Sunday, August 14, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 79 - Dealing with DEATH

While Banning was away at work, his sons played cops and robbers. Cannan is always the cop. Saber is always the robber. Since the good guys always win, Saber becomes a ghost quite a lot.

If only that rule held true in the real world. Banning, aka Captain Hero, was doing a routine roundup of criminals when he was locked in a deserted warehouse. Suddenly a fire was set. Banning knew what was happening. This was a message. A warning to back off. He should have easily been able to get out. The criminals didn't even seems to be trying to kill him. So you can imagine how shocked Banning was that he couldn't get out. He couldn't even breathe. It's like his time had suddenly ran out. In an instant, Banning Avery was no more.

Had there been anyone alive in that burning warehouse that night, they might have heard a strangely erie voice saying something that sounded an awful lot like "Payment in Full". DEATH was quite satisfied with his dealings with the late Tracy Avery. A young super hero soul is much more valuable to him than a meaningless teenage soul.

News of Banning's death did not reach his family immediately. Rebecca has been waiting for her husband to return all day. Finally the police came and told her the news. It was very shocking for everyone. They gave Rebecca her husband's ashes. When they left, Rebecca had a complete breakdown. How would she ever live without Banning by her side?

Saber was very worried about his mom. It had been 24 hours since Banning died. Rebecca had not even called his family. Cannan had earlier cried himself to sleep. The baby was screaming at the top of her lungs. Saber just wasn't big enough to look after her yet. He needed someone to come and fix things. The sooner help arrived the better.

So Saber called his dad. Quinton was surprised to receive the call. Then he was simply shocked. He broke the news to Baila and Mitch. He asked them to tell the rest of the Avery family. He threw some clothes in a bag and headed over to Rebecca. She needed him. Saber needed him. He would do whatever he had to do to help them through this.

When Quinton arrived, he found Rebecca morning her loss. Saber was starving. There was no food in the house. Carol hadn't been fed or changed. It was a miracle that social services hadn't showed up. Quinton went right to work fixing things. He had groceries delivered. He fixed a meal of the boys. He fed and changed Carol. When all the kids were asleep, he went out back for Rebecca. She insisted that she wasn't going to leave Banning. Quinton didn't give her a choice. He picked her up and carried her into the house. He forced food down her. He then put her to bed.

Quinton hadn't seen Carol since she was a baby. He was amazed at how big she was. Carol is a Leo. She is 6 neat, 10 outgoing, 5 active, 4 playful & 7 nice.

Days turned into weeks. Quinton never left. He took a leave of absence from work. He couldn't leave Rebecca alone. She still refused to eat unless forced. She showed no interest in her kids or her work. All she did was mourn Banning both day and night.

The boys had managed to bounce back from the loss. Their only problem was dealing with their mother. It hurt them to see her cry all the time. Nothing anyone did seemed to help.

Eventually a day came when Quinton had no choice but to return to work. He was in charge at the hospital. There were forms that needed his signature. He hired a nanny to look after Carol. He instructed her to also watch after Rebecca. He would only be gone for a couple of hours. Turns out that was a couple of hours to much.

Rebecca simply couldn't deal with her grief. She wouldn't let anyone help her through it. She had tried to starve herself to death. Quinton force fed her. He watched her like a hawk. He didn't understand. She needed to be with Banning. He was her love. Without him she was nothing.

When Quinton left for work, Rebecca grabbed a pair of scissors and went out side to be with banning. That morning she took her own life leaving behind three children, two of which are now orphans.

The nanny found Rebecca's body but it was to late. By the time the paramedics arrived she was gone. The nanny called Quinton who rushed home. He now had even more hurt to try to heal.

It broke Quinton's heart to have to tell the boys the news. They were both devastated by this. Bad guys killed their dad but they couldn't understand why their mom would kill herself. Didn't she know that they loved her? Didn't she know how much they needed her?

Eventually, Quinton got the kids asleep. It would take time for all of them to accept this latest loss.

Quinton called Ben and told him the news. Ben never suspected that Rebecca would resort to this. Ben agreed to spread the news to the rest of the family. Quinton just couldn't say the words more than once. A few days later the family would get together and discuss what to do about the children. Saber was Quinton's son but what about Cannan and Carol. In the end it they agreed amongst themselves to let Quinton raise Banning's children. The kids knew him now. They loved him. He loved them. The family would simply help out as much as possible.

With the kids in bed, Quinton went to see Rebecca. He was very angry with her. He couldn't understand why she would abandon her kids like this. He couldn't understand why she would abandon him again. Did she honestly not know how much he loved her? He never stopped loving her. He would love her until the day he died.

Luckily for Quinton he had Carol to take care of. She gave him a reason to get up in the morning. She was a sweet child. Quinton couldn't help but laugh at her antics. When she tried to say his name it always came out sounding like kitten to him. Yes, this little lady always made him smile.

After months of pain and grief, things had finally begun to heal. Saber had his birthday. His dad made a very big deal out of it. Saber has thought a lot about life and decided that money was safer to hold onto than people. He wants to be rich. He doesn't know about a family or all that. Maybe someday. Right now it just hurts to much to think about it.

Saber has started thinking about college though. He wants to go. His dad is helping him study. Saber has also started noticing the ladies. It's hard not to when his dad hires someone to walk around the house dressed like that all day. Maybe he wouldn't cut himself off from people entirely. Maybe he could manage to squeeze someone like her into his life someday.

They say that time heals all. They also say that only time will tell. For this family both may be true. Time has seemed to erase a lot of the hurt. It will take time to know if enough has been erased.

Quinton's step daughter (for lack of a more appropriate term) has now grown into a child. Unfortunately she will never really remember her mom or dad. She does know that Quinton loves her. Hopefully, that will be enough.

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