Sunday, August 14, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 81 - Friends from Afar

Simmers Note: I had always intended to insert additional elves into the mix at some point. I never envisioned it this early in the game. The problem I'm having with generation three is that..well it's huge and with two exceptions they can't marry each other. So, I decided that now was a good time to add in some new blood. I would have married the kids off to townies anyway. I have no real plans for any of these kids with the exception of one. I've started them all out as knowledge with the intention of rolling their sophomore aspirations. If I get all romance or popularity I will be ticked. Anyway, I for one am interest in seeing how this turns out. Sometimes it's good not to plan that far ahead.

Background info - from left to right:

Afton Silverleaf: S3, black hair, grey eyes, elf: knowledge: Virgo: 10 neat, 5 outgoing, 5 active, 0 playful & 5 nice - Afton was the best friend of Aaron Avery. They were as close if not closer than brothers. People remarked that with the exception of their hair color, they were exactly alike. Afton was very upset that Aaron left without taking him. He intends to find his friend and telling him just that.

Oron Moonsong: S4, blond hair, dark blue eyes, elf: knowledge: Scorpio: 5 neat, 5 outgoing, 10 active, 0 playful & 5 nice - Oron was also Aaron's friend. He and Aaron both shared a thirst for knowledge. They were both fascinated by the mortal realm. They spent hours pouring over anything and everything they could find on the subject.

Mazer Fox: S2, blond hair, grey eyes, elf: knowledge: Leo: 5 neat, 10 outgoing, 0 active, 5 playful & 5 nice - Mazer was more an acquaintance of Aaron's than a friend. He is however good friends with Ayla Avery and Afton Silverleaf. Mazer has never felt like he fit in where he's from. He just isn't quite serious enough. He's gets in on this adventure strictly to escape from a place he doesn't feel he belongs.

Ayla Avery: S3, red hair, green eyes, elf: knowledge: Aries: 7 neat, 7 outgoing, 4 active, 0 playful & 7 nice - Ayla was very close to her cousin Aaron. She has missed him greatly while he has been gone. She lets Afton talk her into this adventure in the hopes of seeing her cousin again. Otherwise, she would never have agreed to leave home at all.

To the story:

It had been a little over three years since this group had last seen their friend Aaron Avery. Aaron left home to find his own destiny. To build his own life and make his own mistakes. That was what was written in Aaron's journal. It took a while before Afton could go to their secret hiding place and look for the journal. As you can imagine, all hell broke loose after Aaron disappeared. When the Prince and heir to the thrown just up and vanishes, people do tend to notice. He did leave a note but it did little to ease the grief of his parents. His father wanted to go after him and drag him home. There in lied the problem. No one knew where exactly Aaron had gone. The mortal realm was huge. Elvin magic is seeped away quickly there. They could not search for long before they would be unable to return. Without a destination, they simply could not follow.

Afton, however, had the destination. Aaron had left it for him in his journal. It was a big risk that Aaron had taken but one that Afton was very grateful for. Aaron was always like a brother to him. He was highly pissed off that Aaron left without him. In his journal he said that it had to be that way. Afton couldn't understand why. He was bound and determined to ask him when he saw him.

These four friends left on their grand adventure to see the one known as Aaron Avery. They pooled their magic, said the incantation and arrived in the mortal world. With the exception of Ayla, no one had any plans on returning. Afton had lead Ayla to believe that the could return as long as they did it soon enough. In all honesty, he didn't know if that was true. More than likely this was a one way journey.

By following the instructions in Aaron's journal, Afton was able to obtain legal identification for each of them. They all enrolled in La Fiesta Tech. Their first goal was to find Aaron. They had no idea how impossible that would turn out to be.

Afton searched the college directory for Aaron. There was no sign of him. There were, however, three other Averys enrolled at the school. Afton and Ayla started going through the school archives looking for any trace of Aaron. They did find a listing for one Aaron Avery but it couldn't be their Aaron. According to this, Aaron Avery graduated over fifty years ago. That couldn't possibly be.

Oron had always suspected that time traveled differently in his world. He for one almost believed that this was Aaron. The friends, minus Mazer who was off getting to know the natives, continued to pour through old campus albums looking for a picture of their friend.

No picture was ever found of the Aaron Avery that graduated. Maybe the guy was camera shy. Mazer wasn't all that shook up about it. Then again he didn't come here to find Aaron. He came here for a new start. That is exactly what he was doing. He tried to explain himself to Afton. He even sat down and played this boring game with him. Mazer believed that he was just following Aaron's path. Be true to yourself. Make your own path. Make your own mistakes. So far he'd met several mortal girls he wouldn't mind making mistakes with. He liked it here. People were freer. They weren't all so damn serious. These people even knew how to laugh at themselves. Yes, Mazer for one was sure that he was going to like it here.

With the search of the archives turning up nothing, Oron and Ayla decided to track down the current day Averys. Maybe one of them would know Aaron. Oron met this girl Cassia. They had a pleasant conversation. When he mentioned Aaron to her she immediately smiled. Aaron Avery was her grandfather. Unfortunately he's been dead since she was just a girl. She doesn't remember him that well. She did however have a picture that she showed to Oron. It was her father and her grandfather on her dad's wedding day. One look told Oron that the unthinkable was true. Aaron had already lived his entire life in just three of their years.

Ayla learned the same things from this guy she met, Clay Avery. He told her what he knew about his grandfather. About his three wives and fifteen children. Apparently Aaron had lead a very full life and died a happy and wealthy man.

The news was very hard on Afton. He always assumed that he and Aaron would always be friends. He assumed that he'd find him and help him forge a life here. Turns out Aaron didn't need his help. He did just fine on his own. The question now became, where do we go from here? Afton had decided his path. He would finish school and move to Eden Falls to be around Aaron's family. That was the best he could do. Somehow he would find a way to build his own life in this mortal world. He would have to hope that he did as good a job as Aaron.

Oron got over the shock pretty quickly. He was fine with forging his own path. That's what he came for. If everyone else wanted to move to Eden Falls after graduation, then he would too. Right now he needed to start learning his new mortal skills. He would need them all in order to not just survive but thrive here.

When Ayla found out that her cousin was long since dead, her first thought was to return home. Her family would be very happy to know what had become of Aaron. They would be thrilled to know of the wonderful life he made for himself. Perhaps it would even help ease their pain.

Ayla didn't leave though. She kept running into Clay. Clay was very nice. He helped her around campus. He explained things she didn't understand without making fun of her. He was very sweet. It didn't take long before she was no longer thinking of him as Aaron's grandson. Soon she was only thinking of him as a man.

Maybe it was wrong but Ayla couldn't help it. She knew that she was distantly related to Clay. She knew that in her head. She didn't feel it in her heart. She wanted to be near him. She wanted to make him happy. She wanted to fall in love with him and stay with him forever.

Ayla decided that night that she could not go home. Even if the magic still existed within her, she could not leave Clay. They seemed so perfect together. It was like she was made just for him. Clay Avery was her destiny. Somehow she was always meant to come here and find him. Finally, she was where she was suppose to be.


Anjel76 said...


I am SO far behind on your blog. I had to start at chapter 76! And you're already in the 80's! I had no idea that you'd plan to do this. :O)) Great idea! And I love how you fit all these new elves into this story. :O))

Qosmic said...

What a wonderful story to get all the new elves into your LC! And pairs are already starting to form. Sweeet!