why but I feel like I've used most of them in the past so now I'm searching hard for unused names. When you've started as many legacys as I have, that makes things challenging.)

As it turns out, Aaron need not have bothered. As Nancy left home the next day to sell some high quality counterfit bills, her former employers caught up with her. They threw her in the back of the car and sped away. Nancy was afraid. She had every reason to be. She had stole from her former employers. She liberated a very large sum of cash. These weren't the type of people to forgive and forget.

That evening was Ben's birthday. He was now a teen. His life's dirrection, Romance (which sooo isn't him but figures with the amount of family sims I've got running about). Aaron told his son that Nancy had to work late. The truth was he had no idea where she was. She should have been home hours ago. Nancy was many things but she did love her kids. Aaron couldn't believe she would miss such a big event. What could have kept her away?

Aaron found out what kept her away the next day. The police asked him to come down and identify a body that they believed was his wife. Aaron could hardly recognize the body at the morge. Nancy had not died an easy death. Aaron found out many more things that morning. The police told him that his wife was a known criminal. She had formerly been employed in the desert but had fled after a hit was put out on her life. She had then come to Eden Falls where she had hooked up with Aaron and then began her criminal activity anew. She had been under survalence for some time but they didn't have anything that would stand up in court. Someone from her old life apparently found out where she was and they killed her. Aaron was numb with shock. How could he have not known who he married? How could he be so stupid and so blind? How would he tell the kids? What did he do now?

(So...Prof. Nancy actually died of starvation. Not the way I wanted to go but she was uncooperative. Noodlesoother to the rescue.)

Aaron told the kids a bold faced lie. He told them their mother was killed in a car accident. He didn't think that they needed to know the truth. He placed her urn below her protrait. He put the bed they had shared into storage. He had not wanted to be married to Nancy but he never wanted her to die. He felt guilty. He had wished her gone and now she was. He tried to hold it together for the kids. He had a newborn to take care of. He had a teen who thought he was grown already. He had a daughter that missed her mother terribly. He had an even larger aching in his heart and he had no idea how to mend it.

And then one morning Aaron answered the door and who should it be but Tracy. She put her arms around him and he felt as though he was home. She had her bags with her. She asked him if he needed help. Aaron took Tracy in his arms and then he cried. The two stood there for a while before Aaron took her bags and showed her in.


Anjel76 said...


Well ... I was hoping she'd get in touch with Nature (and the Cowplant) ... but ... I guess I can live with a starvation death. *BWAAHAHAHAHAAAA*

And yay! Tracy has come back to him! I'm so HAPPY!!!

muisie said...

Good story! Hope there's more to come soon! Aaron sure is good looking =)

Simaholic said...

Poor Aaron! Imagine him having to deal with the guilt of his wife's death. Of course he couldn't help it that she was shady. But somehow I think that Tracy is going to help him get over that ;)

j00ky said...

Ding dong the witch is dead! Is there a pic hidden somewhere of where she suffered in pain? *wishes* lol.. Yay for Tracey!