Sunday, June 26, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 1 - The Beginning

Welcome to yet another Legacy story. Today's founder is a young adult named Aaron Avery which roughly translated means Exalted Elf Ruler. That is exactly what Aaron's family had planned for him. You see Aaron comes to us from far away. He is from a rather influencial family. At the age of two his parents arranged his marrage with another influencial family. Instead of growing up accepting his fate, Aaron was constantly trying to find a way out. He loved knowledge. He was always reading of far away lands and strange customs. At the age of sixteen, Aaron announced to his parents that he would be going away to college in the 'human world'. His parents of course balked at this notion. He would do no such thing. He would perform the right of manhood and then marry his betrothed. Someday he would be a ruler among their people. Aaron knew what he parents would say. He also knew that his younger brother would happily take his place. So at the age of sixteen, after leaving a brief note of goodbye...

Aaron perfomed his last bit of magic and crossed over to the human world. He knew that if he remained for any length of time he would become mortal. That was exactly what he wanted. He wanted to live and die while making his own decisions. For good or bad, he wanted to lead his life. No predetermined careers or arranged marriages. He would be his own man. He used forged papers and enrolled at La Fiesta Tech. He had never lived in a desert and was quite happy with the change.

Aaron Avery - ya founder - Knowledge - Virgo - 10 neat, 5 outgoing, 5 active, 0 playful & 5 nice

Aaron's first few years pasted in a blurr.. Life sure moves quickly in the mortal realm. He met many people and made many friends. Eventually he adjusted to his new life. After a while he stopped seeing hidden dangers at ever corner and stopped looking for his father to show up and drag him back home.

After a while things changed for Aaron. Knowledge lost some of it's appeal. Instead he began to notice women. Though he had never wanted his arranged marriage, the idea of marriage in general suddenly appealed to him. After his junior year, Aaron moved out of the dorms and started his own greek house. The main reason, to move in Tracy Shahan. Aaron was completely enchanted by this woman whose eyes he had never seen. How strange that his first experience with love would be with a woman in a cow costume.

(Sophmore Roll - Family: Lifetime want - marry off six kids)

Tracy agreed to move in with Aaron. She had feelings for him as well. In no time at all the two were in deeply in love.

Tracy Shahan - cow mascot - Family - Aquarius - 0 neat, 10 outgoing, 0 active, 10 playful & 0 nice: lifetime want - captain hero

(I had no idea what she looked like when I moved her in. A move like this is very against my nature but I think it all turned out ok.)

Aaron and Tracy took things very slowly. Though they slept together every night, they had never gone beyond making out. Aaron was about to graduate but Tracy had only just begun her education. Eventually Aaron did graduate. Aaron promised to call and come by often but that wasn't enough for Tracy. She was ready to take their relationship to the next level. The night before leaving La Fiest Tech, Aaron and Tracy shared their first woohoo. Aaron really wanted to purpose to Tracy. He loved her more than anything. She would be the mother of his children. But he didn't want her to drop out of college. He could wait for her. In a few years they would be together for the rest of their lives.

Aaron asked another friend to move in and help Tracy with the greek house. Yvette Butler (seen her with her favorite professor) quickly jumped at the chance at a private room with a double bed. She was also just a freshman so she promised to stay and keep Tracy company at the greek house.

At last Aaron became a man. He was ready to head off to the real world and find his destiny. Aaron had been a hard worker in college. With the 20k he had saved up, Aaron drove to Eden Falls and purchased a plot of land. Money would be tight at first. Construction of his home would take time. All that mattered to Aaron was that the house be completed when Tracy graduated. Then they would be married and start their family.


j00ky said...

Gotta love that last pic, he looks so cheeky!

simstar28 said...

I am new to reading your blog, I was reading Ugtown, and I thought why haven't I read your stuff before?Itsexcellent and it is very creative. I then moved on to read your Strangeville blog. And I was upset to see that I was all caught up. And then I realixed that I never read this blog all the way through, so I have a lot of reading to do. I might not comment at every chapter, but I promise I'm reading.