Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 86 - Life Renewed

Ben really started to get into the whole pregnancy thing before the end. He stayed focused on the baby inside him. It gave him purpose that he had been lacking over the last year.

When Cordelia's birthday came around, Ben wanted to make a big deal out of it. Cordelia pleaded for him not to. She just wanted a small family gathering. Ben did what she asked. He, Boris and William had a private celebration for her.

Cordelia is now a beautiful teen. She is just as shy and withdrawn as ever though. She does want a family though someday. Maybe she'll meet a nice guy and actually be brave enough to talk to him. Maybe someday she could even have six kids. Wouldn't it be great to watch six kids get married someday?

Ben is now awaiting the coming birth. He doesn't see how he could get any bigger. The house is spotless. The nursery is prepared. Now all he needs is a baby.

Boris made a poor choice. He tried to cheat at a competition and got caught. He was fined and lost his job. Poor guy. Should have known better though. Well at least he will have time now to work on those friends.

The big moment is finally here. Ben felt an incredible pain. This wasn't unexpected.

Neither was the sight of his baby boy. Ben's not sure exactly how he got there. He must have blacked out. All that matters is that his son is here now.

Ben named his son Cosmic. Such a cute baby in an alien sort of way.

Hello there little guy. I'm your dad. It's nice to finally meet you. Wait until your aunts and uncles get a look at you.

Man. Poor choices seem to be going around. William had traded in his athletic career for a career in show business. He was directing a film. He had this vision. He cast an unknown actor in the lead. Apparently the movie studio didn't like the idea. They demoted him. He couldn't direct any more. William was very upset for a while there. Even his latest conquest didn't cheer him up. So he changed careers once again and is now a freelance photographer. He figures he'll do this for a while. Then maybe he'll take some time off. Who knows, maybe he'll just quit entirely. It would give him more time with the ladies.

Boris has been using his unemployed days to work on those friends. He just made best friend number twenty-nine.

Hello friend number thirty. We need to spend some more quality time together. Tell me all about your former life of crime. (I left the lot with 29 best friends. Next time I'll wrap this one up. Then on to William and his 30 loves. That one is going to take more work.)

After a few months it was time for more birthdays. Yep, that old guy is Ben. His age finally caught up with him. (He was five days till elder when abducted and I decided against elixer.)

Cosmic is now a toddler. His is a Sagittarius with 1 neat, 1 outgoing, 10 active, 10 playful & 10 nice. Ben really wants to work on that neat some. Maybe Boris can work on the outgoing after he finishes the best friend thing.

Cosmic gets to meet his grandmother. She appeared to jump right out of his potty. The scare was so great for father and son that Cosmic became immediately potty trained. No more accidents for him.

Cosmic is a shy quiet tot. He enjoys learning what his dad teaches him. No one else has spent much time with his since his birth. Lots of aunts and uncles peered into his crib at him but only his dad has taken care of him.

Cosmic, my boy, it's just you and me. Your uncles are still a little self-absorbed at the moment. Your sister Cordelia will be leaving us soon. By the time you get ready for school, she'll probably move off to college. You're stuck with just dear old dad. Emphasis on the old. I wish you could have seen the family before my Katy died. It was much different then. Much happier. Yes, the house could use a woman's touch. I won't be bringing a woman home though. No, Katy was all I ever wanted. I'm sorry but you'll never get to have a mommy. Maybe Connor will find a nice girl and settle down. I just hope I will be able to get you raised my boy. I feel older every day. Just know that I love you son. You saved your old man from himself. You are my reason to continue on. I will always do my best by you. Hopefully I'll live long enough to see you grown and happy. That's what I live for now. Seeing all my kids grown and happy.


Anjel76 said...

Awww ... poor Ben. He's so old and he feels his years gaining on him. I hope Cosmic gets to be a teen before his dad croaks.

PRMami said...

How sad Ben is with his poor old me bit, he needs to stop the self pity party and just enjoy the time he has left and LIVE!

Qosmic said...

He he... What a great name he's got that little alien boy! *lol* I still hope for his dad to maybe find someone one day... But in the meantime; Boris needs to get some action soon! More of Boris!! ;)