Sunday, July 10, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 28 - Safety Zone

Aaron stops by to check on his kids. He engages Binah in a friendly game of chess. He tries to get all the latest gossip out of his daughter. The boys don't confide in him much anymore but his little girl well she still tells him things. So Binah spends the evening telling her father how Bede, Brand and Faith are all doing. The more she tells him about them the less he asks about her.

Brand is doing ok. He's bored out of his mind but otherwise he's just great. College isn't the challenge that he thought it would be. Maybe he just knows to much. Maybe he's just restless. Whatever it is Brand hopes he finds a way to alleviate his boredom soon. Otherwise he's leaving college in search of a life that means something.

Bede, well Bede is ok. His grades were slipping but he's trying hard to bring them back up. That is very hard to do with a certain young lady walking around in a very short skirt.

Faith, well Faith is making friends. She seems to be fitting in just great these days. No she isn't dating anyone. She's just making friends and keeping up her grades. At least that's all anyone knows she's doing.

Amanda continues to watch Bede from afar. She still can't seem to get his attention. Maybe he's just shy. Maybe she needs to be a little more aggressive.

Amanda begins the in your face approach. Well it's as in your face as she can handle. She's decided that if she's always nearby then eventually he'll have to talk to her. Eventually he'll have to tell her what she's done. That's really all she wants to know. She misses her friend. Yes she'd like him to be more than her friend but for now she'd settle for friend.

Amanda catches Bede dancing alone late one night. She immediately joins in. He is actually looking at her. He's looking her in the eye. They are dancing pretty close. Then as quickly as the dance started it stops. He simply turns and walks away. Amanda is heartbroken. What could she have possibly done? Does he hate her? She runs to her dorm room and locks the door. She spends the rest of the night crying herself to sleep. Bede spends more time under a cold shower.

Binah is almost a senior. She's been friends with Weldon for a few years. They talk and laugh and have fun. Binah wants more though. She wants to do something she's never done before. So one night when she and Weldon are alone she quickly leans over and kisses him. He seemed a little started at first. Then he just smiles. He pulls her into his arms and give her a real kiss. The two make out on the sofa. Eventually Binah and Weldon head off to bed. Separate beds for now. But as they both lay awake that night they can't help but wish the other was laying there with them.

Things haven't gotten any better Brand. He is acing his classes. Perfect grades without trying. He plays a lot of pool to waste his free time. Right now he can't figure out why Ben has stayed here so long. A few more years of this would make him lose his mind.

Faith tries to get to know all of her older siblings. Most weren't living at home when she was adopted. She tells Brand all about her dreams of being in the movies someday. Brand listens patiently. He thinks the idea of being in films is ridiculous but he doesn't tell her that. At least she has dreams. That's better than what he has right now.

Finally Amanda can't stand it any more. She catches Bede alone and simply asks him. What have I done wrong? Why won't you look at me?

Bede feels like such an idiot. He never realized he was hurting her. He's been so busy trying not to throw her down on the couch that he never bothered to think of how she might perceive his actions.

He gently pulls her into his lap and tells her the truth. He's wanted her since the first time he saw her. He feels things for her that he just can't control. He knows she's not experienced. He just doesn't want to do anything to hurt her.

Amanda is so relieved. She was starting to think he hated her.

Bede knows that he has to end this. Holding her like this could lead to so much more. He needs to find a safety zone. She's a few years younger than he is. He has to take this very slowly. He never wants to hurt her but he also never wants to lose her.

Bede stands up and gently pulls Amanda to her feet. He the reaches over and kisses her.

It was her first kiss. Bede actually kissed her. It is a moment she'll never forget.

Bede gently takes her hands in his. Safe zone. Slow and steady. He walks her to her dorm and gently kisses her goodnite. When her door closes he walks to his own room. He doesn't want to take this slow. He wants her on his double bed in the worst way. But slow is the right thing to do. He wants forever with this girl. He can wait. He has no idea how he'll keep it under control but he will. Amanda will be worth the wait. He knows she will.

Brand has found a way to an escape from his boredom in the form of Trista Shaw. He and Trista have become best friends. They talk about all kinds of things. Science, math, nature. They also have a lot of fun together. If it wasn't for friends like Trista he would have dropped out of college a long time ago.

Of course when Trista asks him if he's ever considered getting married the true question flies right over his head. For someone so smart he sure can be dense. He tells her he's never been interested in anyone that way. Maybe someday when he meets the right woman. Trista can see that this is going to be harder than she thought. Why did she have to fall for such a serious guy? He isn't going to make this easy.

William and Aiden stop by to visit Faith. While there, William starts to think that they may need to reconsider college. Have you seen all these women? It would be worth it for that alone. Besides, dad's got the money. So what if we don't have scholarships. We can still go and have a blast.

The two spend time meeting people. They dance until late in the night. So this is what college is like. Party central 24/7. They are definitely in.


Simaholic said...

Yea! Bede has come around! Amanda is such a cute girl too.

Anjel76 said...

It's because of her persistance that Bede came around. He was too worried about how his actions would be perceived that he didn't even think that he might be hurting her by ignoring her. MEN!!

sarianastar said...

Bede and Amanda are so cute together. I'm glad he's being so considerate of her. I hope that they wind up happy together.

j00ky said...

Brand is actually quite cute in a way.. love how he is turning out in College. :)