Thursday, June 30, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 11 - Marry Me Again

Blake decides he's ready for college so one morning instead of going to private school, he calls a cab and heads off to La Fiesta Tech. He didn't tell his parents but instead just left a note. He is ready for the next stage of his life. He is ready to make his life his own. As he looks back at his home he realizes that he will never live there again.

Blake arrives at school and is assigned his dad's old dorm room. His sister quickly invites him over to the greek house and asks him to pledge. She then forces him to do her term paper. Payback can be harsh sis. Just remember that. Blake likes visiting the greek house and although he is now officially a member he doesn't plan on ever living there.

WHAT?? GASP!! Not want to live in our greek house???

(Sorry. Just had to add that for my own amusement. I'm easily entertained.)

No Blake doesn't want to live with his siblings because they are constantly trying to talk him out of engaging in any criminal activities. They say they're afraid that he'll end up like their mother. Blake knows that they love him but they're really starting to annoy him. They may be right though. That is actually what bothers him the most. Maybe he should reconsider things. There are easier and safer ways to make money after all. But after spending so many years dreaming of building a criminal empire, it would be hard to suddenly start dreaming of 9 to 5.

Balia seems to have an admirer. Mitch really likes Ben's baby sister but he's a little afraid to make a move. He doesn't want to risk his friendship with Ben not to mention that they all live together. Now that could be awkward. The problem is that Mitch can't think of anything else but Baila. Every since she's moved in he's had trouble studying. Now her old boyfriend Quinton has moved into a dorm on campus and started hanging around the greek house. Everything seems strickly friendly but Mitch, who has had his heart broken by another romance sim in the past, isn't sure if he should risk it. On the other hand, he doesn't know how much longer he can stand lying in his bed and knowing that she is just on the other side of the wall lying in hers. At some point he may have to just tell her he has feelings for her and let the cards fall where they may.

Back home Aaron and Tracy were finally remarried. This is the first time Aaron has married someone who wasn't pregnant at the time. Baila wound up owing Ben one hundred dollars after losing the bet on how quickly they would be married. Ben's answer of 'Why would they hurry since they think they are already married' seemed to be the winner. Tons of people were at the wedding. Everyone had a good time. Bram took in upon himself to take a few snap shots of the happy couple after the ceremony. He was also left in charge of the other kids while his parents took a quick honeymoon.

Upon returning, Bram headed outdoors to gaze at the stars. There are some things you don't want to accidently hear your parents doing. Tracy and Aaron did what they do best. They went to work making baby number nine. Yes their family is huge and chaotic but they love it and can't wait to expand it further.

Late that night, while Tracy slept, Aaron helped Banning celebrate his birthday. Banning is a scorpio with 10 neat, 9 outgoing, 10 active, 0 playful & 0 nice.

Life has settled down at the Avery house. Yes the kids are still growing. The scholarships are still being earned. Baby number nine is due in a few months. All the kids at college have to be reminded to come by and visit mom & dad. The ghost activity is at a minimum after Aaron threatened the ghost of Nancy with an exorcism. Yes they're just one BIG happy family.

Binah becomes a teen. She is dedicating her life towards gaining wealth. She longs to earn at least 100k in her lifetime. The poor girl has no love life. She spends all her time earning scholarships and helping with the younger kids.

Banning is now a child. He wants stuff. Lots of stuff. This one is a greedy kid. Maybe he'll grow out of it.

Tracy went into labor. Aaron just made the bed. It's not like they haven't been through this a time or two. The younger kids were upset but Tracy calmed them down right before she began her blood curtling screams.

She delivered Aaron's ninth child which was a son. Aaron named his son Boris which means warrior. (baby 4, line 2, child 9)


Qosmic said...

Binah is looking good! A real beauty. It was just too funny that it was the first time Aaron married someone who wasn't pregnant. *lol*

Simaholic said...

Well, it seems that Aaron has come out of his funk. Not that he ever had any problem impregnanting a female while in his funk ;o)

Anjel76 said...

Whew! Another son. This one looks more like his mamma. :O) I hope she has another girl soon. Maybe baby #10 will have more estrogen. ;O)

j00ky said...

Banning looks a tad bit creepy.. *shudders*