Sunday, July 17, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 40 - Cephei's Playmate

Just days after Baila's brush with death was Cephei's birthday. It was a fairly quiet celebration. Only Katy was over. Baila did not tell her family about her brush with death. She didn't tell them about her past. She and Mitch had agreed to leave it buried with the bodies of the seven crime lords who had all died suddenly of apparent natural causes within a 24 hour period.

Cephei became a toddler. She is a Virgo with 10 neat, 3 outgoing, 7 active, 0 playful & 7 nice.

Baila had been very tired since her return from the dead. She hadn't told Mitch. She didn't want him to worry. Eventually she would have to tell him though. She didn't want to keep secrets from him anymore.

Cephei was a handful. Baila did her best to take care of her while Mitch worked (or worked on skills or gazed at the stars). It was hard to take care of a toddler feeling as run down as she did.

But Baila was determined that she and Cephei would be close. She wanted to be her mother. She and Mitch may never have any other children but they had Cephei. She was their family.

Cephei loved to play with her rabbit. Not as much as playing with the toilet but almost.

But she REALLY loved to hang upside down. Now THAT is fun. But even this couldn't out rank playing in the toilet. It's the sound the water makes when you run your fingers through it. It's just so magical.

Speaking of toilets, Baila is suddenly rushing to one several times a day. Maybe there is a reason that she's run down and it had nothing to do with her brush with death.

No baby, don't play with that. Mommy hasn't cleaned it yet.

Cephei sat right behind her daddy as Baila told Mitch the news. They were going to have a baby. Cephei would have a little brother or sister to play with.

Mitch was ecstatic. He had always dreamed of having a child with Baila. Now it was HER turn to experience the world of motherhood.

Baila was so thrilled to know she was going to be a mom. She shared the news with the entire family. Her only regret was that her dad wouldn't get to meet his newest grandchild.

She learned that Blake's wife was also expecting. Blake didn't seem to want to talk about Jan or the baby. Baila got the impression that there was definitely trouble in paradise.

Baila had eventually found a job in the natural science field. Not long after starting she was put on maternity leave. She felt kind of guilty by that. She knew she could make it up to her new employers once the baby was born.

Baila spent her maternity leave bonding with Cephei. Now they really are mother and daughter.

Early one morning while bringing in the paper, Baila felt a sudden pain. Everything happened so fast.

She had soon given birth to a beautiful baby boy right out in the yard. He was such a little angel and had his father's green eyes.

Mitch was excited. A son. He had a son. He shouted the news for all the world to hear. Baila didn't think they needed the announcement. She's sure they witnessed the entire birth.

Baila and Mitch had agreed on a name ahead of time. Their son was quickly named Cavan which means handsome.

Mitch took his son into the house for a bottle. Suddenly it seemed like life had come full circle. Wasn't it just yesterday that he was standing right her feeding Cephei and worrying about having 'The Talk' with Baila. Now that part of their lives was over. His family was safe and happy. What more could a father ask for?

Nothing I guess. Just to live long enough to see his kids grow up and be happy. Before Mitch knew it, his baby girl almost grown. She would soon be starting school. She has a love of knowledge just like her parents. He hopes that she will keep it throughout her lifetime.


sarianastar said...

Cavan is adorable! Such brilliant green eyes! I'm enjoying this family very much. Baila and Mitch are just so *right* for each other. :) Thank you for sharing.

Simaholic said...

Cephei is a beautiful little green girl! I'm so glad that she is getting on well with Baila. I'm also glad that Baila and Mitch have had their own baby together. Cavan is the perfect name for him because he is a handsome baby. I love those green eyes!

Qosmic said...

Such a cute little baby boy! And Cephei is a very sweet looking half alien! I hope they can all be happy now...

j00ky said...

Cephei is quite cute as a kid! Can't wait to see Baila's little Cavan when he's older!