Saturday, July 02, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 16 - Trouble in Paradise

Binah has finally settled in at the dorm. Dorm life has been a big adjustment for her. She's finding it hard to force herself to study when there is always so much going on.

There is trouble in paradise. Blake and Jan had a slight communication problem. Blake tried to kiss her and she pushed him away. He's hasn't handled the rejection well. He keeps telling himself that she was just tired and cranky. Surely that's all that it is. Not long ago the couple took their relationship to the next level. It was his first time. It meant everything to him. The trouble is that he's never been in a relationship before. He didn't date in high school. Jan is the first girl he ever kissed. Now that they've made love he's terrified that it will somehow fall apart. He loves her so much. She is his entire world. He just can't loose her.

Blake spends the day replaying the incident in his mind. She was just tired. That's all that it is. He doesn't get dressed. He doesn't do much of anything. He just sits and stares into space. He has to make things right with Jan. He can't lose her. He just CAN'T.

Binah invites over some of younger siblings. Both Brand and Banning are looking forward to attending college. Brand wants a good education. Banning wants to find a wife. What better place for both then at La Fiesta Tech?

Blake and Jan finally make up. It was Blake who apologized. Jan never explained what happened. He's sure that it was just stress from midterms.

Blake wants Jan to move into his dorm room with him. She just laughed at the suggestion. Why bother when she's just down the hall?

Blake is desperate to hold onto the woman he loves. He wants a commitment. He has the ring and the moment is right. He gets down on one knee and asks Jan to marry him.

Jan is shocked. She wasn't expecting him to propose. She is thrilled though. A diamond. It's every girls dream. Jan throws her arms around Blake and quickly accepts.

Jan Baty is amazed. She is going to marry Blake Avery. The Avery family has become fairly prominent in Eden Falls. All that influence could really help her career. Besides Blake's dad has a lot of money now. She wonders how much Blake will inherit when his father dies.

Blake invites Aaron over to tell him the news. As he expected, Aaron was thrilled. Though Aaron's own twin daughters are just infants, he can't wait for the day he will hold his first grandchild in his arms.

Jan is spending most of her nights in Blake's room. Blake treats her like a queen. Though she knows he's not that experienced, he is catching on quickly. She thoroughly enjoys teaching him new things each night.

Blake is in heaven. He has the woman he loves in his arms every night. He has worked hard and managed to accelerate his graduation by quite a bit. He will probably be the first of his siblings to graduate. Ben has changed majors far to often and Baila is in no hurry to leave. They are both just having way to much fun. Blake can't wait to graduate. Only one more semester and both he and Jan will get their diplomas. Then they can build a house in Eden Falls and start their family.

Then the unthinkable happens. Blake catches Jan flirting with someone else. Blake is livid. He can't believe it. After all the love he has given Jan this is how she repays him. How could she? Does he mean nothing to her? They are suppose to get married. They are suppose to build a family together. They are suppose to live happily ever after. Blake shouts obscenities for all the world to hear and then storms out of the dorm. He needs to get away. He walks quickly away heading no where in particular. It's not suppose to end like this. He had it all planned out. Their entire life. Every child. Every major event. How could she do this to him?

Jan is furious too. You stupid cow. You've ruined everything. Blake was going to marry me. You couldn't wait until we were alone?

Jan heads to her dorm room. She needs to think. There has to be a way to salvage this. She IS going to become an Avery. She IS going to marry Blake. Why did he have to see that? She knew he'd never understand. Blake sees the world in black and white. He was oblivious to the many shades of grey.

Blake eventually calmed down. He returned after dark and when straight to his room. He lay awake thinking things through. It was just one mistake. Maybe he had misunderstood. Maybe it wasn't the way it seemed to be. He would give her another chance. He would talk to her first thing in the morning. They would straighten the whole thing out. He's sure he imagined that excited look on her face as that COW flirted with her.

The next morning Blake sees Candence walking out of Jan's room in her underwear with her hand on Jan's hip. One minute he was standing there in shock. The next he had slapped Candence but good. He didn't know what had happened in Jan's room but he had a good imagination. A dozen scenarios flew through his mind and all of them ended in heartbreak.

Jan stood in shock as Blake rushed past her. She had really messed things up. He was never going to understand. Nothing had happened. NOTHING. It was just some harmless flirting. She loved him. She wanted to marry him. Flirting with people was just a part of who she was. It didn't mean anything.

That night without saying goodbye to anyone, Blake called a cab and left.


Simaholic said...

Oh no, poor Blake. He seems really confused and emotional. But I do wonder if Jan really does love him or if she is just planning to marry him for the money that Aaron has made. Silly girl, we don't even know who Aaron will make his heir yet.

Anjel76 said...

Ohhhh ... poor Blake. Is he dropping out ... or is he finding his own place to live. DAMN that Jan. Darn romance sims ruin EVERYTHING.

Send Blake my way. I'll take care of him.

j00ky said...

Binah is absolutely gorgeous! That is soo sad about young Blake with Jan...