Saturday, August 20, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 87 - The Merge

Things haven't been easy since Michele was born. First off, Caryl wouldn't tell Aiden that Meredith called. It was over a week before Aiden finally learned about her. When he visited it broke Meredith's heart. Aiden held his daughter like she was the most precious thing in the world. As he hugged Marcus and then headed home, Meredith saw a deep sadness in his eyes. She and Aiden have managed to get themselves into one messy situation.

When Michele was only a few months old, Meredith came down with something. At first she thought that it was just a cold but it just didn't go away. If anything it just kept getting worse. She finally gave in and saw a doctor. He gave her antibiotics and told her to rest. Yeah right. How do you rest when you have a baby to take care of? The drugs didn't seem to work. Meredith spent half her time in the bathroom. She didn't make it to work very often. The bills were piling up. The dishes too. Meredith couldn't afford to hire any help. When the phone rang she was sure it would be her boss firing her for not coming in yet again. If only she could rest for a while. Maybe then she'd start feeling better.

Marcus did his best to help his mom out. When he came home from school he cleaned up whatever mess had been made during the day. He wished that he was able to help more but he just wasn't big enough. When Michele cried, his mom had to get up and feed her no matter how bad she felt. Marcus wanted to call his dad and get him to come and help but his mom told him not to. She told him that his dad had his own family to take care of. Marcus might be young but he knew that wasn't the problem. The problem was that his dad married that mean Caryl lady. She didn't want his dad to come and see him anymore. She would get mad at his dad if he came and helped. That's why his mom didn't want him to call. Because of her.

Marcus always tries to do what he is told. He didn't call his dad because his mom told him not to. But when he came home from school to find Michele in the floor crying and his mom looking like she was about to pass out, well maybe it was time to stop listening to his mom. Once his mom had finally gotten Michele changed and put in her crib she feel fast asleep. Marcus headed towards the phone.

Marcus called his dad. He told him everything. He told him that his mom was sick but didn't want Aiden to know. She had been sick for a really long time. She was to sick to take care of Michele. She was to sick to take care of herself. Could he PLEASE come over and take care of his mom?

Aiden listened to everything that Marcus said. He knew that Meredith must really be sick for Marcus to be this worried. He promised his son that he would be over as soon as he could.

When Aiden arrived he quickly realized that things were worse than Marcus knew. He saw the bills piled on the counter. He could tell that the house hadn't been properly cleaned in a while. He quickly went upstairs to check on Meredith. She didn't even wake up when he touched her face. She was running a high fever. She needed to see that doctor again. So Aiden called a nanny to watch the kids while he took Meredith back to the doctor. He had to practically dress her himself. He knew things were serious because she didn't once fight him about anything. When he told her they were going to the doctor she just looked at him. She was just to sick and to tired to care.

The doctor gave Aiden a prescription for some stronger antibiotics and specific instructions to follow. The most important thing was for Meredith to get plenty of liquids and plenty of rest. She would never get better if she didn't get enough rest. Aiden promised that he'd see to it. He'd do whatever he had to do to get her better.

Aiden didn't return home until the next morning. He spent the night taking care of Michele and her mother. He paid the bills on her counter. He hired a maid and nanny. He made sure that Marcus had made it to school and that the nanny was there before returning home. He climbed into bed beside Caryl and practically passed out.

He had known what was coming when he woke up. Caryl started right there in the nursery. Bitch bitch bitch. Gripe gripe gripe. That had become his life over the past few months. Caryl knew that Michele was his daughter. Since they were engaged when she was conceived then that made him a cheater. She threw the words at him often. He was actually becoming numb to the entire thing.

Caryl wasn't happy when Aiden ran off to HER rescue last night. She waited and waited for him to return. It was sometime this morning before he showed up back home where he belonged. She could just imagine what they were doing over there. She doubted that Meredith was sick at all. She would do anything to get Aiden. Anything. Caryl was not going to let her marriage end without a fight. She was not going to let her win.

Caryl had been trying very hard to convince Aiden that they needed to buy a bigger house. She would prefer one way across town. Aiden had been telling her that they couldn't afford it. That wasn't entirely true and she knew it. The truth was that he didn't want to be that far away from his other family. He wanted to be there when they needed him. He wanted to be there for all his kids. But now it was time to buy that house Caryl wanted. He had already called a realtor this morning. If he paid enough, he could rush the closing through. They could be in their new house in about a week. Caryl would have been happy about this normally but a new house was only the beginning of Aiden's plan.

If Aiden thought that he was going to move his mistress and her brats into their house he was nuts. She was not going to take this. He was HER husband. Nathan was HIS son. THEY were his family. Not Meredith. Not Marcus. Not Michele. Just her and Nathan. That was all that mattered.

Aiden had finally had enough. He didn't really care if she liked his plan or not. He WAS going to take care of Meredith and ALL his kids. They were all going to move in together. Then Meredith could get better. The kids would be safe and healthy. Once Meredith was back on her feet maybe she'd move out and maybe she wouldn't. They'd cross that bridge when they got there.

Caryl was about to start in on yet another argument when Aiden finally dropped the bomb. He knew. Did she actually think that he was to dumb to figure it out? She had lied to him when she told him she was pregnant. She didn't get pregnant until AFTER they were engaged. She wasn't extremely over due. Nathan was born on time. Almost exactly two weeks before Michele was born. Their marriage was based on a lie. Not his lie but hers. He honestly didn't care if she moved with him or not right now. He was buying a new home. Meredith, Marcus, Michele and Nathan were all going to live there with him. She could come along or not. Her choice.

While waiting for the house to close, Aiden celebrated Nathan's birthday. He and Caryl were barely speaking and he honestly could care less. He was to busy. After work he went by and checked on Meredith. She was better but still not well. She was improving though because she absolutely threw a fit when he told her she was moving in with him. He made it clear that she didn't have a choice. It was going to happen so just deal with it. After helping Marcus with his homework and making sure Michele was fed and changed, Aiden returned home. He made sure Nathan was well cared for. He ignored Caryl. He just couldn't deal with her right now.

Nathan is now a toddler. He is a cancer who is 7 neat, 1 outgoing, 10 active, 4 playful & 5 nice.

Aiden moved everyone into their new home on Tracy Lane. Caryl wasn't happy but she had finally accepted that this was how it was going to be. Eventually Meredith would get well. Then she would make sure she was thrown out on her ass. She WOULD get her family back. That is all there is to it.


Anjel76 said...

OOOOH! Well, isn't THAT an interesting turn of events! *evil cackle* I hope that his BIOTCH of a wife is the one that gets thrown out on her ass when all is said and done. *CACKLE*

Simaholic said...

Good. I'm glad Aiden is coming to his senses. He always seemed like way too much of a nice guy to let an evil woman like Caryl boss him around. Glad he is taking care of his kids.

HappySimmer10 said...

Man, that's a good story!! Yeah Aiden :) He's finally smartened up!! This is really an awesome story!! I love it!

Qosmic said...

What a neat house! Looks great! Oh, and Nathan is so cute as a toddler. Caryl needs to get out of there, so Aiden and Meredith can live happily ever after.