Sunday, July 17, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 37 - Jan's Mistake

After Aaron's death, Tracy had come by to deliver the news in person. Blake was stunned. He had never considered his father's mortality. The two sat in silence remembering.

Tracy then went to play with her grandson Clay. That's all she does now that Aaron is gone. She spends her days playing with the grandbabies. All of the grandkids love it when grandma dresses up like a cow.

Yvette had come to a decision. Blake had to know. The timing could be better. She wasn't sure that he was strong enough to handle the truth right now but she still had to tell him. So she did. She told him about Jan's visits to Aiyana. She told him what they did in the hot tub. She told him everything she knew leaving out many things she only suspected.

Blake became furious. How dare she say these things? Jan would not cheat on him. Not again.

After telling Yvette exactly what he thought about her going around spreading lies, he asked her very impolitely to leave.

Later that night Blake received a call from Ben. He needed to come by the house. The lawyer will be by to distribute the inheritance. He told Jan that she would need to be there to watch the kids. Jan had no problem with that. She had been waiting for this. Finally they would have money enough to fix up the house. No more cheap furniture. No more discount clothing. No more working for a living.

Upon Blake's return Jan felt like celebrating. Blake hadn't told her how much inheritance he had received. Jan made assumptions based on Aaron's bank account. All that cash, even divided by fourteen, still amounted to a lot of money.

Blake hadn't cared about the money or lack of it. He mainly went by the house to mourn his father. He also wanted to check with Ben and see if he needed any help with anything. The check he had received was deposited into the bank. It was only a few thousand dollars but it would help put his kids through college.

Later that night while taking care of the kids, Blake thought back on his conversation with Yvette. He started to wonder if it might be true. Could Jan be cheating on him again? She did shop a lot. She rarely brought anything back with her. It did make sense but he simply could not accept it. Why would she come back to him...why would she marry him if she never really loved him? Certainly you would never cheat on someone you love.

Blake was at work the night of Hope's birthday. She grew into a beautiful little girl. She had a small celebration with her sister and mother.

Jan had planned her own little celebration for later. After the kids were all in bed, Jan greeted Kendal. It had been so long since she had seen her. Luckily Blake would be gone all night so they had plenty of time to spend together.

Unfortunately Jan forgot that Blake had recently been promoted. His work hours had changed. He arrived home just in time to catch Jan with Kendal.

He was devastated. He didn't want to believe his own eyes. It was true. Jan had cheated on him not once but many many times. How could he have not seen the truth?

Blake's shock quickly turned to anger. How could she do this to him? Was it all a lie? Their marriage? Their love? Was any of it real?

Jan made no excuses. She didn't apologize. She simply stood there and let him scream. What did he want her to say? Yes she loved him. Maybe not the way he loved her but she did love him. She did try to make him happy. She just couldn't be who he wanted her to be. She would never be happy as Suzy Homemaker. She never wanted kids. But she had given him kids. She did that for him. What more could he ask for?

Blake ran out of the bedroom. He escorted the hussy to the door. While he was away, Jan locked him out of their bedroom. He needed to calm down. Then she would explain this all away.

Blake retreated to the nursery. It was over. His marriage, his love, his felt like it was all over. After checking in on his son, Blake spent the night on the couch.

The next morning, Jan tried to make up with Blake. She thought she could just flirt her way back into his good graces just as she always had. This time, Blake was not interested. It had been a long night. He was tired and uncomfortable from sleeping on the couch. He didn't want to even speak to his wife right now.

But Jan had a secret weapon. She knew something that Blake didn't know. She was pregnant. She hadn't wanted another baby. She had cursed his name the moment she found out. Now, however, this child would be her salvation. She would use this baby to hang on to Blake and his money.

Blake was in a whirlpool of emotions. He hated her. He loved her. He was furious with her. But she was having his baby. Maybe he should forgive her. Maybe she could change. Maybe they could hold it all together for the kids.

Just hours later, Blake answered a ringing phone. It was a call that would change his life forever.

It was Jan's doctor. He had called to confirm her appointment. Her appointment to terminate her pregnancy. Anything he felt for his wife died that day. Maybe he could forgive her for cheating. Maybe he could forgive her for that betrayal. He could NEVER forgive her for this.

Jan tried hard to laugh off Blake's claims. It was true. All of it. But Jan tried to convince her husband that it was a clerical error. It was all just a mistake.

Blake was having none of it. His eyes were wide open. He finally saw the truth.

Blake laid it out plain as day. You will have this baby. You will stay here until you do. After can go wherever you want and do whomever you want.

In the midst of the family's turmoil, Clay's birthday passed almost without notice. Blake had sank into a deep depression. He watched Jan like a hawk. With his focus firmly fixed on her many other things escaped his notice. Blake didn't yet realize that his kids were growing up. It hadn't crossed his mind that this wasn't just his problem, it was their problem too. The kids knew that Mom & Dad were having problems. They feared that their parents would get a divorce. Sometimes they heard screaming coming from their parents bedroom. They often found Blake sleeping on the couch. They didn't really understand what had happened but they feared that their family would never be the same.


Simaholic said...

Oh no, Poor Blake! I was so afraid that he was going to find out. Although I wonder if he will be able to kick Jan out after she has the baby.

Qosmic said...

Those sims... Getting their little pixelated hearts crushed like that... I hope Blake finds happiness with someone else.

j00ky said...

It's a shame that kids always get caught in the middle of the adults problems.. shame on you Jan! How could you do that to your kid?