Sunday, August 07, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 69 - Twin Wedding

It was her wedding day. Brooke Avery had no idea if she was hovering over a toilet because of nerves or something else. What if it was 'something else'? Would Colin still want to marry her if she was pregnant? They had never discussed kids. The wedding had been rushed ahead by Bianca. Neither she nor Colin had been given any say in anything. Would he be ok with having kids right after marriage? Would he be ok with living in a house full of crying babies? Brooke said a silent prayer that she wasn't pregnant. Even if Colin would be ok with this, she didn't know that she would.
Brooke eventually pulled herself together. Bianca had given her instructions on how things were going to go. All she had to do was follow orders. It sounds bad but without her sisters instructions, she probably wouldn't be doing this today.

Bianca was as pleased as could be. Her wedding was perfect. Sunny skies, a handsome groom and she wasn't even showing yet. What more could a bride ask for?

There before family and friends, Bianca Avery married Shane Hogan. She took his last name. She was the happiest woman on the planet.

Next it was time for Brooke to marry. She pasted a big smile on her face. She couldn't help but wonder if Colin wasn't doing the same thing. Was she making a mistake? Why was she so nervous? She wasn't pregnant. She couldn't possibly be pregnant. But what if she was? She felt like she was going to loose her breakfast.

Colin did have a big smile stamped on his face. It was going to be ok. It was only marriage. Nothing lethal about it. He wouldn't fall over dead the minute the ring hit his finger. Would he? No, of course not. Man, he felt like he was going to hurl. Bianca would slap him down if he lost his lunch on Brooke's wedding dress. He just had to be tough. It would all be over soon.

Brooke and Colin nervously said their vows. They both found it oddly reassuring that the other seemed as nervous as they did.

Soon it was over. Mr. and Mrs. Colin Day shared their first dance. Suddenly they were both feeling much better.

Faith watched as her sister's married the men they loved. She hoped they would all be happy. She was the last person who should give marital advice. However, she couldn't help but wonder if they knew what they were getting into. Marriage wasn't as easy as some people make it seem. It's hard. You have to really work at it. Just when you think everything is perfect, something comes along and messes things up. In her case that something is usually an old lover. Thankfully, she married one hell of an understanding man.

Before long, Bianca had ushered her sister to the cakes. Although the cakes were identical, the cutting of the cakes showed exactly how different these twins really are.

Bianca delicately fed her new husband his first bite of cake. Not even a crumb was allowed to fall onto his suit.

Brooke smeared the first bite of cake all over her new husband's face. It got all in his beard. She found the entire thing funny. She was laughing so hard that she didn't realize Colin's plan until it was to late. He grabbed her up in a fierce embrace and rubbed his cake matted beard all over her face. The two erupted in a sea of giggles. Bianca wasn't amused. Brooke and Colin had a great time trying to lick the icing off each other. Bianca soon returned with a towel ruining all their fun. She really does have no sense of humor.

It was a great wedding. I'm so relieved it didn't storm.

Colin sat down and had a chat with Brooke's older brother Brand. He didn't really seem to approve of Colin.

He did let it drop though. He played the bride's favorite tune while she and her new husband played like kids. By this time they were both completely over their nerves.

Unfortunately, Brooke's problem wasn't all nerves. By the end of the party she was once again spending time in the bathroom. Bianca was exhausted. Although she had rented a limo, she was in no shape to actually go anywhere. The new husbands put their wives in bed. So much for the wedding night. They met back out in the hall. They had to go tell the driver they weren't going.

Suddenly Colin had an idea. The hotel had a casino didn't it. Free drinks for the newlyweds. It was all paid for. Non-refundable. Their brides wouldn't wake up until morning. Why let it all go to waste. Can anyone say boys night out?

Shane agreed that it was a good plan. Why not? Their wives never even had to know. They went to the hotel. They gambled and drank until dawn. They then stumbled back to the limo and passed out on the ride home.

The wives did notice when they stumbled out of the limo. They did notice the liquor on their breath. Of course the smell of the liquor sent Brooke back to the bathroom. Bianca was just to tired to deal with them. When both men passed out just inside the front door, she left them there. That's what they get for having fun on their wedding night.


Anjel76 said...


That was HILARIOUS! Boys night out on the wedding day/night. HEH!

Qosmic said...

He he... Maybe Shane and Colin are kindered spirits and should have married eachother.