Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 9 - Payment in Full

Later that evening under the light of the full moon Aaron contacted DEATH. He made arrangements to bring Tracy back from the dead. He was nervous and tense. He wanted this to work so badly but he was terrified to believe for fear that it wouldn't work.

Then suddenly something began to emerge.

It was Tracy alive and well and PREGNANT. Aaron had not known that his wife was pregnant when she died. Tracy immediately went into labor.

She delivered what appeared to be a healthy baby boy with his father's skin tone and his mother's brown hair and brown eyes.

Baila smiled widely as Tracy held her new son. Her plan had worked. She had found a way to bring back her father's true love and along with it came a new brother. Both of these things had already brought life back into her father's eyes. She knew that she no longer had to worry about her dad. Tracy was here now and she would take care of everything.

Aaron named his new son Brand which means firebrand and seemed appropriate. Aaron was beside himself with happiness. He had back Tracy AND Brand. He felt truly blessed.

(Brand Avery: 2nd child of line 2 - child 7 overall)

Arcadia wasn't feeling blessed at all. Aaron's dead wife was back among the living. How was that even possible? To make matters worse she gave him a son and on the same day Arcadia's son Bede was born.

Arcadia felt like a fool. She had tried to steal the husband of a dead woman. She had been a guest at their wedding. Tracy's death was still fresh when she had swooped in and tried to take Aaron. She felt ashamed at how she had acted. She should never have let him marry her. She should never have DEMANDED that he gave her children. What had she been thinking? What did she do now? She was legally his wife...maybe. She could take her kids and leave but what if Aaron tried to stop her. He had lots of money and she wasn't even employed anymore. But maybe she could somehow make this all work. She didn't want to lose her place in Aaron's life. Maybe she could find some way to hold on to him through their children.

Aaron was in heaven as he held Tracy in his arms. Though she had only just given birth he wanted desperately to make love to her. Although that wasn't possible tonight, he would be with her again soon. For now he would settle for falling asleep with Tracy in his arms.

Aaron was walking on clouds the next day. He had not seen his 'wife' since Tracy's return. He wasn't sure where she was. Even thinking of Arcadia's future could not dampen his spirits. Neither could his son's dirty diaper. He had his true wife back. His kids were all smiles. Tracy was perfect. Brand was healthy. It would be worth the high price that was demanded.

Once Baila knew that her father was well taken care of, she packed her bags and headed off to college. She wanted to meet some people, especially men, and have all the fun possible. She had been acting way to serious lately.

Aaron was sad to see her go. He and his daughter had gotten much closer over the past few months. He hated seeing his kids leave but all kids have to grow up and start leading their own lives. His father had never understood that. You can't always keep your kids right under your thumb. You have to let them make their own choices and their own mistakes. Aaron was determined though that he would be there to help his kids if they ever truly needed him. After seeing his oldest daughter off he headed back inside to check up on his other five children.

(yes I had nine on the lot - forgot she was pregnant until I brought her back from the dead)

Arcadia refused to speak to anyone the next day. She had thought about it all night and she was not going to just roll over and play dead. This was her family. She was the WIFE. SHE was the wife. He owed her. He couldn't just replace her. He wouldn't let him.

A few minutes later while trying to fix the garbage disposal, and muttering the entire time about how Aaron despite all his money was to cheap to pay someone else to do the repair, a jolt of electricity shot through Arcadia's body. Her heart stopped and would never beat again.

Tracy looked on as DEATH came for Arcadia. Seeing him again made a chill go down her spin. As he turned to leave she could have sworn she heard him say "Payment in Full". She prayed she was mistaken. She would never ask Aaron about this. There were some things she just didn't want to know.

Aaron placed Arcadia beside Nancy. He was finally at peace with his past. They were the mothers of his children and for that they would be honored. Aaron spent a good deal of time beside Arcaida's urn. He had never intended for it to end this way. He never knew the price until it was demanded. He hoped that she would find peace in the next life. He would always be grateful for everything she had given him.


Anjel76 said...

Oooh! I hope that she's not going to be mad that the payment that Death required for bringing Tracy back was another death. *DUN* *DUN* *DUUUUUN*

Aquatami, I absolutely love your stories. What ever happened to those 5 legacy families you started? Did you get too overwhelmed?

Scott A. McMillan said...

This is really different!
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aquatami said...

anjel: Quintonville was fun and a great idea but it got pretty crazy in a hurry. I was doing ten kids with two of the five families (big mistake). Also I kept getting mixed up on which teen was after which npc. Spreading the npcs among so many legacys is a nightmare. That said I was on the verge of starting up the whole thing again when I started the Avery Legacy.

I'm really glad you're enjoying it. I love your comments so keep them comming.

Simaholic said...

Ooooh the drama, the death! Very good. I wonder what will come of the situation with Death. Hmmmm...

j00ky said...

Not only do you get Tracey back but also a little one! w00t! A great ending to this chapter, was sweet about how Aaron felt about Arcadia even though he didn't love her as much as Tracey..