Monday, June 27, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 4 - Setting Up House

Aaron left without seeing Tracy. It was probably for the best. He had nothing else to offer her but more pain. Knowing that his child would soon be born, Aaron began construction of his new home. It turned out bigger than he planned. It was two stories in all but the second story was incomplete. The rooms seemed to large but he had no furniture to fill them. The house hasn't yet been finished. He simply ran out of funds. When he earned more cash he would finish things. Until then it would have to do. At least it would keep his family out of the elements. *snicker*

The house was completed just in time. Nancy went into labor. The pains came sharp and fast and before Aaron could call for help...

Nancy had given birth to his son. He was a beautiful blond haired boy with light blue eyes. Aaron was amazed to hold such a presious little gift in his arms. Though he hadn't wanted this child, he would now cherish him for the rest of his life.

Nancy sugested some pretty exotic names for the little boy. Aaron didn't want that. Instead he gave him a simple name. He named his son Ben which means 'son'. Ben Avery is the first child of generation two (line one).

Aaron doted on his son. He played with him constantly. He fed him and changed him. The more he held him the better. It was when he wasn't in his arms that his heart would ache. He would think of Tracy and the pain that he had inflicted on her and it was simply more than he could stand. He wanted more than anything to call her or drop by the greek house but he feared that it would only make things worse. That part of his life was over now. He simply had to find a way to let go.

Tracy couldn't seem to let go either. She had cried eventually. She had morned the loss of her dream. She confided in Yvette but that was probably a mistake. Yvette kept telling her that she'd find another love. Well she didn't want another love. She wanted Aaron. She wanted the dream that they had shared when they were both so innocent. She also wanted to rip Prof. Nancy's head off and use it for soccer practice. She wanted to fall asleep in Aaron's arms each night and wake up to his smiling face each day. More than anything she wanted to have his baby. Sometimes she thought that if she just had his child then their love would never really die. It would live forever in the life they made. Unfortunately Tracy wasn't pregnant. She was very sure of that and the realization just made her cry even more. She felt cold and empty and everything hurt. How was she suppose to care about school she felt so betrayed. How do you carry on when all you want to do is lay down and die?

Nancy had her own problems. Nancy needed to get her husband to commit. She knew that he loved someone else. She was ok with that. What she needed now though was for Aaron to become commited to their marriage. So what if he didn't love her now. He would eventually. So Nancy started her manuvers. She told Aaron how much she missed him. She reminded him of how long it had been since their last night together. She did everything but beg him to take her to bed.

Aaron didn't love Nancy but she was his wife. He would eventually have to be intimate with her again. He had said that he was going to let go of his dream with Tracy and move on. So he just had to do it. Nancy was right. It was time for him to make love to his wife. So that afternoon before Nancy had to go to work, Aaron took her in his arms and made her a very happy woman.

Afterwards, as he pretended to be asleep, he wondered if it would ever get easier. He wondered if he would ever actually love his wife. He wondered if he would ever stop loving Tracy. He wondered if he would ever stop feeling like he was betraying Tracy just by being with Nancy.

Nancy left Aaron sleeping in their bed and headed to work. She had actually pulled it off. She had gotten the ring, had the baby and now she had gotten Aaron to make love to her willingly. She had even managed to get the timing pretty darn close so she might get pregnant from it. She had managed to evade her former employers, set up new employement in Eden Falls and keep the whole thing from Aaron. Yes, Nancy was feeling pretty darn smug as she went off to pull a bank robbery that afternoon.

Ben grew into a toddler. He has a lot of his father's features. Turns out he's a pisces with 2 neat, 2 outgoing, 10 active, 2 playful & 9 nice. (stats could be better but he did get the ears)

Aaron finally managed to climb to the top of his field and become and ecological guru. He loved his job (and Nancy loved his uniform). Aaron had ordered a rare and very special plant that he hoped would arrive soon. He was interested in seeing if he could master the procreation of such a rare and wonderul creature.

Nancy was thrilled that Aaron had done so well at work. With the HUGE bonus he recieved she did some major decorating. Wall paper went up and kitchen counters were purchased. Aaron asked her to be thrifty and concerve some of the funds for Ben's college education. Nancy just figures her husband can earn more (or she can steal it). In the end though she did go easy on it as to not rock the boat. Things were going to well for her to ruin it over money.

Well Nancy's timing was dead on and she did indeed get pregnant. She took care of Ben while Aaron worked. She spent her spare time planning a major heist for after the baby was born. Life was good. It didn't seem like anything could possibly go wrong.

Aaron managed to seem thrilled about the new baby. He also managed to stay out of his wife's way. He caught up with old friends from college like Arcadia Bradshaw. He called Yvette to check up on the greek house. He managed to avoid any mention of Tracy but his heart longed for any word as to how she was. Yvonne let him know that she and Tracy had already picked the next generation to keep the greek house going. Yes, Yvette and Tracy would be graduating soon. Yvette planned on moving to Eden Falls but she didn't mention what Tracy planned on doing. Aaron longed to see her but he knew that it would only make things worse. She had probably moved on with her life by now and seeing her with someone else would kill him. Of course never seeing her again would kill him also only it would happen much more slowly.

Aaron spent most of his time taking care of Ben. Ben was a smart boy (who always needed a bath and is fixated with the toliet). He is the apple of his father's eye. Aaron finds it hard to believe that he will soon have another son or daughter to care for.

Nancy went into labor at breakfast. She had a hard fast delivery. She gave birth to a daughter.

Baila Avery is the opposit of her brother Ben. She has red hair and grey eyes. Once again Aaron chose the baby's name which means dance. (baby two - line one)

Ben grew into a child. He couldn't wait to start school. Ben loves books and learning. Even at his young age he is already trying hard to learn everything that he can.

Aaron wanted him to learn some very specific how to be neater. He is trying very hard to make his son (and potential heir) become a neater person. (I got him up to six neat before I got tired and quit. I hate encouraging. Well six is better than two.)

Time came for Baila to have a birhtday. Though Nancy wanted a big party, Aaron vetoed her and they had a small family gathering instead. It turns out that Baila is a gemini who is 5 neat, 6 outgoing, 9 active, 0 playful & 6 nice.

(No ears - sad - and although I like her stats better for some reason I still like Ben better overall.)

Nancy has begun hinting that she'd like another child. Aaron, who hasn't been able to do more than kiss his wife lately, isn't all that thrilled about the idea. He use to want a big family but that was before. He just can't imagine having a house full of kids with Nancy.


Simaholic said...

Oooo she is a scoundral! They sure do make beautiful children though. Great update and I look forward to hearing more.

Anjel76 said...

Scoundral is a POLITE term for what that woman is. I hope the "plant" that you mentioned is the Cowplant ... and she gets her butt EATEN!!! *BWAAAHAHAHAHAAAA*

PRMami said...

That Nancy is such a !*****

j00ky said...

I'm tempted to skip a few chapters to see how that witch dies. lol Wow, Ben looks soo cute with those ears! Baila looks like a little devil as a toddler :X

simstar28 said...

Cute kids, too bad they're not with Tracy.