Sunday, August 07, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 66 - Brand & Trista

The Avery Family of 112 Tracy Lane: Current Household: Brand Avery, Fortune, son of Aaron & Tracy Avery & current heir of line 2 (subject to change); Trista Shaw, Knowledge, npc cheerleader; Carina Avery, Brand's daughter by alien abduction.

Brand Avery moved out of his boyhood home and into a small starter home. He knew that it would never be large enough but he saw great potential for expansion. When Trista Shaw graduated from college she moved in with Brand and his daughter Carina. Trista hoped that the three of them would soon become one happy family.
Brand wanted them to all be one big happy family too. He had wanted to have a wedding party immediately after Trista graduated but Carina's birth seems to have side tracked things just a bit. So instead of a wedding party, family and friends gathered for a birthday party. Even Juan the streaker managed to swing by. He even wore a nice white suit for the occasion.
Everyone watched in amazement as little Carina became a child. She loves people. She loves to do this cute little head tilt. If only she hadn't inherited her dad's squinty eyes and slouch. Oh well.

Carina immediately began meeting everyone who was nice enough to attend her party. The coach didn't seem to happy about talking to a kid. Juan the streaker was really nice to her though. They had a good long conversation.

It was a great party. Carina hated for it to end. She was having so much fun getting to know everyone.

Soon after Carina's birthday, Trista discovered that she was pregnant. Brand was thrilled. He and Trista had a long talk about kids. They both wanted to have at least two children together. They would love for their kids to be close in age. Although this child was unplanned, they were both overjoyed beyond belief. Of course with a baby on the way, maybe they should start planning that wedding. Brand started to make preparations. Of course Brand isn't one to rush things. Well not usually. So the wedding planning took longer than Trista would have liked.

Trista kept herself busy by working on her skills. She dreamed of someday knowing everything. She had a long way to go but she was determined. She began working day and night on learning different things. She rarely slept. Brand became concerned about the health of Trista and their baby.

Brand took Trista to her doctor's visit where he was assured that everything was going ok. With this reassurance, Brand went forward with the wedding plans. If he didn't hurry up, his baby wouldn't be born with the Avery name.

Finally, the big day arrived. Friends and family members gathered to watch the couple tie the knot.

Trista was a radiant bride and mother-to-be. Brand realized how blessed he was to be standing beside the love of his life who is also his best friend. He should have married her sooner but better late than never. He just can't imagine his life without Trista. That afternoon, Brand finally made Trista his wife.

Though most of the family watched the wedding from close up, Boris insisted on watching from the front porch of the house. He stood there like a statue waiting for the ceremony to end. After the vows where done, Boris finally joined his family for the celebration.

(No, I'm not exaggerating. I don't know what I'm going to do with him. He is REALLY annoying me right now.)

Trista livened up the party by smearing cake in Brand's face. She then played practical jokes on the guests. Mosts took it all in fun as intended. A few poor souls didn't understand her wacky sense of humor and were most offended.

Carina was very happy that dad had married Trista. She liked Trista. It was nice having a mom. She couldn't wait until their family got even more members. She couldn't wait to be a big sister. Carina would not have long to wait. Early the next morning, Trista went into labor.

She gave birth to a daughter. Brand, who was still running on a wedding high, was happy to finally meet his little girl.

The newest Avery was named Celena. She carries all of her father's coloring. She could be considered the current heir of line two....subject to change upon a whim or the blowing of the wind.


Anjel76 said...

Errr ... both daughters are named Celena? Or you made a boo-boo? You start off talking about a "Cerina", but then after that, it's "Celena" all the way through.

Great update though!

aquatami said...

Fixed it I think. Did I mention my head has been feeling funky for over a week now? Top that off with my kids all having similar names and it makes for a mess.

Simaholic said...

Oh Cerina is so cute! I think the squinty eyes and pinched nose is a cute combo. I hope that she stays that cute as a teenager.