Saturday, August 20, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 89 - Roomies

When Caryl Zarubin Avery moved out after her divorce, she had some money but not a lot. She knew immediately that she would need a roommate. She put an add in the paper. She had two replies. She never intended to have two roommates but financially speaking it made good sense. Two people would bring in twice the money as one.

Her first roommate was Jan Baty Avery. Jan had apparently been divorced from an Avery not unlike herself. She had been gone for quite a while. Now she was back. She had some cash. That's the reason Caryl invited her to move in.

Her second roommate was Felicia Schehl. Felicia was the maid at her old house. At first she had just stopped by to give her the latest gossip about what was going on at the house. Eventually, Felicia told her that she had quit her job. She needed some place to stay. Caryl agreed to let her move in too. Of course she'd need to find another job and help pay the bills.

Recap: Prof Caryl - knowledge - lifetime want: mad scientist
Jan Baty Avery - popularity - lifetime want: hall of fame
Felicia Schehl - npc maid - Cancer - 8 neat, 7 outgoing, 6 active, 3 playful & 1 nice: family: lifetime want - 6 grandkids (Moved in because I got sick of hearing her grunt while she worked. Maybe the next maid will be nicer.)

Jan had been gone for a long time. She took the money Blake had given her and headed back east. She drank and gambled. Met a really nice rich man. He took really good care of her right up until he caught her in bed with his sister. Suddenly it was time to leave town again. Jan wasn't really sure why she came back here. There is nothing here that she missed. Nothing but Aiyana. When she returned she found that Aiyana had died. So had Kendal. Everything has changed. It's hard to tell if it's for the better.

The first person Jan saw upon returning was Irfan. She and Irfan were never friends but she didn't expect the reaction that she got. At first he seemed shocked to see her. Then he seemed upset. He informed her in very strong words that if she was only back in town to hurt Blake then she might as well leave. He had finally gotten over her. He had moved on with his life. He has remarried. He doesn't need her causing grief.

No matter what Jan said to Irfan he just wouldn't listen. He didn't know anything about her. He didn't know what really happened in her marriage. He didn't know how she felt about Blake or anything else. She wasn't here for Blake anyway. So he's remarried. Fine with her. She doesn't want him anymore. She wouldn't mind the money but she sure as hell doesn't want him.

News travels fast. Before she was ready, Jan found herself face to face with her daughter. Oh and not just any daughter. This was the daughter she almost aborted. This was the child that she hadn't seen since she was born. Jan had no idea what to say to her. She didn't know what to say to any of her kids. Honestly, she didn't want to see them. She assumed Blake was taking care of them. If they wanted to talk they should go see him. Jan made small talk over a game of chess. They mainly talked about the weather. No, it's not this sunny back east. It actually rains there from time to time.

Felicia met William on a trip downtown. She was picking out new clothes and getting her hair done. Felicia longed to fall in love with someone. Anyone really. While she worked at the Avery house, Felicia had gotten a crush on Aiden Avery. Oh he never did anything to provoke it. To him they were only best friends. But she wanted more. Once he became engaged again, Felicia realized that would never happen. That's when she quit. It was just to painful to be there every day and watch him with Meredith. Now that Felicia had given up on the idea of Aiden, she was looking for someone else to love. William seemed to fit the bill. He seemed to enjoy it when she flirted with him. Of course his sister seems pissed but so what. William is a big boy. He can fall in love with whomever he so chooses.

Jan still hasn't seen Blake. She did run into Ben though. When she asked about his wife he told her that she had passed away. Jan immediately saw dollar signs hovering in front of her eyes. She played it cool though. Ben was never that dumb. Maybe they could be friends. Well who knows where friendship could lead? It would definitely be nice to not have to work for a living anymore.

While Jan took Ben outside to play a friendly game of kicky ball, Felicia asked William a very personal question. She wanted to be loved. She wanted to be held. This was just the man to do both.

That night William made Felicia very happy. The entire time he couldn't help but think how lucky he was to bump into her. She was hot. She was fun. She was a good time...for now.

Felicia saw the night as a whole lot more. She immediately began dreaming of engagement rings. Yes she wanted to marry William Avery. She didn't realize that he wasn't the marrying kind. Jan was quick to point this little fact out to her though after she found out she was pregnant.

Yes, Felicia was pregnant. It came as somewhat of a shock to her. It's not like she didn't know where babies come from but she had thought she had been careful. She was never sick. Her clothes just started getting tight. She started getting tired all the time. It was actually Jan who suggested she might be pregnant. It was Jan who bought her the pregnancy test. It was Jan who told her how sorry she was when it came back positive. And it was Jan who told her that William would never marry her even if she was having his baby. Jan was older and more experienced than Felicia but in this case Felicia thought she knew better. William would ask her to marry him. She just knew he would.

Felicia invited William over for dinner. She wanted to tell him. He couldn't very well ask her to marry him if he didn't know. The entire meal, William just kept staring at her stomach. He didn't say much. He looked deathly pale. She was pretty sure he was going to be sick.

Felicia tried to put William at ease. Once he relaxed, then the question would come.

Unfortunately, William got a little too relaxed. He told her that he was happy she still wanted to be with him. He was glad that this wasn't going to change anything. They had a lot of fun together. He'd like it to continue.

Fun. FUN. Is that all she is to him? Does he not love her? She's having his baby. Why wouldn't he want to marry her? Why wouldn't he want the baby to have his name?

William told her he was sorry. He was sorry she misunderstood. He didn't want a serious relationship with anyone. He was never getting married to anyone for any reason. He would help her financially with the baby if she wanted him to. That's all he could give her though. Just sex and money. He couldn't give her his heart or his name. That's just the way it is.

Jan tried not to say I told you so. Even Caryl had seen this coming. Felicia was a naive kid. She was looking for love and she didn't even have a clue as to what love was. Now she was going to be a mom. Caryl had only wanted a roommate. She didn't want a house full of kids. The house wasn't big enough for kids anyway. She didn't want to ask Felicia to move out but she might have to. Jan was problem enough. Half the town seems to hates her. She's just not sure that she can deal with Felicia and her illegitimate Avery too.

William made himself very clear. There was no future between the two of them. So Felicia tried to move on. She began looking for love from someone else. Of course every guy she met seemed to be married. Not that she cared really. She wasn't going to actually go after any of these guys right now. After the baby was born though. Then she would find someone to love her.

Jan had found love in the form of a cow mascot. She and her new lover spend a lot of time together. Caryl wishes she wouldn't bring that girl around here but there isn't much she can say. Jan does live here after all. Why couldn't she have found nice normal roommates?

Very early one morning, Felicia went into labor. She thought about calling William for an instant and then quickly abandoned the idea. He probably wouldn't care anyway. Instead she had Jan drive her to the hospital.

Two days later, Felicia brought home her daughter Violet. The baby has all of her mother's coloring. Maybe it's for the best. She'll probably never know her real father anyway.

No William hasn't come back around since he found out he was going to be a father. Ben came by though. He held the newest Avery. He could only shake his head. Sometimes he doesn't understand his brothers. Especially the two he is currently living with.

Ben even came around for Violet's birthday. She is now a feisty toddler. She's an Aries with 8 neat, 7 outgoing, 5 active, 3 playful & 5 nice.

Immediately after Violet turned two, Felicia began wanting to have another baby. She couldn't help but think that she could talk William into it. Well she wouldn't actually tell him about the baby part. She could definitely talk him into the sex though. But maybe she should find someone else. I nice guy who might actually marry her. She would love to have a house full of kids. Caryl is never going to let her stay here and have all these kids. She definitely needs to find someone to take care of her and her kids. She'd start looking first chance she gets.

Note: Any resemblance between Felicia and another character in another blog is strictly coincidental. Actually they don't look alike so much as dress alike. Honestly, I was just trying to make her look less like Tracy Avery. I mean seriously. Change the hair and lighten the skin a notch and they would be twins. The clothing thing just kind of happened and suddenly I'm know who she looks like...

What are you looking at kid? Have you never seen someone whose back has gone out before? Beside it's rude to stare. This is why you aren't making it into the legacy line you know. Rudeness.

No I don't know when I'll be back on my feet. I don't own a crystal ball. Do you? I've heard of this happening to other people before but it's never happened to me personally until now. Where is Felicia the doctor anyway? Maybe she could fix me up.

Oh damn. My ride is here. Well I have to go to work. I'm up for that big promotion. Try not to worry about me. I'm sure I'll be fine. I'll get the trainers to work on my back. I'm sure I'll be right as rain by time I get home tonight.


Anjel76 said...

OH MY GOD!!!! *ROTFL* *ROTFLMAO* That last bit ... that last bit is HILARIOUS!!! I bet that cow mascot gave her some kind of disease.

And poor, naive Felicia. I hope she finds someone to love.

PRMami said...

The invisible chair how funny is that. Don't worry about your Sim looking like someone else's Sim ;) It's quite alright since Sims do tend to resemble one another alot reason why I love custom clothes , hair and makeup ;)
Poor Felicia she should have known after Jan warned her

aquatami said...

It wasn't actually an invisiable chair. She was playing chess and just got stuck that way. She could still move around the house but she only in the sitting position. It's like the broken arm on a whole other level. She popped out of it when she came back home from work.

Qosmic said...

He's handsome, he's responsible, he's a nice guy. He's Ben Avery, folks! *lol*