Thursday, June 30, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 12 - And baby makes... eleven?

Back at U: The kids are going through some major changes. Blake has suddenly noticed girls, specifically Jan Baity. Suddenly gaining knowledge and plotting crimes has lost it's appeal. He suddenly understands what has driven his father for so long. He finally gets the reasoning behind having such a large family. Finally Blake has put his fantasy of being a criminal mastermind behind him. That would be to dangerous. Ben and Balia were right. Instead he plans on finding a good job and supporting Jan and himself and their kids. Well he hasn't actually asked her to marry him yet but he's bought the ring. He hasn't mentioned his intentions to anyone yet but he may tell his dad since he knows he'll understand and probably be thrilled. He can't wait to graduate and marry the woman he loves.

Blake's sophomore roll: Family; lifetime want - 6 grandkids

Things have heated up over at the greek house too. For someone who was guy crazy in high school, Baila hasn't been in college. Her search for a way to bring Tracy back changed her. Other things suddenly seemed more important. So Baila spent her time studying and doing term papers and hadn't noticed any guys at all. Then suddenly the light came on and she realized that Mitch had feelings for her. Strange thing was she had feeling for him too. She had always liked him when they were kids but she never made a move because of her brother. Now they were all grown up so who cares what Ben thinks. So one night she took his hands in hers and looked into his eyes. That's really all it took. Soon they were kissing right there in the kitchen. They are now deeply in love. Baila knows that Mitch was hurt before. Yes, his last girlfriend got caught cheating on him. So Baila is changing her ways. She never wants to hurt the man she loves.

Baila's sophomore roll: Knowledge; lifetime want - criminal mastermind

Ben has always known that Baila and Mitch would be perfect together. Though they haven't gotten up the courage to tell him that anything is going on, he lives with them and he's not blind. So he's just sitting back and waiting to see how long it will take them to announce their relationship to the world.

Ben's been quietly dating Katy Kosmokos. She's a bartender and a little bit older than he is. The two haven't gotten that serious yet but he really wants to. For now Ben's just making friends and keeping his grades up.

Ben's sophomore roll: Fortune; lifetime want: earn 100k

Bede becomes a teen. He dreams of being extremely popular. He dreams of someday becoming a sports star.

(My irrational hate of popularity sims has reared it's ugly head. I may roll him in college even though it could make things worse.)

Boris is now a toddler. He is a Gemini with 7 neat, 10 outgoing, 10 active, 6 playful & 2 nice.

Baila moves off to college and gets put in the same dorm with Blake. She was a little surprised to find out that her brother is in a serious relationship with someone. He hasn't told a soul back home. Baila starts her college years off by meeting the other dormies and may eventually even crack a book.

Bram heads of to college. He's lucky enough to get assigned to a new dorm. No siblings around. He finds out that Diane Long is also living there. He and Diane have been friends since they were teens. She use to work at the clothing store not far from his house. Bram and Diane strike up a conversation. Bram finds himself noticing how beautiful her eyes are.

Diane Long - npc shop clerk - Family - Cancer - 2 neat, 10 outgoing, 3 active, 2 playful & 8 nice; lifetime want - graduate 3 kids

Hummm. They both leave at the same time dressed like this. They stay gone for almost a full day. They both come home completely stinky and smelly. How much work do we really think they're getting done?

Note: Tracy is now pregnant with baby ten.

Brand celebrates his birthday while mom & dad are away at work. He's chosen to try to learn everything possible before heading off to college. He dreams of being a doctor someday.

Boris has made it to childhood. He seems to be a people person. (A face like that can make you rethink who should be the heir.)

Tracy goes into labor and gives birth to TWIN DAUGHTERS. Aaron names his girls Bianca (meaning white) and Brooke (the meaning of which should be obvious). This fulfills Aaron's dream of having ten children. (babies 5 & 6, line 2, children 10 & 11)

(First, its shocking that I ever got the house far enough down to conceive twins. Second, all I can think about is four more and Tracy would have ten too. Am I sick or what?)

A few hours after the birth of his daughters, Aaron becomes an elder. Though he has accomplished much in his lifetime, he still has much left to do. He has many kids left to see grown, several kids he would like to see married, and let's not forget the grandkids.

Finally having a birthday is Banning. Banning wants to be a family man like his dad. He'd also like to keep the world safe by becoming captain hero.


Anonymous said...

I hate Popularity Sims too :)

So are you going to play all these kids in satellite houses, or are you going to abandon some of them after college? I know I'd never have the patience to play all those kids.


aquatami said...

I would like to play all the kids. That was the plan from the start but that was before Aaron rolled family in college. I will definitely send all the kids to college for the scholarship points. Once there I'm not sure. Some may fade away or some may drop out move back home and die tragic deaths. I haven't reached this point yet so I don't know. I'm still trying to talk myself OUT of having four more. I mean is one point worth all the hassel that would be involved? I can't decide.

Qosmic said...

Why not let her adopt 4 more, but not include them in the story. That way you can delete them later, or put them on a lot somewhere to keep for friendship points. Really liked the pic of Aaron and Tracy in their green suits. *lol*

aquatami said...

Q you are brilliant. Such a simple idea and yet it totally alluded me. I've been planning something wicked all day. It's what I do when I should be working. This would fit in perfectly and actual resolve my one slight hesitation. Inspiration is a funny thing. It smacks you in the face when you least expect it. I'm glad I've got a long weekend coming up. So much to do.

Simaholic said...

Way to go Aaron! Such beautiful children too. Can I just say that Ben really is quite gorgeous. As far as sims go anyway. I'm very impressed with fulfilling the 10 kids want. That is such a difficult one to fill and takes sooo much time. I'll be interested to know how things go with Tracy and if you decide to get her 10 kids too.

Anjel76 said...

Oh ... my ... GOSH! Twin GIRLS! My wish came true! My wish came TRUE! *spins around and transitions* Ooh ... wait. Wrong dance. *LOL* *tries again* *spins around and boogies* *LOL*

And I love that whole "leaf uniform", "leave together", "come back together all stinky", "how much work do they really get done" thing. *LOL* That was HILARIOUS!

So ... someone ELSE wants to be a criminal mastermind (like her biological mom). Oh ... the IRONY! So whatcha gonna do about that?

j00ky said...

Brand looks so shifty.. no comment on Banning lol