Sunday, August 14, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 78 - The Criminal Life

The Miller Family of 3 Avery Lane: Current Members: Weldon Miller (knowledge), wife Binah (fortune), daughter Calandra and son Reuben.

There had been big changes at the Miller house lately. First off Reuben is now a toddler. He is an Aquarius who is 5 neat, 3 outgoing, 7 active, 9 playful & 5 nice.

Secondly, Weldon has finally been promoted to criminal mastermind. Binah always knew that this was Weldon goal. She thought that he would quit once he obtained it. He had promised her he'd leave the criminal life behind someday. So far that hasn't happened. Instead, Binah now finds herself married to the head of the oldest and largest crime family in the desert.

Binah also gets to have her insides twisted into knots every time her sister-in-law Laura "Captain Hero" Avery drops by. What would she do if Weldon was ever exposed? Her family would hate her. She and her kids would be outcasts. Why can't he see that and give it up?

Weldon doesn't see the danger in Laura's visits that Binah sees. He plays it cool. Why shouldn't he? She has nothing on him. There is nothing to tie him to any crimes in Eden Falls. Laura doesn't work the desert. Their paths won't cross. If they do, he'll deal with it then.

Laura isn't sure about this Weldon guy. He seems nice enough and he is technically family but every time she's around him she gets the oddest sensation. It's almost like her "super senses" are detecting trouble ahead. If only she could figure out what it means. Maybe she should keep an eye on him just in case.

Since Weldon won't listen, Binah retreats to the nursery. At least Reuben likes to listen to her talk. Binah has recently been working with her family. She really doesn't enjoy the work but the money is great. It was so good actually that Binah has recently completed her personal goal of earning 100k. She is now bored at work, ignored at home and needs something to make her life feel whole again. She worries constantly. At least it give her something to do. Maybe she should leave her family's business and start a new career. At least then she wouldn't have to face her siblings day after day. With each day that passes she feels more and more like she's lying by omission.

Calandra is growing up as a happy child. She has everything that money can buy. She has a happy family that loves her. She doesn't have many friends though. Thomas Wheeler does drop by sometimes and play with her. He is a friend of her dad. He's really nice and seems to think that she's really smart. Calandra is starting to think that she might marry him someday.

Weldon's world is a little more shaky than he'd like. There is a new Captain Hero that is messing with his business operations. After a little digging it turns out that this mystery hero that's been plaguing him is none other than Binah's half brother Banning. No one knows Captain Hero's true identity but all Weldon needed was to look at his face once to know exactly who he was. To top it off, some punk has managed to poison him. He must really be falling asleep at the wheel to have allowed this to happen. If he didn't watch it he'd wind up dead like his father. Banning's interference is making him look weak. You can NEVER look weak in his line of business. He would have to do something soon or it could all crumble down around him.

Weldon comes up with a plan. It's nothing elaborate. Just a simple show of strength. All he needs is to firm up the foundation some while he comes up with ways to out smart Captain Hero. He will outsmart him too. He knows Bannings weaknesses. Now he just needs to use those against him.

Before heading out on tonights mission, Weldon tries to explain things to his wife. He really does love Binah. He always has. Lately she's changed. Maybe he has too. She only worries. She doesn't let go. If only he could make her understand how great it was to make a plan and have it work out just the way you wanted. So maybe it's illegal. You only go to jail if you get caught. He has no intention of ever getting caught. He comes from a long line of criminals. It's in his blood. No matter how much he tried to deny it, this is what he is suppose to be doing. Binah is smart. If she really wants him to stay safe then maybe she should help him instead of always nagging. If nothing else it wouldn't hurt if she'd kiss him every now and then. It has been far to long since they were together as husband and wife.

Binah listens to her husband's arguments. It sounds like he wants her to become a criminal too. That is just insane. She's no criminal. As Weldon spoke of his smuggling issues, Binah couldn't help but think of solutions. She was so bored with her life. She was so tired of fighting. The money Weldon makes is good. He does take good care of their family. As long as no one knew, what would it hurt. As long as it's just theft, could she live with being a member of a crime family?

While Weldon was away on his mission, Reuben became a child. He is so happy that his mom didn't buy him any more pink pjs.

Calandra was excited. Finally, someone to play with. They got right to it before Reuben could even get his customary make over.

Very early the next morning, Weldon arrived home from work. His plan didn't turn out as he'd expected. He was just starting to think that he might be able to win Binah over. Now she'd leave him for sure. He'll be lucky if she doesn't turn him in. How will he ever manage to get out of this mess? How did he ever wind up here in the first place?

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