Saturday, August 27, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 90 - Making it Work

@ 111 Tracy Lane: Bram Avery (fortune), wife Laura (popularity), friend Valerie Haggerty (popularity) and nephew Chris (current heir of generation 3 line 2).

Things have improved in Valerie's life lately. She and Boris are an item again. It started out with the two of them running in the each other while shopping. Now it has grown into much more. Boris comes by often. Although Valerie is still the primary care giver, Chris does now know that he has a father. And although mommy was his first word, daddy wasn't that far behind.

Bram is very happy that his brother Boris has turned a corner. He and Laura hit a brick wall for a minute or two but they now seem to have found a way around it. Laura blamed herself for Banning's death since it was her idea that he help out in the desert. Bram had a hard time convincing her that it wasn't her fault. He had never once blamed her. The thought never even crossed his mind. Of course it did occur to him that his wife and the future mother of his child had a very dangerous job. He asked her to consider another line of work. The idea didn't go over well. In the end they agreed that Laura was not responsible for Banning's death and Bram was ok with Laura being the Captain Hero of Eden Falls as long as she was careful. They then celebrated by trying once again to make a baby. They are getting help from a specialist but still no success. The doctors can't find a reason why they are not getting pregnant. They just aren't.

Boris is now trying to come by as often as possible. Watching Ben struggling to be the sole parent to Cosmic and watching William deny that he has a daughter has made Boris take a long hard look at his life. Bram is struggling to have a child. Boris is already a father. It's time he started acting like it. He wants his son to know who he is. He wants his son to be happy. He wants Valerie to be happy. Boris was surprised to find that he is happiest when making Valerie happy.

And Boris definitely knows how to make Valerie happy. Valerie finally asked Boris to spend the night with her. She was very happy when he agreed. In fact Boris has been spending most of his nights with Valerie these days. Sometimes they have fun. Sometimes they just fall to sleep in each others arms. They both know that it won't last forever though. Boris plans on going back to work soon. He doesn't feel right sponging off his brother Ben forever. He doesn't want to go back into the culinary field but maybe he could still put his art degree to good use. Lately he has fancied the idea of becoming a serious artist. Of course once he starts working again he will have less time to spend with Valerie and Chris. He knows that he wants to be in their lives so he knows that he'll find a way to make it work somehow.

Of course all that fun can sometimes have consequences. Valerie is once again pregnant. She was somewhat nervous about telling anyone. She knew how much Laura wanted a baby. She knew how much Boris originally hadn't wanted any babies. Knowing that it would all come out eventually, Valerie gathered her courage and just told everyone. Laura said she was very happy for her. Valerie could tell that she was upset but didn't know anything that she could do to help. Hopefully she and Bram would get pregnant soon and Laura could wear ugly maternity clothes too. Boris, well Boris took things a lot better than she had expected. He actually seemed happy. He reached down and rubbed her tummy. He gave her the biggest grin before pulling her into his arms. He told her that he loved her before kissing her breathless. For a minute or two they seemed like a normal happily married couple.

It was her son's birthday so Valerie threw a party. It seems very appropriate that the son of a general would be dressed in camo.

After all the guest were gone and everything had been cleaned up, Bram and Laura went back to work on project baby. This has to be the month it works. It just has to be.

Chris has started school now. His uncle Bram taught him how to study because his mom was to tired. Chris sees his dad almost every day. He doesn't really understand why his dad lives somewhere else. Most of the other kids have dads that live with them. It's ok though. He has a dad who loves him. Some kids don't have dads at all.

At long last, Laura and Bram are going to have a baby. They are both very excited. Since they know that this will probably be their only child, they are both trying to savor every moment. Well at least the good ones anyway.

On one of the few nights that Boris wasn't there, Valerie gave birth to his daughter. The little girl has her mother's blond hair and her father's brown eyes. Valerie and Boris had discussed names. Valerie wanted him to have an imput since he had nothing to do with choosing their sons name. Valerie and Boris named their daughter Cara Lynn Haggerty. Although Boris wouldn't admit it, he was a little bothered that his daughter wouldn't carry the Avery name.

Boris arrived as quickly as possible to meet his little girl. He couldn't help but think that she would be a real heart breaker one day. She reminded him so much of her mother. Boris spent that day and that next night with Valerie and Cara. He fed and cuddled his daughter. He even got up with her during the night. For the first time ever, he found himself questioning whether or not he was living at the right house.

Kids grow up quicker than any parent would like. In what seemed like an instant, Cara Lynn became a toddler. She is a Scorpio like her dad with 7 neat, 6 outgoing, 10 active, 6 playful & 2 nice.

Not long after the birthday party was over, Laura went into labor.

She gave birth to a baby boy with his mother's black hair and his father's brown eyes. Laura and Bram named their son Chad.

Boris is still hanging around as much as possible. Valerie has taught their daughter all the important stuff. Boris just does the fun stuff. Tickle monster, bath time, hanging by your ankles. That stuff is just as important as being potty trained after all.

It's birthday time again. Chad Avery is now a toddler. He has definitely inherited the Avery brow. His is an Aquarius with 7 neat, 5 outgoing, 6 active, 9 playful & 8 nice.

Also celebrating a birthday is Cara Lynn. She is now ready to start school. Her dad has bought her a fairy outfit and she simple refuses to take it off. She is a big time daddy's girl.

Boris and Valerie are very happy. Their kids are happy and healthy. Their relationship is good. Other than the whole not married and living in two separate houses thing, their lives are practically perfect.

Of course that was before their son became a teen. But he is a good kid. Hasn't gotten into any trouble...yet. He longs to know everything and wants to be a scientist someday.

Of course he has been spending a lot of time with Ivy lately. But she's a reformed criminal... maybe. Well she definitely hasn't been caught since Faith let her out of the patrol car.

Also growing up is Chad who now gets to know the joys of attending school. He looks a lot like his dad did at this age.


Simaholic said...

Chris and Cara are adorable. Very good looking sims, they seem to have inherited that part of the Avery genes. But I have to say that Chad has a bit of an evil look to him, especially at a toddler. I think it must be the eyebrows.

Anjel76 said...

Chad is absolutely adorable ... even with the Avery eyebrows (without the ears). And I hope that Valerie and her "visiting boyfriend" know that they have something good and don't do anything to mess it up. ;O)

Qosmic said...

Chris and Ivy? Yep, that works for me! *lol*