Monday, August 08, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 72 - Kaleb Grows Up

Well somebody in the family was doing ok. Leo didn't know exactly what happened between his parents. He wasn't that worried about it either. Suddenly his dad wasn't pestering him. His mom didn't nag him. That freed up a lot of his time. He decided to spend that time chasing after Carina Avery. He had been getting to know her lately. She reminded him a lot of Cassia. Only Carina didn't have the hidden fire that Cassia had. Carina was a good girl. Yes he was pretty sure that he could temp her. He didn't think he'd ever get her to give in completely like Cassia had. If only they hadn't been interrupted. Then he really could have learned something that day.

Since Yvette couldn't make any headway with her son, she called up his father and asked him to come over. Blake had always tried to keep a good relationship with Kaleb. He still didn't get to see him as often as he'd like. Yvette didn't tell him what she suspected was the problem. Blake had nothing to go on. When he asked Kaleb about it directly he seemed to clam up. So Blake let it go. He just spent time with his son. When he was ready he would tell him. Until then he would just make sure that he was there for him. He didn't know what else to do.

Leo finally got someone into the hot tub. Carina was hot in an alien sort of way. She would not however let his hands roam the way Cassia had. Here he had a hot alien in a hot tub and he couldn't get her to let him do more than kiss her. What is wrong with the world? Doesn't she know that youth is the time for exploration? How can he explore when she keeps pushing his hands away.

Yvette was still worried about her son. She did think that Blake's visit had helped. He and Blake had talked for a long time. Mainly about aliens and rocket ships but it was still conversation. She was really upset with Irfan for letting him see whatever it was he saw. She was even more upset at the way he had been avoiding her and his kids. Leo was getting wild. Kaleb needed a dad around full time. She needed a husband. She really wouldn't mind having a lover either.

The next day, Kaleb brought his friend Saber Tsang home from school. He and Saber were best friends. They had a long conversation about fathers and dads. It turns out that they both have a dad and a father. Neither of them really understand why. Kaleb's mom and told him where babies come from. The part he didn't understand was why his mom would give a 'special kiss' to his father and not his dad. You aren't suppose to kiss someone you aren't married to. Why did she do that? Why couldn't she have shared the kiss with his dad. Then things would have been so much simpler.

The two boy continued their talk. They both have fathers who live somewhere else. Saber barely ever even sees his father. Kaleb knew then that he was lucky. His father loved him. He came by all the time. His dad use to love him like that. Now his dad didn't even talk to him. His dad didn't seem to love him anymore. He had kissed that lady. What if that lady has his dad's baby. Will he go and live with her then?

His dad was making his mom sad. Sometimes he wished he could go and live with his father. He doesn't like his dad very much right now. Saber says that he loves his dad. His dad is very nice to his mom. Kaleb wishes he could say the same thing. His dad has made his mom cry. He should never have done that. He should never have kissed that lady.

Speaking of kissing ladies, Leo is now kissing lady number three. Heather is actually chasing him. She isn't his type but if she's that hot for him he sure isn't going to turn her down. Leo has been thinking about things. College mainly. He wasn't going to go. Now he thinks maybe he will. He still has excellent grades. He knows it will make his parents happy. Besides, he still remembers some of those hot college girls who use to sneak around to see his dad. He wouldn't mind chasing those kinds of girls. With the exception of Cassia, none of these high school girls are ever going to let him get anywhere. Leo really wants to get Cassia over here and finish what they started. Unfortunately her dad is keeping her busy babysitting her younger siblings. He would have really loved it if she was his first. His life won't be complete if he never gets to see Cassia stripped naked and lying in his bed.

At yet another strained meal, Leo announces that he's applied for college. He will be starting the next semester. His parents barely acknowledge the statement. Kaleb did look at him with some concern. Leo promised his brother he wouldn't leave until after his birthday. That seemed to cheer him up some. Although Kaleb and Leo are nothing alike, they are as close as any brothers. Leo doesn't think that Kaleb will follow in his path. No, Kaleb will probably be the one to carry on the family name. After all, he isn't planning on EVER getting married and having kids. Just look at how badly that can get botched up.

Soon it's time for the next family birthday party. Leo meets Cassia when she arrives. He tells her that he's heading to college the next day. He tells her how much he's going to miss her. Although her father is at the party, the two manage to find some time alone. Leo gets her into his bed room and onto his bed. His hands roam and his body yearns to do much more than is possible with a house full of wandering guest. When Cassia finally pulls away from him, Leo gathers her in his arms. He gives her a little speech that he had planned out in advance. It's all about how he knows she'll change while he's gone. How he knows she'll probably meet someone else. How she shouldn't feel guilty about that. They will always be special to each other. If they are meant to be then they will meet again someday. Until then they will just have to live on the memories. He kisses her one more good time. He wishes he could do more than just that. Then he tells her that he loves her. In a way he even means it. Then he tells her that he wants her to go on with her life. He wants her to be happy. She can't wait for him. It just wouldn't be fair for her. When she starts to cry he wipes away the tears. They can both hear the guest just outside his door. He helps her straighten her clothes. He then gives her one last sweet kiss before sending her out into the party. When he's alone he can only shake his head. He wants her to be his first. She would almost be worth waiting for. Almost. Maybe someday he will get to have Cassia Avery. He can be patient. He can wait for her to grow up too.

Everyone gathers round the cake and watches as Kaleb become a teen. Yes he is definitely Blake's child. Change the hair color and your might be looking at Blake's own teen picture. Although Kaleb is older now and understands things a lot better, he still doesn't forgive his dad for what he did. It was wrong and that's all there is to it. Kaleb actually doesn't understand people that much. He doesn't even want to try. Instead he is devoting himself towards knowledge. He hopes to become a doctor someday. The will heal the sick bodies of Eden Falls. It will be up to someone else to work on their poor sick minds.

Kaleb shared his birthday with his dad. He was livid when he saw that SHE had come to wish his dad a happy birthday. How dare she show her face in his mother's house. Irfan was very excited that Faith was there. He still held out a small hope that they could somehow be together. Of course why would an young thing like that want to be with some old fart like him?

That night, as the party was winding down, Irfan pulled Faith into the old nursery. He needed to speak to her. At the very least he needed to apologize. Faith accepted his apology. She understood his struggle. She had been struggling a lot lately herself. She did love Irfan. She always had. He was her first. He would always be special to her. She just couldn't be with him. She told Irfan all that. Her words seemed to heal him. Maybe it was enough to know that she loved him even thought they could never again be together. The two shared a special birthday kiss before Faith slipped out of the room and out of the house.

The next morning, Leo left for college. It was time for him to grow up. Both of his parents were there to see their son off. They both knew what he'd be doing once he got to college. Exactly what they had done while they were there. They knew they had taught their son well. Hopefully he would graduate with good grades, no diseases and no illegitimate children.

In the weeks that followed Leo's departure, things became more normal between Yvette and Irfan. They slowly began to talk again. They slowly began to readjust again. Then one day Irfan can't take it anymore. He pulls his wife to him in a fiery embrace. Yvette was surprised but happily so. It had been a very long time. Irfan managed to sweep her off her feet and carry her into their bedroom without dropping her. He no longer had the same youthful stature that he once possessed. Instead he had the knowledge of a well tuned lover. He brought Yvette's to heights she hadn't reached in years. As she lay in her husbands arms she finally knew that he was back. He no longer ached for what he couldn't have. Instead he found peace and love with his loving wife.

Leo made it to La Fiesta Tech. He was stuck in a dorm for now. That wouldn't last long. He had heard the stories about the greek house. That was where a man like him needed to be. As quickly as possible he would become a member and move in. He was only in college for one reason - WOMEN. He would stay as long as he could easily keep up his grades and as long as the hunting was good. He didn't care about a degree. He could become a celebrity chef without one. If things got to tough he'd move home. Until then, it's party time.


Anjel76 said...

The apples doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? I'm glad that Kaleb is a knowledge sim. He won't get into TOO much trouble like his half brother. *grin*

Qosmic said...

Old man does the best he can, I guess. *lol* It'll be fun to see what Leo will be up to in college and if he will continue to follow in his father's footsteps.