Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 75 - New Beginnings

After Cassia left for college, Blake got a strong desire to become a father again. He asked Stacy about it. He didn't want to pressure her. He didn't want to rush her. If she wasn't ready, he could wait. Stacy however was ready. She had received a few promotions at work. Now would actually be a good time to have a baby. That night she and Blake got started trying to make their baby. As promised, Blake was giving it his best effort.

The hard part about trying to make a baby, is waiting around to see if all your hard work has paid off. Blake had never actually had to try before. All of his other kids just kind of happened. The waiting around was getting to him. He wanted good news but month after month he was disappointed. How do people survive the disappointment every month? Blake suddenly understood what Bram was going through. He felt sorry for his brother. He hoped that they would both experience fatherhood sometime soon.

Finally, all the hard work paid off. Stacy was expecting. Blake was incredibly happy. In a way he felt like he was starting his family all over again. He would take very good care of Stacy while she was pregnant. He pampered her at ever turn.

While Blake concentrated on Stacy, his daughter Hope concentrated on Zeshan. (whose name may or may not be spelled correctly) Hope didn't really want a serious relationship right now. She would rather wait and fall in love when she was older and more ready for a serious commitment. That didn't mean that she wanted to enter her first relationship with absolutely no experience at all. Besides she had time to kill. Clay still hadn't passed the exams to get into college.

Of course that could be because he and his cousin Connor are always sneaking off to who knows where and doing who knows what. One of these days either Blake or Ben are bound to catch them sneaking around like this. Of course until then they will continue their sneaky ways.

As Stacy's due date approached, Blake had asked Irfan to drop by while he was at work and check up on her. His greatest fear was that Stacy would need him and he'd be off at work. Kaleb was there when Irfan arrived. He was not at all happy to see his dad. No, these two have not mended their fences just yet.

Kaleb completely refused to talk to his dad. That's why he practically lived at Blake's house now. To avoid Irfan.

Poor guy. It's his own fault of course but you still have to feel sorry for him. Maybe he's finally learned his lesson and he'll keep those his lips to himself.

It turns out that Blake was at work when Stacy went into labor.

Stacy gave birth to a little boy. She awaited Blake's return so that they could together give their son his name.

When Blake returned home the next day, Stacy put his son in his arms. They named the baby Cole. Blake assumes that Cole will be his last child. He plans on enjoying every minute of his childhood.

The baby years went quicker than Blake would have liked. Before long Cole was a toddler. Look like anyone? Blake can not deny any of his sons. Cole is a virgo. He is 10 neat, 3 outgoing, 7 active, 7 playful & 7 nice.

Cole was given a bottle and left to entertain himself for a few minutes. You see Cole shared this birthday with someone else. His sister Cyra was also having a birthday.

Cyra Avery is now a teen. She is bucking the family tradition. Instead of being a good girl, Cyra wants to be the bad girl. Yes folks, she's a romance sim. She longs to be a celebrity chef which pretty much guarantees that she'll stay a romance sim.

After the birthday party, Blake had to say goodbye to two more of his kids. Both Hope and Clay caught a cab to college. They will be sharing a dorm with Cassia and Keith.

Just two not so great pics to show the kids grown up. First Hope as a young adult.

Then Clay. The family resemblance is something else. For anyone wondering, no all of these kids will probably not graduate from college. I doubt I'll have the patience for it. It is a good place for them to hang out for a while though.


Anjel76 said...

Clay has a really .... interesting face. Hehe. Hope is really pretty. And the toddler (Cole) is adorable. :O)) I love that shot of him with the bottle.

HappySimmer10 said...

I just have to say that Blake has some really gorgeous children! They are all really pretty to me!

PRMami said...

Just had to comment on that sad face ...some one really needed to give him a big ol' bear hug

Qosmic said...

Like the name Cole! Makes me think of Phoebe's hot ex husband in "Charmed". Blake's sons all look very much like him, yet have their own personal characteristics. Interesting!