Sunday, July 10, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 27 - College Life

With Baila and Mitch having moved out of the greek house, Ben found himself living there all alone. So he asked his brother Bram if he'd consider moving in. Bram had a slight crush on Diane Long so he really didn't want to leave the dorm and her behind. Problem was Diane didn't have a crush on Bram so when Bram made his move he was completely shut down. Apparently Diane just wants to be friends. Ouch! So Bram packed his bags and headed to the greek house. Once there he made it his mission to get all of the younger siblings to become members. He started with Bede who was quickly pledged. He then went down the list and before long all of the Avery kids attending La Fiesta Tech were full fledge members of the greek house. (wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be)

None of his siblings had shown any interest in moving in though. It was a little lonely with just him and Ben around and it looked like Ben would finally graduate soon. So when Valerie Haggerty mentioned that she'd love to get out of her dorm and live somewhere with more freedom, Bram suggested she move in. She had long since been a member and technically any member can move in. You don't have to be an Avery to live there after all. So Valerie moved in the next day.

Valerie Haggerty - cheerleader - popularity - Leo - 2 neat, 8 outgoing, 10 active, 4 playful & 4 nice; lifetime want - become a general

The next night, Valerie set across the table from the real reason she had moved into the greek house. You see Valerie had it bad for Boris Avery. The first time she saw him on campus she immediately fell for him. Yes it was lust but Valerie was sure that it could grow into something else. All she needed was to get to know him better. She had spent months becoming friends with Boris but that was all they were. Just friends. Valerie wanted more than that. It's hard to make a move on a guy when the entire campus watches your every step. Yes it's hard to be a cheerleader. You are always on stage even when you don't want to be. But if Valerie could be alone with Boris, just him and her, she knew that she could make him see how perfect they would be for each other.

Valerie had only told her plans to two other people. Of course they were both cheerleaders too. They also both had the hots for an Avery boy. So her plan became their plan. Eventually all three would become members of the greek house. Eventually they would all move into the greek house. Then they just had to get the timing right and hopefully they would win their men.

Ben has finally taken his last exam. Graduation is set. His future is opening up in front of him. There was only one thing left to take care of.

Katy, I have a little question for you.

Would you consider becoming my wife?

Katy was thrilled. She had begun to think that he would never ask her. They had been dating for three years now and she wanted nothing more than to marry Ben Avery.

Ben looked into the eyes of his future. He and Katy had a wedding to plan. First he would graduate. Then he would move back home. Then he would marry his Katy and spend the rest of his life making her happy.

Bede, well he wasn't exactly happy. He had been wondering around campus for almost two years now. Two years. And in that time he had dated a few girls. Nothing special. No chemistry. No fire. No spark at all. Then he sees Amanda. Amanda is just a kid. She works at the student union selling magazines. The first time he saw her his heart started racing. His stomach knotted up. He bought a magazine that he never did read just so he could get close enough to see the color of her eyes. Just reading the name off her apron sent his mind off in a direction it just shouldn't be. Since the first day he saw her he has been having very adult thoughts about a teenage girl. It's wrong and he knows it but he can't seem to control it. She is all he thinks about. He dreams of a beautiful girl with lovely grey eyes. Then he wakes up and realizes that he could be arrested if he actually did the things in his dreams.

Bede tried hard to get her out of his head but it just hasn't worked. He's been spending more and more time at the student union just so he can stare at her from a distance. Finally he comes up with a plan. He just needs to get her out of his system. She's probably just an immature kids. So he strikes up a conversation with her. He figures that once she starts talking about stupid kid stuff the fantasy will die and he can move on. Problem is she doesn't come across as childish at all. They have a good conversation about all sorts of, politics, alien babies. The more she tells him the more he wants to be near her. Soon the two have a bit of a routine going. He stops by every afternoon and keeps her company for a few hours. She tells him stuff. He tells her stuff. When it reaches the point where he can't take his eyes off of her lips he leaves. So much for getting her out of his system. He's now in way to deep.

When his brother's start teasing him about having the hots for that blond barista at the student union, Bede knows he has to end this. For one thing he doesn't want anyone to know the truth. For another he never even realized the barista was blond or female for that matter. So he starts dating again. He dates anyone and everyone who crosses his path. Some are psychos. Some just bore him to tears. Some make him wonder what planet they're from. All leave him wanting a teenager name Amanda.

Out of ideas Bede decides to find out exactly how bad off he is. He steers the conversation that day to find out exactly how old Amanda is. He is very relieved to find out that she just turned eighteen. She will actually be starting to college next semester. A new excitement races through him. He quickly tells her to what dorm he's in and tells her to call him and he'll help show her around or whatever. As he heads home that night he can't help but think that he just used the dumbest line in the book. He can't help remembering that she's still just a kid. Just because she's about to start college doesn't make her any less young and naive than she was just hours before.

Amanda started college a few weeks later. She's attending on scholarships so she had to live in a dorm. She specifically requested to be placed in Bede's dorm. She really likes him. He seemed to really like her. He wasn't like most college guys that she met at work. Most guys tried to flirt with her and see just how far they could get the kid to go. Bede wasn't like that. He just talked with her. He made her feel like an adult. She really thinks they might be able to have something special together someday.

Amanda Gibson - shop clerk - Family - Aquarius - 8 neat, 5 outgoing, 3 active, 10 playful & 2 nice; lifetime want - golden anniversary

So she is very confused when Bede hardly acknowledges her existence. He will carry on a half hearted conversation but he rarely looks at her.

Amanda is very worried by all this. What if she made a big mistake moving into his dorm. What if he's got a girl friend? What if he just doesn't like her? What if he just thought she was some sweet kid and really only wanted to show her around campus?

Amanda tries to forget about Bede and concentrate on her studies. She's here on a scholarship. She can't let her grades drop. While she works on her term paper, her mind keeps drifting towards her problem. How does she get Bede's attention? She just needs to know how he feels about her. If he only thinks of her as a friend then she will just have to try to forget about him. It wouldn't be easy but it's better to know then to wonder about it.

So Amanda begins her campaign to get Bede's attention. She engages him in conversation whenever possible but she still can't get him to look at her. She can't help but think she's done something wrong. If he would just talk to her maybe she could fix it.

Bede doesn't know how much more he can stand. How is he suppose to concentrate on anything when she is wearing so little? If his mind was racing through the gutters before now pitched a tent and made a home. It's all he can do to keep from throwing her across the table and kissing her. His hands ache to hold her. Once he's sure she's safely out of view he heads for yet another cold shower.


Simaholic said...

What a crazy boy that Bede is being. I hope that he decides to get things going with Amanda.

I'm glad to hear that Ben has graduated and is getting married. I can't wait to see how their kids turn out because Ben is a rather good looking sim.

Anjel76 said...

Men ... SHEESH! Why do they only share one brain cell between the lot of them? *rolls eyes* They are so CLUELESS! Let's hope the young lady gives him a clue. ;O)

Qosmic said...

Amanda is such a sweetheart! Bede is an IDIOT if he doesn't hold onto her! But wait... Now I see a pic there with pink hearts floating around. Wee!! Gotta go read!

j00ky said...

Congrats to handsome Ben getting married! and wow, Bede sure has a goodlooking catch there!