Monday, May 19, 2008

Avery 1.7

We arrived home from our second honeymoon just in time to celebrate Egan's birthday. My oldest is now a teen. I don't know whether to be happy or scared spitless. They just grow up so fast. Because Egan was a child prodigy, he has decided to devote his life to knowledge. He already knows almost everything. He has accomplished so much in his young life that I fear he may someday turn away from knowledge towards some other sort of goal.

(Egan Avery - Knowledge sim who wants to be a Mad Scientist)

When Angie and I asked Egan what he wanted for his birthday, he told us that he wanted to go on another family vacation. Angie loved the idea and even though we had just got back from the orient, we packed up the kids and headed to the beach.

Our first stop upon arriving was to visit our old friend the shaman. Voodoo is a rather helpful tool and I wanted to be sure my son was able to use it. I suppose I could have given him my voodoo doll but, well... I just didn't want to. It's mine. Mine I say. No I'm not obsessed with it. Am not. I could put the doll down at any time. I could. I just don't want to.

With the most important task handled. The family took the time to relax. Angie and I started teaching the kids ti-chi. Your never to young to learn after all.

One night, it happened. The aliens came for me. I was excited and yet fearful. I would love nothing more than to tell you all about it but unfortunately the whole experience is just one big blur. It just so out of focus. I can almost remember but then I just can't.

I think that was the most terrifying part. The lack of memory. No one wants to feel out of control. That's how I felt upon my return. Scared and out of control.

After my little trip, the family decided to stick close to home. Angie and I were expecting to see changes in my physical appearance. A little tummy pouch perhaps. Morning sickness maybe. Any sign that a little life was on the way.

I was extremely disappointed when it didn't happen. I felt cheated. Robbed. I'm sure the aliens tried to plant life within me. Unfortunately it didn't take. I will not be having an alien child. (Darn pregnant pet!)

Soon the sun had the family fainting with exhaustion. All the kids had bad sunburns. Angie claimed I was pouting. I don't pout. Men don't pout. I just found the heat depressing. So I packed up the family and headed home. I'd had enough of the tropics for a while.

When we returned home, Servus was once again displaying human emotions that he wasn't programed to display. This time it was anger and jealousy. Why didn't we take him? Wasn't he part of the family? Well, umm, no. He's not. How can he be when I still have the receipts for the parts I used to make him. We had a bit of a falling out and Servus decided to go his own way. He moved out. I wished him well. Hopefully he'll stay out of trouble. And if he finds trouble, I hope it doesn't follow him back to my door.

Not long after Servus left, so did Egan. He was ready for college. It was a teary good-bye. I know he's only heading off to SSU but it just seems to soon for that. Wasn't he born just yesterday? Angie just kept handing me tissues and telling me it would be alright. She's such a great wife. I'm so glad I married her.

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