Saturday, July 02, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 15 - Romance & Diapers

Realizing that their two bedroom house was going to be way to small, the Wilsonoff family decided to expand. They built a second story onto their small (maxis built) home. Aiyana quickly moved her bed upstairs. The privacy issue had just gotten a little better. A little mind you. Not much.
Things fell into a routine. Aiyana pretended to look for employment each day. She also pretended to look for a new place to stay. Then she would call over a friend.

Yvette and Irfan settled into the routine of a married couple. Funny thing was it wasn't much different than their old routine. Ok so maybe there was less sex. But Yvette was pregnant. Things would get better after the baby was born. Right?

Aiyana wasn't having any problem making friends. Men these days don't know how to pamper their women. So other men (or women) can easily swoop in, show them kindness and affection & completely sweep them off their feet. Aiyana was good at this. Years of practice paid off in spades. Now off hot tub. Since Yvette couldn't use it right now, Aiyana was taking full advantage. Of course that was her way.

Yvette was due any day now. She was big, miserable, starving and to tired to even consider sex. Despite all that, Irfan was being a complete sweet heart. He would fix her whatever she wanted to eat. He rubbed her feet for her and gave messages on demand. Yvette wasn't sure what she ever did to deserve such a wonderful man in her life.

Irfan, despite the lack of a sex life, was quite happy. He found himself laying on the bed just watching Yvette sleep. He would often lay his hand on her belly and wait for a kick. It was amazing. He was completely happy. He would never have dreamed that marriage could make him so content.

So he was very surprised to find himself suddenly flirting with his friend Christy. He didn't know exactly what happened. One minute they were having a normal friendly conversation.

And the next minute he had her in his arms. Honestly, he wasn't even all that attracted to Christy. She was a sweet girl but not even his type. She was way to shy for him. Besides he didn't even want to be with her. He wanted to be with his wife. But here he was out on the lawn with his pregnant wife just inside making out with Christy Stratton. She was the first woman besides Yvette that he had kissed since he moved to Eden Falls. He realized how easy it would be to take her out back to the hot tub and talk her out of her clothes. It would be a piece of cake. He would have her and then what? He had no idea. Back on campus it was just so thrilling. Find a sweet young girl and talk her into sleeping with him. It was exciting. The thrill of the chase. But now...

Instead of parting Christy from her clothes Irfan got ready for work. He was up for a promotion. They still hadn't bought baby furniture. He just had more important things to do than deflower some kid.

After Irfan left for work, Yvette went into labor. Aiyana was of no help at all. She had always avoided motherhood like the plague.

In the end, Yvette gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Her son had brown hair and grey eyes. He was such a sweetie. Yvette named her son Leo Wilsonoff.

She then called Irfan at work to tell him the news. Once Irfan recovered, he rushed out to purchases baby furniture. He then headed home to his family. He took care of Leo and then he took care of his mother. After everyone was tucked into bed he heard a quiet knock at the door.

It was Christy. This shy quiet girl had come back. She was trying to seduce him. It was laughable really. She wasn't very good at it. In the end it didn't matter. Irfan gave her what she wanted. He took her to the hot tub and parted her from her clothes. He deflowerd her with style and grace and then kissed her thoroughly before sending her home.

Later that evening he found himself in the nursery holding Leo. Why was he feeling so guilty? He never had before. This was his nature. He had always been this way. A leopard can't change it's spots. He knew he would stray eventually but he was disappointed that it had happened so soon. He was disappointed that it had been so meaningless. Well what's done is done. He would just have to move on. It's not like Yvette wouldn't eventually stray too. He knew she would. For some reason that tore him up inside.

Aiyana was put on nanny duty. Since she "couldn't" find a job she would have to watch Leo while mom & dad brought home the bacon. Aiyana wasn't happy about this. For some reason she hadn't foreseen this complication. She wasn't the motherly type. What could they be thinking leaving a child with her?


Anjel76 said...


What an update! Serves Aiyana right for being a sponge!

And as for Irfan ... I TOLD YA SO! Now ... I'm just waiting for the other romance sim to stray.


j00ky said...

Well it's about time Aiyana was doing her part around the house! lol