Sunday, August 14, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 82 - Kids & Dorms

Dorm # 2: Current residence: Cassia Avery (family), her boyfriend Keith Tellerman (family), her sister Hope Avery (family) & her brother Clay Avery (popularity).

College wasn't turning out the way Cassia envisioned. She spent most of her time studying. She didn't have enough quality time with Keith. They slept together every night but he wouldn't do more than just hold her. She longed for a passionate embrace but it just doesn't seem to be coming. The worse part is that she knows someone across campus who would be more than happy to do more than just kiss her passionately.

Cassia tries her best to express to Keith the need to step their relationship up a notch. That has lead to several make out sessions but nothing Cassia would call hot or heavy. She had hotter make outs with Leo in high school. When it gets right down to it, Leo is the problem. He showed her a passion she had never known before and then he left. She loves Keith but she longs for that passion. Keith doesn't seem to know anything about passion.

Clay didn't know anything about passion either when he arrived at college. He had never bothered to date. He and Connor would just sneak out of the house and go somewhere to hang out. Sometimes they saw girls but usually it was just the guys goofing off and doing guy things. Then he met Ayla. Ayla Avery is the first Avery he's ever met that he wasn't related to. She says that she comes from far away but other than that Clay doesn't know that much about her. Truthfully, he doesn't care. He has had more fun with her this semester than he has had with anyone else in his entire life.

Eventually, he even comes to admit that he's fallen in love with her. She seems so perfect. They are made for each other. Even though he is only a freshman, he can't help but think that he will spend the rest of his life with her.

Clay isn't even sure how but somehow he found himself alone with Ayla in his dorm room. There was a peace that he felt when he held her. He found himself saying things he normally wouldn't say. He found himself actually telling her that he loves her.

Ayla was overjoyed to hear that Clay felt as she did. That night, Ayla didn't want to go back to her dorm. She still hadn't told the others about her and Clay. She hoped that they would be alright with it. Regardless it didn't matter. He was her love. He was her everything. That night she and Clay shared themselves with one another. It was the most incredible night of her life.

Cassia was slightly jealous of her little brother the next day. Dorm walls aren't exactly thick. Everyone knew what happened between him and Ayla that night. To make matters worse, Clay then invited over Leo. He wanted to talk with him about joining the greek house. He had heard from Connor that Leo would probably be left in charge when William moved out. Clay wanted in. He and Connor had been planning for years to live in the greek house together. Connor better hurry up and get his butt moved to college already.

That night Clay threw a party to prove to Leo that he was a good choice for a greek house member. Knowing that Leo would be there, Cassia wanted nothing more than to pull Keith into their room and make the walls rattle. Instead she got a sweet kiss and a song and dance about a painting due the next day. He would just have to miss the party. Well what they hell was she suppose to do now?

It probably wasn't the best plan but what Cassia wound up doing was drinking lots of punch. It wasn't spiked that much but for someone who had never drank before, a little is all it took. Cassia could hear Leo in the other room. Some cute little cheerleader was giggling at him. He couldn't seriously be interested in her. The more she giggled the more Cassia drank. Soon she was really wanting to go in there and pull the girls hair out. Clay didn't know what Cassia's problem was. He asked Hope who just shook her head and said she'd handle it. Hope wound up pulling Cassia into her dorm room where she didn't so much fall asleep as pass out. She would wake up with a massive headache the next day.

The party was going great until the cops showed up and started escorting people outside. Connor, who didn't exactly have permission to be there, high tailed it out of there quickly when the cops arrived. If his dad found out about this, he would never make it to college. He'd be grounded until he's fifty.

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That's so funny with Connor running away when the cop comes. *lol* I want Leo and Cassia together. *keeping my fingers crossed*