Sunday, July 24, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 51 - Changes - Part One

As time passes, lives change. The men at Avery Manor have made a few changes themselves. Brand hired a contractor to add a loft to the family home. This small third story apartment would give him some measure of privacy. Ben thought the loft was a great idea. He expanded on the concept and had the contractor build a hovering platform perfect for viewing the night sky (or launching water balloons if in a really silly mood).

Both Ben and Brand have really enjoyed the new deck. Ben spends more time up there than Katy would like. Katy has been thinking more and more that she would like to have another child. Connor has cousins but she thinks he should have a sibling or two.

Speaking of Connor, he's growing up quickly. He recently celebrated a birthday. Soon he will be starting school.

A nice shot of Connor after he's been all gussied up. A nice blending of his two parents I think.

Aaron stopped by for a visit. He was sad to be separated from his family. After dealing with his change of situation, Aaron spent the rest of the evening wandering the yard and noticing the subtle changes that had happened since his death.

Baila stopped by on her morning jog. Katy confided to her that she and Ben have finally started trying to have another baby. She really wants to give Connor siblings before she gets to old.

Tracy knew that Aaron would have wanted his grandkids to go to private school so she calls the headmaster and asks him to stop by. When her kids were small, she had always let Aaron handle getting them into private school. He got fifteen kids in though so she didn't figure it could be all that hard. She immediately impressed the guy with her beautiful night gown and hilarious stories.

She then cooked him a nice turkey dinner which must have been the clincher. The headmaster told Ben that he would be proud to have another Avery attend his school.

You can tell that Connor is thrilled about the situation. It's probably the uniform. Kids hate uniforms.

Finally Katy has succeeded in becoming pregnant. With her second pregnancy she finds herself craving spicy foods. She can't get enough chili.

Ben is completely content. The family is happy and healthy and growing in numbers. Aaron would be amazed at all the new little Avery's that are running around out there.

Speaking of amazed, one night while he and his brother were stargazing, Ben was amazed to see a blinding light come out of the sky. At first he wasn't sure what it was. Then it all became clear.

It was the aliens. The same aliens who took Mitch. They've come back to claim another victim. Hold on Brand. Don't let go.

Ben and the rest of the family were terribly upset when Brand was sucked into the night sky. They all knew what had happened to Mitch. They all knew what must be happening to Brand.

Later that night the space ship returned.

They brought Brand back relatively unharmed.

And then sped away into the night.

Brand couldn't remember much of what happened while he was away. What he could remember was what happened to Mitch upon his return. He had to hope that the same wouldn't happen to him. Could it all be a bad dream? He stumbled upstairs and fell into a dreamless sleep.

Ben called Mitch up after Brand's return. Mitch told Brand that he was going to have a baby. Brand refused to believe him. No matter what anyone said Brand insisted that he was fine. He was NOT pregnant. He continued to go to work as he always has. After a few months, everyone else would realize that he was right.


Anjel76 said...

He's not pregnant? How'd he manage that???

lexsi340 (Mel) said...

Lol I love the look on Connor's face. You can tell Connor's excited about private. School. Sorry that justc racks me up! He got the eyes... I hate those slit eyes!

Qosmic said...

Oh, I love abductions! The thrill, the excitement, the anticipation! *getting chills*