Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Avery 1.0

Welcome to the second attempt at an Avery Legacy. We start with our founder Duke Avery who would have been the generation four heir in the first Avery Legacy. Although I used the basic physical characteristics when creating Duke, I didn't bother looking up his personality information. I just winged it. Our new founder Duke Avery is a knowledge sim who longs to max all his skills. He is a virgo with 10 neat, 0 outgoing, 5 active, 0 playful & 10 nice. Mysteriously enough these are the same stats that our first founder Aaron Avery started out with. Humm. Strange that. So anyway, welcome to the new Avery Legacy. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. I sure am.

Dear diary. Well that sounds awful feminine for some reason. Perhaps dear journal but then that sounds sort of stupid too. Maybe just a date and then I begin? The hell with it. I'll just wing it.

This is the journal of Duke Aaron Avery. My great-grandfather Aaron Avery founded the town of Eden falls way back in the day. Unfortunately for all of us a terrible disaster destroyed the entire town and my entire family. Only my father, my brother and I escaped. My father, Connor Avery, wasn't in the best of health after fleeing Eden Falls. I was just a toddler and honestly I barely remember any of it. I have vague recollections of a man with red hair who must have been my dad and an alien half-brother with green skin. All that I know about my family heritage comes from the Avery journals that my father was able to take with him as he fled. I have read and reread them many times over the years. It's all I have of my family. My father left me in the care of an old college friend just before he died. At some point I was placed into foster care. I'm not sure what happened to my half-brother. I wonder sometimes if he is out there somewhere and if he remembers me at all. But I'm getting side tracked.

What I meant by all my rambling is that recording history is important. Sometimes it all we have to hold on to. That's why I think it's time for me to begin recording my own history. I have just started my freshman year as SSU. I'm starting with a small grant and big plans. After reading about all that my great-grandfather managed to do in his life, I know that I want to follow in his footsteps. I want to build a legacy. I want to have my great grandchildren read these old journals and be amazed at all that I accomplished. I want to leave them something to be proud of.

Of course I don't have any money but I have something even better. Cheesy as it is, I won a contest. This wacked out rich guy is starting a planned community. He is giving away a huge plot of land to the person who comes up with the best name for his community. Well for me it was a no brainer. Eden Falls. The home of my forefathers. I submitted my suggestions and I was chosen as the winner. So now me, the guy with nothing but a sack of clothes and huge dreams, also is the proud owner of a prime piece of land in the newly founded town of Eden Falls. This is the turning point for me. This is when all the dreams in my head finally become a reality. This is where it all begins.

Of course first I need a degree. After one year of being undeclared, I finally settled on biology as a major. Most of my family studied biology. If it was good enough for them then it's good enough for me.

I have been putting all my time and energy into learning everything I can. Not just book learning either. I have always loved nature and the environment. So I took up moonlight gardening as a hobby. Truth be told I rarely sleep. I seem to have developed an unnatural addiction to the energizer. I built the thing using instructions from my great-grandfather's journal. It's an ugly contraption but it gives you so many more hours in the day to work with.

I had so much extra time on my hands that I decided to start my own business. It the first business in Eden Falls. There isn't actually much to it really. It's just a place where people can gather and play music or play chess and just get to know each other.

Half the time I'm not even paying attention to what my customers are doing. There always seems to be just one more thing to learn. So I do the minimum necessary and leave my customers to themselves. Honestly they don't seem to mind.

During my junior year I realized that there was something missing in my life. My grades where perfect. I was making friends. But where was the love? A legacy needs a woman right? Someone to birth those babes. I do need an heir after all. I guess that's why I started flirting with my old professor. She isn't my professor any more. That would just be wrong. Right? Anyway, I really thought I was in love with her. She took my virginity and made me a man. It wasn't until afterwards that I realized that what I felt for her wasn't really true love. Love yes. True love, no. And I will only settle for true love.

So I started meeting other women. I tried to find the ones I was most attracted to. Surely with one of them I could find true love. I dated Alyn for a while. Again I thought it was love. It was great physically but I knew deep down that it wasn't what I needed. So I broke things off with her. I can't be dating Ms Wrong when Ms Right comes walking through the door.

By the start of my senior year I had learned all there was to learn from books. I knew how to arrange flowers, how to make toys, how to make robots and how to make things grow. I knew a lot but still there is always more to learn.

It was then that I learned something really important. True love was right under my nose the whole time. The moment I got over that whole fitness obsession and realized that blonds were more fun, that's when I noticed Angie Payne. She has the dorm room right next to mine. We have been friends for a while. Not close friends but friends all the same. Now it was time to become more. This woman is the one. She is the girl of my dreams. She is my true love.

That said, our first time together, well it wasn't anything to write about really. Awkward is the word that comes to mind. But when you love some one you stick with them through thick and thin. It was her first time. My third but I didn't tell her that. We'll just have to keep trying. Practice makes perfect and all that.

After all, we have our whole lives to get it right.

Well graduation time came and went. I graduated with perfect grades. Did you expect anything less? I've been hanging around waiting for Angie to graduate. In the mean time, let's see what kind of goodies are buried here on campus.

Well finally the school just kicked me out. Time to head to Eden Falls and start my new life. I have made quite a bit of money building up my businesses. Yes that's right, there are more than one. I have three deeds but only two businesses are active right now. I've got a ton of cash invested in sculptures and such. I'll cash it all in soon and build a house that Angie can be proud of. A home where we can build our family. From this last remaining Avery man shall spring fourth a hearty tribe of Avery perfection. Ok, maybe I should just sign off here. College done. Now forward into the real world.

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