Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 8 - Baila's Plan

All the ghost activity seems to have put Arcadia into labor.

She gives birth to a red haired daughter with deep blue eyes. She had picked out a very cutsie name for the little girl but Aaron put his foot down. He would name their child. He had named all his kids and this was the only demand he had made of her. So in the end Arcadia backed down and Aaron named his daughter Binah which means knowledge or perception. (Binah is baby one of line three - baby five overall)

It didn't take Arcadia long to start demanding another child. Aaron just looked at her like she was crazy but then eventually gave her what she wanted. Maybe she would get pregnant and maybe not. He could care less. As long as she took care of the babies he really didn't care one way or another. Most days he didn't care if he lived or died. Why would he care about this?

Blake and Bram are becoming best friends. The two boys don't really understand what's going on but they don't like it at all. Their dad never plays with them anymore so they just play with each other.

Aaron finally spends some time with Binah. He knows that he needs to snap out of it but he's not sure how. Things can't keep going like this. His job performance is bad. His kids are suffering. His marriage is a joke. Sometimes he wondered why he ever left home all those years ago. He wanted to make his own mistakes but he never realized exactly how good he'd be at making mistakes. It seems like that's all he does anymore. Sometimes he wonders if his family wouldn't be better off without him.

Finally Baila realized she couldn't wait any longer to tell her father what she knew. So she caught him in the hall when everyone else was asleep and begin telling him her plans. It seems there is a group of people, some would call them a cult, that can commune with the dead. They have gone so far as to find a way to get DEATH to bring back the ones they love. Once you were one of them, they would share their secrets with you. Baila had planned on going to college and learning what she needed to know to make contact with these people. She knew a website and an organization where these people were rumored to be located. But now she realized her doing this would take to long. But if her dad did it...they could have Tracy back much sooner. If Aaron would just try to get a job with these people then maybe he could somehow learn the secret to bring the dead back to life.

Aaron wasn't at all sure about this plan. He didn't know that much about paranormal activities. But for the first time in a long time he had both hope and purpose. He went online and went over Baila's research. His daughter was a genius. Hormonally challenged yes but a genius all the same. Before daybreak, Aaron had managed to line up an interview. If Baila and Quinton were right, this was his first step to getting Tracy back.

Baila had been quick to point out that he had messed things up by marrying Arcadia. She was also quick to point out that he could fix it. When Tracy got back he could divorce Arcadia and send her packing. Then he and Tracy could be remarried. Their family would be back to how it should be.

Arcadia told her family that she was once again pregnant. Aaron said nothing but Baila looked down right furious with her. Ben just shrugged his shoulders and went off to work. Blake and Bram just wondered how many more babies there were going to be.

Aaron shared a private birthday celebration with his daughter Binah. He figured he owed her that much at least. He had barely acknowledged her since she was born. Turns out Binah is a Leo with 9 neat, 9 outgoing, 3 active, 6 playful and 5 nice.

Aaron has taken a job in the paranormal field. He is meeting people but so far the knowledge he seeks has eluded him. He's told Baila thought that he believes he's on the right track. He's heard whispers but nothing more. Soon though. Soon he will have what he needs.

Next it was Blake with a birthday. He is now a teen. He is dedicating his life towards knowledge in the hopes of becoming a criminal mastermind like his mother wanted to be. Yes they kids all know about Prof. Nancy's other life and her real cause of death. It's hard to keep secrets. Ben and Baila for the most part are embarrassed by their mother's criminal activities. Blake, who never really knew his mom, has blown her up into some sort of modern day Robin Hood. The family can only hope that he grows out of this before he gets in over his head.

With the kids all at school, Arcadia gave birth in the bathroom.

She delivered a beautiful little boy with red hair and dark blue eyes. His father later named him Bede which means prayer. (baby 2 - line 3 - child 6)

The same day his baby brother was born, Ben - the eldest - decided it was time for college. Aaron had forgotten all about it as he had been so busy with his little project.

After Ben left Aaron told Baila that the project had been successful. He had learned enough and had been able to obtain a means to buy back Tracy's soul. He would try it out that evening, as the moonlight was important it seemed. Soon they may have Tracy back.

Ben arrived at La Fiesta Tech and was assigned his dad's old dorm room. He called his dad to let him know that he had arrived safely. His dad sounded down right happy. Ben had no idea what was going on back home but first chance he got he was calling Baila to get some answers.


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I can't wait to see if Tracy is going to be back.

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