Monday, May 19, 2008

Avery 1.9

We returned from our island vacation to find Generation Four had grown into an adult. I wasted no time in finding him a mate. Mother Four was a very natural looking America Foxhound. Kind of boring compared to the rest of the lot.

Mother Four soon produced Generation Five and his sister. Of course his sister had to go. I don't have room for extras.

So now just Generation Four and Generation Five remain. Generation Five looks very normal. Maybe he'll get some personality when he grows up.

Speaking of growing up. My little girl has discovered boys. I guess it was just a matter of time. Suddenly the house is filled with teenagers and loud music. I'd put my foot down but I really can't be bothered. So much to do and so little time. I can feel the clock ticking down. I can feel my youth slipping away. Angie says I'm being melodramatic. Ha. It wasn't me who was staring in the mirror trying to decide if it was a wrinkle or a shadow.

As I said I had much to do. It was time to get back to my businesses. My second business grew into a booming success. I mainly sold items that the kids made. Free labor is a wonderful thing. Servus stopped by and introduced me to this wife. That's right, wife. Her name is Serva. Servus made her. They also have a son Butler. He made him as well. Then Butler made himself a girl friend name Maiden. Now there are four robots running loose in Eden Falls. They all call themselves Avery. I don't know whether to be proud or terrified. But as long as they continue to be good, fair, paying customers, what do I care?

Angie helped draw customers to our business by offering free ti-chi lessons. Everyone is working out and trying to stay healthy these days. Angie lures them in, I sale them the items they just can't live without. It's a perfect combination.

I even started offering free makeovers on the side. The makeovers became so popular that I opened my third business, a day spa.

It too was very successful. You wouldn't believe how much some people will tip you just for giving them the look they want. Whatever floats their boat I guess.

For a while there, Angie and I weren't home much. Between working our regular jobs and getting our third business up to the top level. All the sudden we looked arround and realized that both Euan and Eden were overachievers. They had successfully gotten a multitude of scholarships to SSU. They were getting ready to leave the nest and strike out on their own.

Angie was so excited that she actually cooked. A real meal in the Avery house. That hardly ever happens. After the celebratory feast, Euan and Eden headed off to college. The nest is now empty.

For Angie and I, an empty nest meant boredom. We are both beginning to feel our age. We are both overly successful people with nothing really left to accomplish in life. Soon I'll be a grey haired grandpa. I guess it's time to hand the family reins over to my heir and successor Egan. He'll be home from college soon I'm sure. Until then I'll just have to find some way to amuse myself. I wonder how many devoted friends one man can have?

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