Monday, May 19, 2008

Avery 1.8

Time moves on. Life continues. The family got use to not having Egan around. He couldn't even be bothered to come home for his brother's birthday. Well no, we didn't throw a party. He still could have stopped by. Doesn't he know his mother and I miss him?

(Euan Avery - Fortune Sim who wants to become The Law)

Soon after his birthday, Euan started spending all his time with his friend Olga. It wasn't long before I found Euan and Olga stuck together like glue in every dark corner of the house. Euan and I had a long talk. Euan swears that Olga is his true love. Well how's a dad to argue with that? I have stressed to the kids that they should only settle for true love. I'm just amazed he found it so soon. I was a senior in college before I found my true love.

Eden is also a teenager now. Both her and Euan are fortune minded people. I know that money is important but what about knowledge. You can't beat knowledge. Oh well. It's their lives. I guess pursuing money isn't all bad.

(Eden Avery - Fortune sim that wants to earn 100k)

With the birthdays so close together Angie and I decided to give the kids a joint gift. They both wanted to go back to the islands. I guess they've forgotten all about their sun burns and heat exhaustion. When we got ready to head out I called up Egan. It wouldn't be a family vacation without him. After some begging that turned into some threatening, Egan finally agreed to take the time out of his busy life to spend some time with his family.

Of course no trip to the islands would be complete with out visiting with our old buddy the witch doctor. Or is he a voodoo priest. I'm not asking him.

The whole family, with the exception of Egan, chipped in and now Eden has a voodoo doll too. Euan is disappointed but it can't be helped. He'll just have to get one of his siblings to share. No he can't use mine. I still need it. It's mine. Only mine. My precious. No body will take you from me.

While at the beach, Euan decided to make some extra cash by rapping. I really think he should have gotten dressed first but I'm just not with it I guess.

Not to be outdone, Eden tried her luck at performing. I really didn't like the way some of the men were looking at her. She's just a child. My child. They shouldn't even be thinking about her like that. Angie tells me I'm becoming an old fuddy duddy. No I'm becoming a father of a teenage girl. There's a difference. Where's my voodoo doll. I'll teach him not to leer at my little girl.

Once again it was hot at the beach. Egan couldn't be bothered to wear his sunblock. When did he become to old to listen to me? I know he didn't really want to come but there was no need to cop an attitude and act like he doesn't even know his own family.

Egan didn't even stay for the entire vacation. You see, one night it got so hot that the stairs spontaneously combusted. I tried to put out the fire and suddenly I to was going up in flames.

Angie and Euan managed to save me but not without Euan catching fire. Luckily Eden kept her head about her and called for emergency assistance. Finally the flame was controlled. The fire was the final straw for Egan. He took an early flight home muttering about midterms and
wasted time.

Well after the fire I really did feel wasted. Exhaustion claimed me. It was time to head home so that I could get some rest.

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