Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 6 - She's Back

Things were very akward at first. Aaron had explained to his kids that Tracy was a dear old friend from college. Ben could see that she was more than that. For the first time in his life, Ben saw his father's smile go all the way to his eyes. It had been almost a year since his mother died. Ben thought Tracy moving in was a good thing. He thought they were being stupid for sleeping in seperate beds. If he had some like Tracy living with him, she would be in his bed and his arms every night. Ben liked Tracy. She was good for his dad and that was all that mattered. He also thought that she would be good for Blake. Blake was just a baby but he would need a mom. Tracy would make an excellent mom and an excellent step mom and that's exactly what he told his father.

By now Blake was a toddler. He's a capricorn with 10 neat, 4 outgoing, 5 active, 10 playful & 5 nice. (to bad about the ears). Aaron was happy. Other than Baila, the entire family had taken to Tracy. Soon he wanted to make her an official part of the family. He prayed that Baila would come around but in the end it didn't matter. He was destined to be with Tracy and that's all there was to it.

Tracy was finally happy. She treated Blake and all the children as though they were her own. She especially loved Blake though because he looked so much like his daddy.

Eventually Aaron and Tracy did almost what Ben had suggested. Aaron queitly asked Tracy to marry him. Of course she accepted. Tracy moved into Aaron's bedroom and his bed. Aaron and Tracy began planning a small quiet ceramony. Finally life seemed to be headed in the right dirrection.

By the time the big night finally arrived, the bride was expecting a child. The happy couple had invited over their closest friends to celebrate their long awaited union.

It was a very happy occasion. The wedding party though small was a big sucess.

Aaron had never been happier. This night had erased so many painful nights from before. Finally he would get the chance to experience a real marriage.

Aaron spent the evening showing his wife exactly how much he loved her.

Baila acted up showing everyone how much she didn't want the wedding to happen. Tracy wasn't her mom. Her mom was dead. She didn't need another mom.

Soon Tracy was very large with baby (so much so that her pixels won't cover her tummy).

Baila had a birthday. She is officially a teen. Her dad hopes that she will finally grow up some. Well I wouldn't count on it dad. Baila is dedicating her life to romance. Like most romance sims, she may never truely grow up.

Nancy started making nightly visits. She did not like what she saw. Tracy had taken over her family. She had stolen her husband. She had taken her life. She would not get away with this.

Tracy went into labor and with the Nanny watching she gave birth to a son.

He was a healthy baby boy with his mother's brown hair and eyes. Tracy held off naming the boy until his father came home. Later Aaron would name his son Bram meaning Raven.

(Bram is baby one of line two but baby four overall. Just making sure you're keeping up.)

Blake became a child. (He definitely got his mother's nose. Poor kid.) He seems to love people and learning.

Ben spent an evening catering to the headmaster of the local private school. He didn't see why his father should waste his money but if he wanted them to go then he would do his best to impress the guy. After a lot of smoozing (because he was interupted while eating) the family recieved the news that the three eldest Avery children would be enrolled immediately.

After the headmaster left, Tracy went outside to feed Trixie. Yes Aaron had gotten not one but two of the mysterious and rare plants that he had wanted. The male, Trevor, was on the other side of the house. Apparently they had to remain seperated or Trixie would try to eat Trevor. Tracy was just about to throw the slab of meat into Trixie's mouth when someone or something pushed her from behind. Trixie swallowed her in just one gulp.

Aaron placed her remains below the portrait that Ben had painted of her.

Everyone was terribly distressed....except for Nancy. Prof. Nancy was quite proud of herself. She had solved that problem rather easily.


Anjel76 said...


*swears profusely*
*shakes head in denial*

Darn (wanted to use a stronger word, but didn't) that Professor Nancy. If I could exorcise a demon, I would SO exorcise HER!!! I think deleting the urn would be a WONDERFUL way to do it.

*gnashes teeth*

Simaholic said...

OH NO!!!!!! Poor Aaron! The love of his life eaten by a cow! It is so sad, it is so tragic.

::goes off to cry::

Qosmic said...

Aaron might be the most handsome groom I've seen. I *love* evening weddings! Ben is a very handsome teen - guess the apple don't fall far from the apple tree. ;)
I didn't see Tracy's death coming, that's for sure. And so soon, too... But the painting of her is beautiful.

j00ky said...

OMG! No! What are you doing! Tracey! *cries*

Judith said...

That was a beautiful portrait of Tracy, you are very talented in setting up the pictures!