Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 85 - Ben's Journey

Katy has started haunting the place. To be honest, ghost activity is at an all time high. Three ghosts a night almost every night. This is why most of the family stays on the top two floors after dark.

Katy hasn't been real happy with what she's seen of her family. Cordelia is being ignored by the all male household. She studies quietly and in Katy's opinion looks extremely sad. Ben still hasn't put her death behind him. The brothers all have a one track mind. They are so focused on themselves that they fail to see the big picture. If only there was something she could do to make them snap out of it. Unfortunately, some things they have to figure out for themselves.

Aric is on the verge of leaving for college. Just one more scholarship. To celebrate, he and Cephei are sneaking out to a party on campus. It's amazing all these sneaking teenagers haven't got caught yet.

The brothers Avery continue their nightly ritual. Ben watches the sky silently, lost in his own grief, when suddenly there is a blinding light.

He closes his eyes as his feet leave the ground. At first he doesn't know what is happening. Then he realizes that he's seen this before. It's the aliens. They are back for another hot elf.

The observation deck suddenly becomes a overcrowded with astonished house guests. They can't believe the aliens have taken Ben away. Hasn't the poor guy been through enough?

In the wee hours of the morning, after the guests have all departed, the aliens return.

They dump Ben rather unceremoniously out of their ship.

Cordelia bursts into gales of giggles when her dad returned home.

Ben was very upset over his encounter. He knew what this meant. He could not even try to deny the outcome. Not after witnessing Brand's abduction and subsequent birth.

Mitch was called of course. He is the resident expert on alien abductions and male pregnancies. Mitch confirmed that despite Ben's age, he was indeed pregnant. This just upset Ben further. For weeks the crying continued. No one knew what to say or do. Cordelia withdrew from the family even farther. Boris and William found new reasons to be away from the house. Even Aric made himself scarce. What do you say to your older brother when he's crying like a baby?

The first trimester didn't see much nausea. Just one bought. Otherwise, Ben was physically healthy. Mentally, he was a wreck.

Thank goodness that first trimester finally ended. Without warning the crying stopped. Of course it took a heck of a shock to make it happen.

Shocked was definitely how Ben was when he found his baby girl passed out in the kitchen. It was like seeing Katy lying there again. This was the jolt that Ben needed to get his life back in order. Yes, Katy was gone. He would not be able to spend his golden years with her as he planned. He still had his kids though. Cordelia obviously needed him. What had he been thinking all these months? She is just a kid after all. Now he also had a new baby on the way. Ben wished that his Katy was there to help him through this. This time he was on his own. He was the head of this household. He was the head of the family. It's time he pulled himself together and started acting like it.

The first step in Ben's mind was to establish a new routine. Ben became very domestic during his second and third trimesters. He cooked the meals. He cleaned up behind the maid. His brother's had no idea what to think. Valerie finally had to explain nesting to them. The guys accepted what she said. They were just happy the crying had stopped. Anything was better than that.

Carina dropped by to check on Uncle Ben. She and Cephei stayed in close contact with their uncle. They couldn't wait for the baby to get here. It would be their cousin but also their sibling. How neat is that?

Ben's pregnancy could no longer be ignored. He had several family get together at the house. Everyone was still concerned about him of course but he did seem much better recently.

During one of these get together, Ben introduced Connor to Ivy. He thought they might make a good match. Connor hated to have to tell his dad this but he didn't need any help with his love life. Ivy just wasn't his type. Besides, he had his eye on a pretty blond gardner.

Boris has finally become a Celebrity Chef. It was his life long goal and he is very excited about it. Now if he can just get another few friends he'll be set. William has reached the top of the athletics field. He also is extremely pleased with himself. He invited over a sweet college girl to help him celebrate.

Aric's day has finally come. He finds himself leaving for college with 11k in scholarships. Finally, a benefit from being dead for a decade in the form of the orphans scholarship.

Aric has moved into the dorm with Blake's kids. He doesn't plan on staying long. It's time to call up his old buddy Clay and get himself hooked up with a nice room in the greek house.


Anjel76 said...

WOW!!! 11K!!!!

I don't think I've heard ANYONE get that much before! CONGRATS!!

PRMami said...

OMGaed Coedelia's laughing at her dad's abduction was just too funny. At least Ben is now becoming aware that he has his children to mentor.

Qosmic said...

Scholarship money is a sweet thing! Especially when you get that much. Congrats!