Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 74 - Second Chance

As the adults were outside getting ready for the wedding, the kids were inside playing. Hope was very happy that Stacy was going to come and live with them. Clay still didn't like the idea. He still held out hope that his mom would come back someday.

It was a lovely wedding. Very simple. That's the way Stacy wanted it. Stacy was the polar opposite of Jan. Everyone thought so. The entire Avery clan was very happy that Blake was getting this second chance at love. They were certain that this time his marriage would last a lifetime.

Stacy Phelps - ya townie - knowledge - pisces - 5 neat, 3 outgoing, 7 active, 3 playful & 7 nice; lifetime want - become a mad scientist

(This is the customary Ben shot that can be seen at all my weddings. Yes, I honestly just like to look at him. Should I ever run across someone with blond hair and elf ears that looks even remotely like this, I too may someday wed. You would of course all be invited to the ceremony.)

Cassia was the official wedding photographer. Who knows she may even do that professionally someday. Of course Blake eventually forgets that she's there. If Ben hadn't insisted that they cut the wedding cake, things could have gotten really out of hand.

And what's a wedding without cake on the grooms face. Such fun.

Stacy was very happy. She was a wife and with that an instant mother. Life couldn't get much better in her mind.

Blake and Stacy didn't go on a honeymoon. Why waste the money? Instead they talked Ben and Katy into keeping the kids for the weekend. Blake hasn't had an empty house in years. He's honestly not sure what to do without his kids around. Lucky for him Stacy has plenty of ideas.

Things had barely settled down from the wedding when it was time to celebrate some birthdays. Cassia invited Keith over for the party. Tonight was the night she finally kisses him. She can only hope he's ready for this.

First up was Cyra. Everyone watches in amazement as she becomes a beautiful little girl.

Next up is Hope. She is now a teen. She was a tired teen in this photo. Hope is following in her sister's footsteps and has dedicated her life to family. She hopes to become Captain Hero someday.

Last but not least is Clay. Clay looks remarkably similar to his brother Kaleb don't you think? But Clay wants to be popular. Clay and Hope have always been close. Like her he too wants to become Captain Hero. They can be a crime fighting duo.

As the night was coming to a close, Cassia did get that kiss. She also received Keith's confession that he loved her. She hadn't been this happy in ages. Her dad was ok. Her family was ok. Keith loved her. It was almost enough to make her completely forget all about Leo. Almost.

At some point, Blake left the paranormal field for good. His brother's had finally talked him into joining the family business. They were getting quite a little think tank going. They still hadn't managed to breed their cow plants but they had discovered several medicinal uses for it's leaves. That of course is assuming you can get the leaves and keep your life. This is the latest specimen the family has obtained. Meet Tannis. Tannis is a very tame male. Blake still insisted on completely encasing him with pointy fencing. He has kids. Kids can't always be trusted.

The kids continued to grow up. Cyra has become quit the little musician now that I have finally downloaded the fix for the piano. All my kids played the piano pre-uni. Now they can once again play themselves happy. Life is good.

Of course with life comes changes. First the house became the local hang out for all the neighborhood teens. Everyone sat around yacking about this or that. College was often mentioned. Keith would be leaving for college shortly. He wanted Cassia to come with him. They had recently started going steady. Cassia agreed. She hadn't wanted to go to college. But losing Keith was not an option. She had been down that road before and she didn't want to go there again. So Cassia applied for college and was accepted. She would be leaving soon.

Hope wanted to go with her sister. Clay nearly went ballistic. He begged his sister not to leave him behind. Finally Hope agreed. It would have been early admittance anyway. She could stick around for a while. Maybe she'd even met a nice guy or something.

Cassia left soon after for college. She and Keith were placed in the same dorm.

Keith Tellerman - npc paper boy - family - aquarius - 3 neat, 0 outgoing, 8 active, 6 playful & 5 nice; lifetime want - graduate three kids from college

Cassia and Keith were very happy together. They were in love. They were very much alike (including the same aspiration & lifetime want). They were practically perfect together. Maybe that was the problem. Maybe that was why Cassia longed to pick up the phone and call the college directory. They would know where Leo was. She had never completely stopped thinking about Leo. She had never completely gotten over Leo. She longed for his kisses. She longed for so much more than that. She knew it was wrong. She was with Keith now. Keith was a good man. She never wanted to hurt him like her mother had hurt her father. But how do you forget about someone like Leo?


Anjel76 said...

I knew it! I knew it was too good to be true. *pout* I was kinda hoping she'd get over Leo already. He's only going to break her heart. Doesn't she know his TRUE nature??

Qosmic said...

I believe in Cassia and Leo. She can just have a kid with the paper boy and then go for Leo. That'd be sweet. *daydreaming*