Sunday, August 14, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 83 - Greek'n It

William Avery graduated college a long time ago. He simply never left. He hung around until the school finally tossed him out. It's time for you to transition into the real world. You can't play games forever. Well why the hell not? William has collected his things and he's heading back home to live with his brother Ben. He'll bunk with Boris if he has to. As long as there is a hot tub and a phone, he's set. This romance sim isn't planning on growing up any sooner than absolutely necessary.

With William gone, Leo finds himself in charge of the greek house. He decides that it's high time to have some fun. He has started making moves on Diane. He isn't interested in anything serious. If he wanted serious he would go find Cassia Avery. She's the one he really wants. Problem is she believes in love and marriage. He can't live that life. He's trying to do the right thing by her and just stay away. Some days he finds that very hard to do.

It won't be getting any easier either. Leo has pledged Cassia's younger brother Clay. He set him to work writing his term paper. Then they had a party. By the time that was done, Clay was an official member of the greek house. He moved in the next day.

The first thing Clay did was pledge his girlfriend Ayla. Now it's Leo who is jealous. Clay is getting a lot more than he is. When he sees Clay kissing Ayla, he can't help but think back on his days with Cassia. She was so hot even then. She is probably smoldering by now.

Clay put Ayla through the normal hazing. It was nothing to bad. He does love her after all. Once Ayla was a member he asked her to move in with him. He knew that this was a big step for her. She had told him about her friends. They were very close. None of them had any living relatives. Clay had already decided that it was ok if she didn't want to leave them. He could understand. Luckily Ayla didn't mind leaving the guys behind. She explained the situation. Afton gave her a look but nothing was said. In the end they all just want to be happy. Ayla just seems to have found the path there first.

All this kissing and hugging between Clay and Ayla is really starting to get to him. He needs something to take his mind off things in the worse way. Leo seems to take after his dad in the fact that he cleans when he's troubled. He's been cleaning windows all day.

What in the heck is on these? Does the maid not do windows? Well that is a hand print. That looks couldn't possibly be. Man, William sure knew how to party.

Dude seriously. I get that your well hung and want to show it off. I'm with you on that ok. But doesn't it ever bother you. You are a grown man after all. You are running around campus wearing only a smile. See the thing is we are having a party here tonight. My kid brother is coming by. All I'm saying dude is maybe a pair of boxers. Hell, I'd settle for a G-string. Anything to keep my girl friend from freaking out on me. You know what I mean?

Damn. I didn't recognize him with his clothes on.

Kaleb did you eat that pizza? Don't you have better sense than that. You NEVER eat green pizza. Mom is going to kill me when she sees you.

After getting Kaleb home and being completely blessed out by his mother, Leo comes back to find Diane waiting for him. It was a very pleasant surprise. Diane was just what the doctor ordered. She took his mind away from his problems for a little while. He barely even thought about Cassia.

The longer they live together, the happier Clay and Ayla become. Clay has recently finished his sophomore year and is throwing a party to celebrate. Of course around here you don't need a reason.

Ayla is a little behind Clay in his studies. She has to actually work hard while she has noticed that Clay mainly spends time making friends. She ok with that. She doesn't mind hard work. It will all be worth it in the end.

Clay invited his sisters to the party. Cassia and Leo had a brief conversation. Both were trying there best not to pull the other into their arms. Hope, who was watching from across the room, could only shake her head. The whole affair is only going to lead to disaster.

Clay's uncle Ben dropped by to check on things. His son Connor would be starting to school soon. It's hard to believe it was that time already. It seems like just yesterday he was throwing his own graduation party. It's enough to make a guy really feel his age. How did he ever get to be old enough to have a nephew who is about to be a junior in college?

The party was a great success. The next morning, Diane was coming by to tell Leo just that. She was not happy with what she saw. She continued to walk by as though she didn't see a thing. Oh but she saw it all. He has just been using her. She didn't like being used. She would get even with him for this. It might take her time but someday he would pay for this.


Lai said...

Hey! My name is Lai, and I've been slowly reading through your posts (I'm only on Chapter 53, sad) and I'm trying not to look at the new ones-- I don't want to know what happens yet! But I just thought I'd let you know you inspired me to create a new legacy family and try to keep up with it and blog it. So I've done that! There it is. I'm only on post 1 but you gotta start somewhere. Also, I've added you as a link and it would be awesome if you did the same for me so maybe someone will venture out and read it! :)

Thanks and keep up with the families, I love your storylines.

Anjel76 said...

Why oh WHY do people ALWAYS want revenge? *LOL* Can't they just shrug their shoulders and get OVER it already?! SHEESH! *LOL*

Qosmic said...

Oy... Does the drama never end in Eden Falls (or La Fiesta Tech)? I wonder what's gonna happen...