Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Avery 1.1

I'm finally here. I'm finally in Eden Falls. My new home. I sold my sculptures and started a small home for myself and Angie. I can't wait until she sees it. I know she'll love this place just as much as I do. I added three fruit trees, 20 flower plots, 5 large trees and many lilies. It's like my own little garden of Eden. Finally, I'm home.

Angie has finally graduated. She came by for a visit so of course I asked her to stay. Forever. She said yes. The wedding won't be right away but it will be soon. We have a few things to do before we tie the knot. Angie wants to do some more studying. I just want to earn some extra cash.

(Angie Payne - college townie - Knowledge Sim w/lifetime want of becoming a media magnet - Virgo with 9 neat, 2 outgoing, 6 active, 3 playful & 5 nice - has three bolts of attraction with Duke)

Angie has taken a job in the education field. It's not her dream job but it pays well and right now that's important. I've been job hopping myself. You tend to earn more money that way. Besides, why should I limit myself to the natural science field when I'm also interested in education, law enforcement, science, medicine... Well everything really. I'm changing jobs very frequently but the money has made it all worth it. I've even earned enough to buy us a nice but modest little vacation home. We laughingly call it the Honeymoon House. It's near the beach and we've never seen it before but someday soon we will.

But first there's much to do around here. I do all my own gardening. I don't trust an outside firm to do it. I do all my own home repairs too. I run wide open 24/7. I do take time to unwind in the evenings by looking at the stars. Soon I'll slow down. After Angie and I are married. After we start our own family.

And speaking of marriage, Angie and I finally got married. It was a very private informal ceremony. Neither of us are into fancy. And who has time to plan out a lavish wedding? Now that the deed is done, all I want to do is whisk my lovely bride away to our Honeymoon House.

So we're headed to the beach. No work and all play for 7 glorious days. Honestly, I can't wait.

On that note, I think I'll close for now.

My next entry will be from the beach.

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