Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 84 - Legacy Life

At Avery Manor (aka THE Legacy Lot): Current Household: Ben Avery (gen 2 heir of line 1 -fortune), wife Katy (uni bartender - family), son Connor (gen 3 heir of line 1 - fortune), daughter Cordelia, and brothers Aric (popularity), Boris (gen 2 heir of line 2 - popularity) and William (romance).

William arrived home from college. He tossed his bags by the stairs and went looking for the family. Boris was just sitting there on the couch. He started to rise and give his brother a friendly hello hug when he suddenly felt a pain. He grabbed his stomach and then his throat and fell helplessly to the ground.

When DEATH arrived, William refused to let him take Boris away. He was offered a chance to save Boris. It was not without it's own risks. William wagered his soul for the chance to save his brother. Luckily, he won.

Ben couldn't believe how incredibly lucky William had been. The recent dealings with DEATH had not gone well. His heart almost stopped at the thought of losing another two brothers. There had already been so much loss in their family. What he wanted most right now was to celebrate life and forget that DEATH exists.

Boris found himself waking up from the strangest dream. For a moment there he could have sworn he had died. Seeing William snapped him out of it. He gave his brother a welcoming hug. It was good to have another Avery back at the Manor.

The three Avery brothers went upstairs to celebrate Williams return. After a while they got bored with playing pool and gazed at the stars instead. It is a routine that they would grow very accustomed to over the next few months.

Not long after Williams arrival, Cordelia became a child. Her birthday was completely forgotten by all the other family members. Her mom and dad later made it up to her. Cordelia enjoyed the quality time she had with her parents. Honestly, she hadn't wanted a party anyway. Of course she didn't tell them that. The whole family tends to forget that she's there half the time. She was definitely going to enjoy this attention while it lasted.

Connor is trying hard to get to college. Just a few scholarships left. He is dying to hit the campus and move into the greek house. Connor's love life hasn't faired to well lately. That blasted paper girl just wouldn't give him the time of the day. Well forget her. Why would he want to be with a child anyway. Women are much more interesting. Connor has met a lot of women since William moved in. He is currently engrossed in a conversation with another of Williams friends. According to her they are only friends. This gives him hope. So he tells the lovely lady about how he's leaving for college any day now. Turns out that she does the gardening at the greek house. Connor didn't even try to hide the smile. He really couldn't wait to leave for college now.

One night upon returning home from work, Katy swore she heard voices from the crypt. Katy feared that Connor or Cordelia might be inside. She didn't want anything to happen to her children, so she went to investigate. That's when she met Aaron's third wife Arcadia.

Katy hadn't been expecting to see any ghosts that night. The shock stopped her heart. It never beat again.

It was Ben who found his wife the next morning. When he saw her lying there he knew what had happened. He knelt by his wife and gently stroked her hair. His only love was gone.

Katy Kosmokos Avery, mother of generation three - line one, was laid to rest the next day.

The entire family grieved. Ben was inconsolable. He sank into a deep depression. He became very quiet and moody. Just when his children needed him the most, he was not there.

The days turned into weeks and then months. Ben continued to grieve. His siblings stopped by often. They tried to pull him out of it but failed.

Connor began spending a lot of time away from home. No one seemed to notice if he was there anyway. He was one scholarship away from his goal. Then he was leaving for school. He would be back. He had to. He was the heir. For a little while though, it would be good to be away. When he returned after college, maybe he would only remember the good times.

As promised one picture of Cephei Byall as a teen. Not the best picture but in the world but I try to keep my promises.

Boris also began spending a lot of time away from home. You see, Boris has a dream. He longs to have more friends than ANYONE in Eden Falls. He will do whatever it takes to reach his goal of 30 best friends including listening to Christy tell him about her first woohoo which took place in Prof. Irfan's hot tub.

Of course Boris does find time for a love life too. He and Valerie have reached a very strange arrangement. No one in the family understands what is going on between them. Valerie had kept her word and not mentioned marriage. She also doesn't mention Boris moving in with her. Boris stops by occasionally to spend time with his son Chris. Usually, he and Valerie meet downtown where they can have some alone time. For some reason, Boris is extremely turned on by the llama costume. The two seem to try on a ton of clothes but they never buy a thing.

Back home, William is working on his sex life. It's not love. William has never truly been in love. Honestly, he's not looking to fall in love. He just wants to have fun with as many people as possible. Unfortunately he didn't make many friends in college. He keeps meaning to ask Boris for pointers on gaining friends. He wants lots of lady friends. In time, maybe he could talk them into just a little more than friendship.

Ben's depression still hasn't lifted. If anything it was made worse by the departure of Connor. Connor didn't even tell his dad he was leaving. He just caught a cab to school. Aric was hurt to get left behind. He was still lagging in the scholarship department. You'd think they'd cut you slack if you were resurrected after being dead for over a decade. Aric has decided to double his efforts. He is leaving next. He just can't take any more of the gloomy mood that hangs over Avery Manor.


PRMami said...

Awww man I feel so sorry for Ben did Katy really have to die?

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I wonder if Ben will experience love again... I hope so! Or that he finds happiness in some other way.