Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Avery 1.3

Well it's back to the real world. I swear since returning from our honeymoon everything in the house has broken. I fix and fix and fix. And then I have to work the garden. Yes. I have the after vacation blues.

Sometimes I just sit and stare at all the mementos we brought back with us. Ewww. Shiny.

Angie brought back a little something special too. It's official. We are expecting our first child. Angie has felt fine physically I think. She's been a little miffed about having to go on maternity leave so soon after finding her dream job. So she spends her time making new friends.

I decided to join in with a highly accredited research group who are studying the breeding potential in exotic K-9s. Yes. I'm breeding dogs. My founder is a blue and red Chow Chow. It's mate, appropriately called Mother One, is a crazy pink colored poodle. I can't wait to see what new breed I can come up with. All I have to do is create one heir. Then I get to send the original dogs back. I then pick up a new breeding mate when the heir becomes an adult and start the process all over again. I'm hoping to get at least a half dozen generations completed in my lifetime. Then I'll just pass it off to my heir to continue. Isn't research exciting?

After a short (but according to Angie very painful) labor, my son Egan Avery was born. Angie thinks he looks just like me. I can't argue. After hearing all about the labor in great detail (as I was at work at the time), I have come to the conclusion that whatever Angie wants, Angie gets. At least for a while. She did just give me a son and insure the continuance of my legacy. Humoring her for a while is the least I can do. Lord, I hope she never finds where I keep this journal stashed. Must remember to upgrade the encryption.

With little Egan's arrival came the problem of child care. Neither Angie or myself where all that thrilled with the idea of hiring a nanny. We've heard horror stories about those old broads. So Angie suggested moving in her Nanna. Since I'm still humoring her, and because it seemed like a good idea financially, I asked Katy McGaw to move in. Now Katy isn't really related to Angie at all. She is one of those people who are close enough to you that you think of them as family. She seems like a sweet old bird. I was really glad of our decision once I learned of her financial hardships. Poor dear had only a dollar in her pocket the day she moved it. At least now we know she'll have a warm bed and three meals a day. If she cooks them that is. Angie and I hardly ever eat anymore. We've developed another addiction. It's called SnapDragonMiosis. Some experts say it's deadly to live off snap dragon vapor alone but I've done it since college and can see no harmful effect. I really should do a paper on this for the journal of medicine as soon as I find time.

Anyway, Nanna Katie seems to love Egan and Egan seems to love her. Angie is happy so I'm happy. It's always good when things work out that way.

(Katy McGaw - garden club townie - Elder fortune sim with an unattainable lifetime want - Gemini with 4 neat, 7 outgoing, 8 active, 3 playful & 3 nice - comes complete with her own set of three enemies as seen above. Take that you paper stealer.)

Egan grew quickly. By winter he was toddling around the house and getting into mischief. Angie was right. He does look like me. I think he inherited my Avery brainpower too. I know he's going to be a child prodigy. Angie tells me not to push the boy but I know he wants to learn. Just like his old man. This is the heir who will carry on the Avery name.

Angie manged to get a few promotions. She had just become a media magnet, making her very happy, when she learned to news. Soon there will be another little Avery in Eden Falls. I can hardly wait.

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