Monday, May 19, 2008

Avery 1.6

With Egan making near perfect marks, Angie thought that perhaps it was time to enroll the kids into private school. As I could see the benefit of this I told her to go ahead and invite over the headmaster. I had hoped things would be handled before I came home from work. The last thing I want to do is entertain some guy who thinks he's as smart as me. After all, that's not possible.

Angie gave the headmaster a tour of our home. He seemed very impressed by all of my many accomplishments.

Unfortunately, Mr. Headmaster expected to be served a meal. We Avery's don't really eat. It's the SnapDragonMiosis. It's not like we can't cook. We just don't. So I used my little friend to make the headmaster see things my way.

As I expected, both of the boys were accepted into private school. In that moment I was so proud. In the next, I was so disgusted with myself.

I had forgotten that it was Eden's birthday. Unfortunately she wasn't allowed to be enrolled along with her brothers.

It was a true bother but rules are rules. So the next day while I was at work, I let Servus borrow my little friend. Now Eden is in private school as well.

The K9 breeding program moves forward with the birth of Generation Three. What a handsome dog he is.

I wasted no time in finding a suitable mate for him. Mother Three is an Akita. She will undoubtedly be bringing forth the next generation soon.

Well all the responsibilities of work and family was starting to wear on me. I spent more and more time dreaming of that second honeymoon with Angie. Finally I decided, enough was enough. Angie and I left the kids in Servus' care and headed off on our second honeymoon.

We met a wise old man who taught us much about his culture. After spending the day with him I finally started to unwind a bit.

I met a strange fellow dressed as a ninja. I thought he was a fraud at first. Then he taught me to teleport. I reconsidered my assessment.

The trip was wonderful. Unfortunately it passed far to quickly. We would have stayed longer but we have a very special birthday just around the corner. We can't miss our oldest child and my heir becoming a teen. So home we go. Relaxed and refreshed. At least for a little while.

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