Sunday, August 07, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 70 - Twin Deliveries

Months came and went. The two couples fell into a new routine. Brooke found out that she was in fact pregnant. When she told Colin, he didn't seem that fazed. He almost looked happy which was more than Brooke could say when she found out. Of course Bianca was thrilled. They would be pregnant together. Her enthusiasm was enough to drive both Brooke and Colin insane. Luckily, they had a way of getting Bianca to leave them alone.

Shane was a happy father to be. He tried his best to be attentive towards Bianca. He knew that she expected it. She wanted the entire household to be joyous 24/7. He tried his best. Sometimes he wanted to ask Colin if he could hide in their closet while they had one of their 'Bianca leave us alone' sessions.

Instead of resorting to that, Shane just started burning the candle on both ends. He was trying to become a doctor. He was finally a resident. He was working so hard but that wasn't enough for Bianca. She wanted more. She wanted him to be right there with her every second of every day. On more than one occasion, Colin found himself picking Shane up off the lawn. He stopped taking Shane back to his own bed. He started taking him to his room. With the door closed, at least the man could get some sleep.

Bianca was having some problems. Maybe you call it problems. Maybe it's hormones or temporary insanity. Whenever Shane wasn't around, Bianca had these desires. Desires towards someone other than her husband. Desires towards Armando. But she wouldn't give in. No. NO! She would never give in no matter how much she so wanted to rip off his llama head and give him mouth to mouth until he couldn't breathe.

Armando really liked Bianca. He was starting to worry about her though. She keeps chanting 'I'm married. I'm married' Does she think he doesn't know that? He was at her wedding. Maybe it was hormonal. Should he tell someone?

Faith has made peace with her Brooke and Colin. She and Colin are better friends now than they ever were. They are only friends though. Nothing more. Strangely enough, neither of them want to return to the way things were.

As the sisters close in on their due dates, Brooke finally starts to get excited. She's having a baby. She's going to be an aunt. She and Bianca are color coordinated to cheer for the Auburn Tigers.

Bianca was finally leveling out. She has stopped calling Armando. She no longer needs Shane by her side all the time. She has Brooke. Brooke can be with her. Brooke can keep her company. So Brooke, have you decided on a name yet?

One night Brooke admits to Colin that she is nervous about being a mom. She tells him that she was nervous about getting married. She asks he ever regrets their marriage?

Colin tells her that he's happy about being a father. He was very nervous about getting married. He is very glad they did. He has never once regretted their marriage. He then takes her in his arms and holds her. He was one lucky man the day she ran him down. Not every mail carrier has his true love run right into him like that. It was fate. They are destined to be together.

In the middle of the night, Bianca awakens everyone with a shrill scream. Everyone rushes to the kitchen to find that Bianca has given birth.

To a beautiful baby girl. Another baby with grey eyes. Shane and Bianca (ok Bianca) name their daughter Anita Hogan.

After Anita's birth, Shane becomes obsessed with cleanliness. He gives everyone a lecture on how to properly wash their hands. ALWAYS wash your hands before handling the baby. He begins scanning the crib nightly for finger prints. Where there are finger prints, there are germs. Germs lead to sickness and disease. His little girl would not get sick. He would make sure of that.

Bianca is a little concerned about Shane's mental health. Brooke and Colin just think it's funny. They laugh about it when no one is looking.

Not long after Anita's birth, Brooke goes into labor.

Brooke gives birth to a baby girl. Colin is very happy. He had never really wanted kids before. Then again he never wanted marriage either and that was turning out pretty good.

Zara Day has her father's black hair and her mother's brown eyes. Although neither of her parents are even considering giving her siblings any time soon, they are both very happy to be parents.

WAIT! Bunny prints? We have bunnies. It's an infestation. Bunnies carry germs. And bugs. And bugs carry diseases. And the plague. I have to call someone. Animal control? A veterinarian? I'll need to set traps. No poison. Poison is bad. Traps are good. We'll get the bunnies in the traps and then....we'll kill them. KILL THE BUNNIES! HAHAHAHAHA! BIANCA! BIANCA! Do we have any bunny traps? I need bunny traps.

After the bunny incident, Bianca took away Shane's scanner. Scanner bad. Babies good.

With the babies so close in age, it was like they had one set of twins with two sets of parents. Everyone pitched in and helped raise their little girls. Right now things weren't to bad. Of course the girls weren't toddlers yet.

But soon it was Anita's birthday. She would be a toddler todaty.

Anita Hogan - Capricorn - 10 neat, 10 outgoing, 0 active, 8 playful & 7 nice.

Immediately after Anita's birthday, Bianca started talking about having more babies. She wanted lots of babies. Tons of babies. A whole house full of babies.

But babies become toddlers. Do we really want a house FULL of toddlers?


Anjel76 said...

Everyone in this household is losing their mind. I think one set needs to move out before it gets worse. *LOL*

HappySimmer10 said...

Sounds like having babies drives you insane!! LOL Had fun reading all your new chapters!! Eager for more!! :)

Qosmic said...

*ROTFLMAO* The bunny incident was soooo funny! I love your sense of humour!