Saturday, August 27, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 92 - Headmaster Visits

@ 112 Tracy Lane: Brand Avery (fortune), wife Trista (knowledge), daughter Carina (family/alien abduction), daughter Celena & son Charles.

Brand really wanted his daughters to get into private school. So he called up Ash who is the headmaster at an exclusive private school nearby. Unfortunately Brand didn't bother to plan ahead. After a lovely tour of the home, Brand realized that there was no food in the house. He sent Celena to keep the headmaster busy while he made a few phone calls.

Brand ordered a pizza only to find out later that Ash couldn't eat cheese for medical reasons. Carina searched the freezer and found one lone tv dinner. She had no idea how long it had been there. There were ice crystals on the box. But this was all the food that they had so she quickly popped it in the oven. When it was done she served it to the headmaster. He gobbled it down like a starving man.

Despite his reservations about allowing a green skinned girl into his school, Ash told Brand that he would be happy for his two daughters to attend his academy. (Total 131 points: 47 food, 45 tour & 39 smoozing - all from that one game of chess. Saved myself from near disaster. Can't believe he wouldn't eat pizza but would give me that many points for a tv dinner.)

Only a few months later, Charles was ready to start school. Brand decided to call up the headmaster again for another visit. He checked the frig. Yep, plenty of food. He then placed the call.

After being greeted by Brand, Ash walked straight upstairs and started playing the guitar. Maybe he didn't think he needed a tour again.

Or maybe it was because Brand greeted him in his boxers. Still wearing his favorite outfit, Brand went to work and fixed a stunning turkey dinner. He eventually coaxed the headmaster down the stairs. Seeing that his brother was headed for disaster, Ben tried to help out by discussing various boring topics with Ash while Brand sat nearby smiling like an idiot.

Ben then invited the headmaster to join him for a rousing game of chess while Brand headed to the bathroom. Maybe he was going to get dressed finally.

Well no. Brand loves those boxers. He would never change out of them. Ash overlooked this and offered to teach Charles at his school. (Barely scraped the points this time. I was having a really bad day. Oh, and I got less points for the turkey than I did for the tv dinner. Go figure.)

With all of his kids in private school now, Brand thought that he could relax. Then Carina started talking about heading to college. She seemed to think she was ready. Well he wasn't. She is his baby. HIS baby. He didn't want her to leave.

Trista had a long talk with her husband that night. Carina was a good kid. It was time to let her go. She would be fine in college. Yes guys would be attracted to her because she was different. Yes she longs to find love and she might mistake desire for real love. Yes it's possible that she might have sex before marriage. Nothing to worry about though. It will all be just fine.

With her pep talk having been a complete disaster, Trista has to find other ways to distract her husband. She'll have him forgetting all about what might be happening on campus in no time.

Carina made it to college and was placed in the dorm room with the invisible bed. Challenges right off the bat.

It's Celena's birthday. Let's see. What should I wish for? I know. I wish for dad to start getting dressed in the morning so I am not embarrassed when I bring over my friends.

Celena has decided to follow her father's footsteps and make as much cash as possible. She's not actually that concerned about how she makes it either if you follow me.

Poor Brand. He looks at Celena in her new make-up (that Trista never should have bought for her because she is clearly to young for it). She is beautiful. There is no doubt about it. He's going to have to go and find a really big stick so he'll be prepared when the boys start coming around.


Simaholic said...

Oh wow is Celena beautiful! Is she going to be a heartbreaker?

Its too funny about the TV dinner, who knew headmasters liked them so much?

Anjel76 said...

Nice eyes ... but that jawline ... WOO! Makes her seem a bit "Less" feminine ... but she is beautiful.

T.v. dinners, eh? Hmmm ... I made chef salad once and the headmaster seemed to REALLY like that.

paige said...

Highly entertaining! I love your style of writing! Great job and very cute family! Celena is gorgeous..why not use that to her advantage! Hehehe. I can't wait to read more. May I add your site to my blog links list?!

Qosmic said...

*lol* I love what Celena wished for before she grew into a GORGEOUS teen.

aquatami said...

Page: You may absolutely add me to your links. I am always honored (and amazed) that anyone would actually want to.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great job. Celena is very beautiful. You write very well and that comment about finding a big stick...very funny.