Sunday, August 07, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 68 - The Twins

The Avery Family of 113 Tracy Lane: Current members: Bianca Avery (family) & her twin sister Brooke (fortune), Bianca's love Shane Hogan & Brooke's love Colin Day.

After graduating from college, twins Bianca and Brooke Avery bought a house together. They each moved in the man that they loved.

Shane Hogan - ya townie - Fortune - Capricorn - 7 neat, 4 outgoing, 1 active, 8 playful & 5 nice; lifetime want: Chief of Staff

Colin Day (pictured above) - npc mail carrier - Romance - Libra - 1 neat, 8 outgoing, 3 active, 6 playful & 7 nice; lifetime want: Become a Professional Party Guest

Everyone immediately found employment. Colin gave up his job as a mail carrier to take a job as a golf caddy. Shane and Brooke both found work in the medical profession. Bianca went into the family business (natural science).

Time went by. To much time for Bianca's liking. She had assumed that Shane would immediately purpose to her after college. She wanted a wedding. She wanted kids. She wanted them NOW.

Whenever Bianca was alone with Shane, all he could talk about was work. Work and money. She didn't care about either. She had only found a job because it was expected of her. She didn't care about money. She didn't care about the balance of her savings account. She wanted desperately to have a baby. She wanted to start her family. She wanted Shane to ask her to marry him. She was trying to be patient. Really she was. Why doesn't he just ask her already?

Unlike her sister, Brooke wasn't waiting on a marriage proposal. She loved Colin but sometimes she got the impression that he didn't really believe in marriage. They had fun together. They had LOTS of fun together. She knew that he loved her but she didn't really think he would ever ask her that question. Funny thing though, she was alright with that. Was it really so important to be married? Isn't love enough?

The months continued to go by. Finally Bianca reached the limit. She WAS going to get married. She just had to give Shane a kick in the ass. If she was pregnant, he would ask her then. Shane was a very honorable man. He wants to marry her. She has no doubts. If she gives him a reason, then he'll FINALLY get around to asking.

With a plan in hand, Bianca tracked down Shane. She was going to be a wife and mother. So what if she had to use one to get the other. All that matters is the end results. So Bianca went to work seducing Shane. Well, that wasn't really to hard. The hardest part was getting him to stop working on his next promotion long enough to...well you know. For the next few days, Bianca pulled Shane towards their bed every chance she got. This was the month. This was the month that she gets pregnant.

After waiting on pins and needles for what seemed an eternity, Bianca was finally able to take a pregnancy test. When she saw the little plus sign she literally screamed. Luckily no one was home just then. Bianca visited her doctor and had it confirmed. She was indeed pregnant.

Bianca managed to wait two days before telling Shane. She really did want him to purpose on his own but apparently that wasn't going to happen. Finally Bianca told him her news. She waited for what she hoped would come next.

Shane was shocked. He had thought that they were using protection. It didn't really matter though. He had always intended to marry Bianca. He had bought a ring before graduation. He just hadn't found the time to ask her. Well now was as good a time as any. So Shane asked Bianca to be his wife.

Bianca pretended to be shocked. She didn't want to look to smug. That worked perfectly. She was getting married and having a baby. Life doesn't get any better than this.

But it could. Bianca had been planning her wedding in her head for years. Lately, she'd started planning a double wedding. Wouldn't it be neat if she and Brooke were married on the same day? Two beautiful brides. Two handsome grooms. One killer party.

Bianca approached Brooke with her idea. Her plan didn't go over as well as she'd hoped. Brooke wasn't sure when or if Colin was ever going to ask her to marry him. She was happy with the way things were. She wasn't sure if she wanted to rock the boat anyway.

Bianca was not going to let go of this idea. She began planning a double wedding. She began pressuring Brooke. After all, Colin didn't have to ask her. We are living in modern times. Brooke could just ask him. She kept telling her that over and over. She knew that eventually she'd wear Brooke down. She wanted her double wedding. For crying out loud sister dear, don't make me have to ask him for you.

Finally Brooke caved to the pressure. She did love Colin. Why shouldn't they get married? She would ask him. It was just a question. The worse thing that could happen is that he says no. And breaks her heart. And moves out. And she lies alone in your bed crying her eyes out for months to come.

Breathe...just breathe.

Brooke pulled out a little black box. She asked Colin if he would consider marrying her. She waited for an answer.

Breathe...just breathe.

Marriage. She wants to get married. You do love her. You know you do. She's the only one you ever really loved. Marriage isn't the end. It's a beginning. The beginning of nagging, sexless nights, and sleeping on the sofa. The beginning of going to buy groceries just to find peace and quiet, looking for any excuse to go shopping to scout out a potential one night stand and having to consider if your sister-in-law will tell your wife that you hit on her.

Colin was on the verge of saying no when he looked into Brooke's eyes. She really does love him. No one else ever has. Yes, marriage was terrifying to someone like him. For Brooke he would give it a try. It might end in divorce. She may wind up hating him. For now they could be happy. He wrapped his arms around the woman he loved and whispered softly that he would happily marry her. He surprised himself by actually meaning every word.

He took his fiance upstairs. It would be a good time to remind himself of one of the good points to marriage.

He and Brooke were having a fabulous time when suddenly their bedroom door flew open.

Faith stormed in. How could he? How could he agree to marry her sister when she doesn't know how he really is? Someone had to make sure she knew the truth. This might not be the best way to handle the situation but at least she knew she'd get their attention. Faith hauled off and slapped Colin.

Brooke was at a loss. What the hell is going on? Why would Faith do this to her? Why is Colin just standing there? What the hell are you not telling me?

Faith told her. Faith told her that she and Colin had been lovers. Yes, it's been over for a while but she had to know. He would never have told you.

Brooke was furious. How could he? How could he have not told her that he had slept with her sister? Her sister. Not her friend. Not her best friend. Her family. Did he think that wouldn't matter?

It took some smooth talking for Colin Day to get out of this one. Luckily, he has had years of experience when it comes to talking his way out of sticky situations.

Colin told Brooke that yes he had dated and slept with Faith. It had been long over before he ever met Brooke. He never loved Faith. She would never let him. That's why he ended it. He wanted to love someone and have them love him back. He couldn't have that with her.

He told her that when he met her he instantly began falling for her. He knew she felt it too. It was like they were meant to be. It wasn't until moving in with Brooke that he learned that she was Faith's sister. He knew he should tell her. He wanted to but he was afraid to hurt her. He didn't want to lose what they had together. That's why he never told her. Because he loved her so much.

Brooke believed every word. Why shouldn't she? Believe it or not, most of it was true. Colin Day really does love Brooke Avery. He really does love her enough to marry her. After the confrontation, he even lost the fear of marriage. He knew he had a good woman in Brooke. He would hold on to her for as long as possible. Maybe even forever.


Anjel76 said...

He LOST the fear of marriage?!?! WHOA ...

aquatami said...

Went away. Didn't come back. Made my life a whole lot easier. And no fear of babies so far.