Sunday, July 31, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 60 - Happily Ever After?

Corey changed after Kendal's death. He found a job in the military even though Faith could easily support them on her salary. He changed overall look. He changed how he acted. He became even more attentive to Faith's needs.

One day, Corey dressed in his finest suit and went out to find Faith. It was time. He found her outside where he dropped to one knee. He proclaimed his undying love and asked her once again to marry him.

Faith agreed. That day she married Corey Byall. She was extremely happy.

She had no doubts that this was the right thing for both of them. She would do her best to always be faithful to Corey. She would do her best to make him very happy.

As the months flew by, Faith got larger and larger. As her due date approached she realized that maybe she should tell her family. So far she had avoided seeing them or telling them of her marriage to Corey. She knows how shocked they will be. She knows that they will all feel sorry for Corey. After all, he can't possible know what he's gotten himself into.

Faith called over some friends and family. It was time to make an announcement. Where others were just shocked, Ivy was thrilled that her friend was going to be a mom. She for one believes in second chances. She thinks that Faith can turn her life around if she really wants to.

For the most part, everyone just sat around and talked about the weather. They did have a good time though.

Right up until Faith went into labor. She was a few weeks early but tell that to the baby.

Faith gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Corey and Faith named their daughter Grace.

(If you're wondering about the blue eyes since both Faith and Corey have green eyes, it's pulling from the biological grandfather.)

Everyone was very happy to meet Faith's baby girl.

But don't think that stopped them gossiping when her back was turned.

Corey took good care of his little girl that night. The next morning he headed off to work bright and early.

Faith is trying really hard to be a good mom. She just doesn't seem to have the natural instincts that Corey has. He can seems to just sense when Grace needs to be fed or burped or changed. Faith can't. She loves her little girl. She loves her husband. She hopes that she will never hurt either of them.


Catootje73 said...

What a lovely last picture. I'm curious how this little family will carry on.

Simaholic said...

Oh, Grace is so sweet! I can't wait to see how things got with Corey and Faith and of course I want to see how little Grace looks as a toddler and on up :o)

Anjel76 said...

Grace is a BEAUTIFUL child. Look at that skintone ... those light eyes, and that light hair! AWWWW ...

I hope Faith and Corey can survive themselves. ;O)

Qosmic said...

All I can say is "Nooobooooo!" He he...