Sunday, June 26, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 2 - One Blurry Night

Soon after moving to Eden Falls, Aaron was visited by Prof. Nancy Philippine. Nancy had been a great help to him while he was in college. The two had become good friends. Nancy didn't just come for a visit though. Prof. Nancy had been made part time at the university. She told Aaron all about how the house she was renting had been sold and she was without a place to live. She told him how she didn't have much money and absolutely no place to go. Even though Aaron didn't have a roof over his head he quickly offered his friend a place to stay for a while. It never occured to him that Nancy might be telling a few half truths. Things like how she needed to get away because some of her criminal activities had become noticed as of late. Things like how she found Aaron completely attractive and wanted badly to get him into her bed. Things like how she had been dreaming of marrying him for years and having lots of babies with little pointy ears. You know...little things like that.

Things started out innocently enough. Aaron and Nancy began sleeping together strickly out of necessity. They only had enough money for one bed and there was no reason for her to sleep on the couch. They were both adults after all. He and Tracy had slept together for months without ever getting intimate. Aaron still though of Nancy as a dear friend that was down on her luck. If only he knew how she thought of him.

Prof. Nancy Philippine - npc professor (obviously) - Family (what are the odds) - Cancer - 2 neat, 6 outgoing, 9 active, 2 playful & 6 nice: lifetime want - 6 grandkids

Soon Aaron and Nancy's lives fell into a routine. Aaron cooked them breakfast. Nancy cooked them dinner. She always fixed something simple, since there is no kitchen, and served it with her special homemade wine. Aaron loved Nancy's wine and had one glass each night with his meal. That was exactly the way Nancy wanted it. One night Nancy slipped something 'extra' into Aaron's glass of wine.

Soon she had him just where she wanted him. Yes, it was really annoying that he kept calling her Tracy but she could live with it. As long as she got what she wanted she didn't care. So that night Nancy (often refured to as Tracy) took complete advantage of Aaron. If she timed things right, and the ovulation predictor said she had, then Nancy would get Aaron and a wedding ring.

Aaron was just a little hung over and plenty confused the next morning. He woke up holding Nancy but he could have sworn he spent the night with Tracy. Everything was fuzzy and nothing made sense. Things didn't get any better when Nancy woke up. She walked over to him and kissed him very passionatly. What exactly had they done last night? Nancy followed her good morning with a speech detailing how happy she was that he finally expressed his feeling for her. She had loved him for so long but she never knew that he felt the same. Aaron quickly ducked into the bathroom, the only room they had, and took a long shower. He had been with Nancy. He didn't really remember being with her but he remembered being with someone. With Tracy no where to be found it must have been Nancy. What did he do now? How did he explain that it was just a mistake. He didn't want to hurt Nancy but he loved Tracy. This one mistake couldn't change that.

Aaron rushed off to work that morning. He and Nancy were pretty much working opposite shifts. He had managed to avoid her pretty well. Every now and then she would wrap her arms around him and tell him she loved him. He was lost as to what to do. He talked to Tracy often and always told her how much he loved her. He hadn't visited lately. He was pretty sure that the guilt would be written on his face. He had to fix this but what should he do? Well he wanted his own life and now he had it. For the first time in a long while he wished he could ask his father for guidance. After listening to Tracy tell him about how wonderful her studies were going but how much she missed him and wanted to visit, Aaron realized that he had to talk to Nancy. He would be honest. It had been a while. He would just tell her that he was drunk. It was a mistake. He didn't want to hurt her but he loved Tracy and he always would. Hopefully she would understand. He hated to think this but maybe she would move out.

Aaron knew that today was the day. Today when he got off work Nancy should be home. He would just sit her down and tell her the truth. Maybe by tomorrow she would be gone. Then he could invite over Tracy. He wouldn't have to tell her what happened. He could just show her how much he loved her still.

Well things didn't work out as Aaron hoped. Instead of him telling Nancy, Nancy told him. She told him that she was pregnant with his child. She told him how thrilled she was that she was finally able to tell him. She had considered a note but this was something that should be said in person. Aaron was stunned. A million things began to run through his head. He was going to be a father. His old life suddenly reared it's head. Things like honor and family name started swirling through his mind.

Suddenly without even thinking it through Aaron pulled out a box. He had been carrying that box around for almost a year now waiting for the right time to give it to Tracy. Now he offered it up to Nancy. Nancy was having his child. He had to marry her. He had to give his baby his name. He had to take care of his child even though he didn't love his mother.

That same night, before he could change his mind, Aaron Avery married Prof. Nancy Philippine. As she embraced him he closed his eyes and could almost believe that she was Tracy. Almost.

Tracy. How could he ever explain this to Tracy. She would be crushed. She would hate him. He would hate himself for the rest of his life for doing this to Tracy. He had ruined everything. But it was to late now. Now he would simply have to do the best he could. He would start construction on his home. He always dreamed of decorating the nursery for the child that he and Tracy would have. If only he could turn back the clock and take away that one blurry night.

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