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Avery Legacy - Chapter 71 - The Wilsonoffs

The Wilsonoff Family of 1 Friendly Drive: Recap: Prof. Irfan Wilsonoff (romance), Wife Yvette Butler Wilsonoff (romance); Yvette's cousin Aiyanna Dallas (romance), Irfan's sons Leo Wilsonoff (romance) and son Kaleb Wilsonoff (technically the son of Blake Avery but that was another story - see July 17th updates for details).

Leo was a good student. He made excellent grades. Would you expect anything less from the son of a professor? Leo's dad Irfan was constantly pushing his son to prepare for college. Leo wasn't really interested in college. He made good grades to keep his dad off his back. He applied for scholarships to make his mom happy. Leo, however, had other things on his mind.

Things like girls. Cassia Avery to be specific. He had known her since they both were kids. Well neither of them were kids anymore. Cassia had matured nicely. Leo had definitely noticed. He longed to smell her sweet fragrance. To kiss her beautiful lips. To run his hands up and down her body. After fantasizing about doing just that for some time now, Leo was finally ready to make his move. He invited Cassia over. Everything started off casually enough. Soon Leo gently began to flirt with her. Nothing to overt. Cassia blushed but she didn't reject his advances. Leo quickly slipped his arms around her waist. He was in heaven.

Leo knew that Cassia wasn't like him. She was a nice girl. She wanted love, romance and wedding rings. But underneath that sweet exterior, Leo knew there lied something more. He could just tell. She wanted him to kiss her. So he did. It was a nice kiss. Very sweet and innocent. Leo wanted more than that. He thought that maybe Cassia did too. So he took her upstairs where they could be alone.

Leo's mom was still at work. His dad was oblivious to what his sons did lately. He was in some sort of mood. Leo wasn't sure what was wrong with him. If he didn't know better, he'd say that his dad had a broken heart. How could that be though? He dad was a player. Players don't let their hearts get involved.

Leo showed Cassia the new couch his mom just bought. Much better than the pink one downstairs. Once he got her on the couch, things really heated up. Things were going well. Although neither of the teens had any experience in this area, they were both eager to learn. While Leo's lips stayed firmly on Cassia's, his hand roamed. He had been dreaming of this for so long. He didn't think that Cassia would let him go this far. He couldn't help but wonder exactly how far she would let him go. She was hot. He had definitely been right. Underneath that good girl exterior lies one very hot chick.

Leo's hands and mind were both heading in directions they probably should be. With the slamming of his front door, all progress was halted. His mom was home. She yelled up to remind him that the guest would be here soon. Damn. He'd forgotten. Tonight was his brother's birthday party. Trouble is that his brother Kaleb is also Cassia's brother. Different moms but the same dad. That means that Blake will be over shortly. Leo did not want to get caught by Blake with his hands up his daughter's shirt. Reluctantly he sat up and began straightening his clothes. Maybe he and Cassia could pick up after the party.

A house full of guest watched as Kaleb became a child. He looks remarkably like his biological father. The resemblance added one more twist to the dagger that had been recently planted in Irfan's heart. Yes, Irfan's heart was indeed broken. He hated to admit it but it was true. For only the second time in his life, Irfan was in love. There in lies the trouble. He had given up his other women not for his wife but for Faith Avery. Faith Byall now. She had recently married and had a baby. Irfan was fine with that. What did he care who she was married to. He just wanted to be with her. He just wanted to hold her. It was tearing him up inside that she no longer wanted him. She wouldn't accept his phone calls. When he casually strolled by her house, she pretended not to see him there. He longed for her in a way that was foreign to him. He had no idea what to do. He had to have her. He had to find some way to make her love him again the way that she use to.

While Irfan pined away for a love he couldn't have, his wife's cousin Aiyana pined away for him. She had always wanted him. Granted she didn't usually go for men but Irfan was different. She had steered clear to keep the peace. Well now she was getting to old to worry about the peace. What she wanted was Irfan in her bed.

Leo wanted to get back to Cassia. That was until he met her cousin Carina. Are all Avery women this hot? Maybe it's the green skin but Leo finds himself completely drawn towards this girl. She's so exotic. He knows nothing about her and he doesn't really care. He spends the rest of the party making small talk and getting to know her just a little better. Maybe he could eventually find out what it's like to kiss an alien.

The party wasn't winding down but Leo for one was ready for the guest to leave. He was just about to sneak out back with Cassia when the cops showed up. Damn. Damn. Damn. Tonight was one of the few nights his dad had to work. Aiyana was tiring out more and more lately so she'd be asleep soon. His mom would crash any time now. It would have been a perfect night to get Cassia into the hot tub. Just thinking about it was making him crazy. Why did this cop have to show up?

Yvette was starting to get worried. Irfan didn't seem at all interested in her right now. He was moody. He had taken up painting. He was painting landscapes. What was a matter with him? When she had cheated on him and gotten pregnant with Blake's son, Irfan had handled it without any problems. She can't imagine what had him this tore up. He didn't seem to be hooking up with any more of his college students. She has always known when he did. Yvette was starting to think she might have a real problem. She was starting to think that he might actually be in love with one of those girls. Could her husband actually be acting this way because of some other woman? This was killing her. He had never loved anyone but her. Yes he slept with them but he didn't love them. A man like Irfan doesn't act like this because he's lost his sex partner. He only acts like this when he loses his lover. As in a woman that he's in love with.

Irfan was lost. He would never have given in to Aiyana's advances otherwise. It's not like he wanted her. She was old. He would be old some day soon. She wasn't Faith. No one was. He didn't love her. He didn't feel much of anything towards her. That didn't stop him from having sex with her the next day. While his wife worked and his kids were at school, Irfan made Aiyana a very happy woman. Aiyana always likes it when she gets her way. She didn't care why Irfan was with her. She enjoyed her day of pleasure. It was a fitting way to end her life.

That afternoon, DEATH came for Aiyana. She passed away gracefully at the age of seventy. She had no other family than the Wilsonoffs. Honestly, she wasn't really that closely related to Yvette anyway. They had, however, welcomed her into their home. More importantly, they never tossed her out. That was what always meant the most to her.

The Wilsonoff family laid Aiyana Dallas to rest at the corner or the lot. They all mourned her passing in one way or another. Leo actually took her death the hardest. Maybe it was because he had never experienced a loss before. Aiyana had her faults but she had helped raise him. She had taught him things. Important things. Things like the best line to use to pick up the ladies. He would be forever indebted to her for that.

A week or so after Aiyana's death, Faith stopped by to pay her respects. She and Aiyana were friends. They weren't that close but she still felt the need to drop by. She had thought long and hard before she did. Part of her knew that this was a bad idea. Irfan hadn't given up on her yet. No matter what she was not going to give in to temptation. She loves her husband. She will not cheat on him.

Irfan waited until his wife went upstairs before pulling Faith to him. He needed her so badly. He didn't care that he could get caught. He didn't care about anything. All he cared about was feeling Faith's body beneath his.

Faith body began reacting to Irfan's touch all on it's own. Her mind was screaming to stop. She was just about to push him away when she heard a terrible sound.

It was the sound of a child in pain. Kaleb was to young to understand. All he saw was his dad kissing someone who wasn't his mom. He began to cry. Irfan had no choice but to let Faith up. She quickly pushed him away and ran out of the house. Irfan was left shaken. What had he done? He and Yvette had always promised not to let their kids see things like that. He should have been more careful. He tried to comfort his son but Kaleb ran past him. He ran upstairs and slammed his bedroom door.

When Yvette arrived downstairs to ask what had happened, Irfan couldn't answer her. He couldn't even look at her. He had made such a mess of things. How would he ever get Kaleb to forgive him? How could he ever face his wife again? Irfan just shook his head and then walked out the front door. He needed to get away. He needed to think.

Thus began a time of silence around the Wilsonoff household. Kaleb refused to talk. He wouldn't tell his mom what was wrong. He wouldn't look at his dad. Irfan had also lost his voice. He found any excuse to not be alone with his wife. It had gone beyond not having a sex life. It had escalated into not having a relationship with her at all. Yvette wasn't a fool. She had some idea what had to have happened. Suddenly the mystery woman had a face. She didn't like it at all. What do you do when you've figured out who your husband is in love with? What do you do when his actions have hurt your child? She tried talking to him. He refused to listen. He was now avoiding her. He was working extra nights. He was always gone. Their marriage was falling apart and she had no idea what to do about it.


Anjel76 said...

Oh MAN ... what a mess ... I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! OOh! The drama. You are the Drama QUEEN! Whehter it's the Avery's or these other guys. Great stuff!

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He... I knew it would be up to Faith to teach Irfan a lesson. But poor Kaleb...