Sunday, July 10, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 31 - The New Greek House

With Ben gone the girls decide to kick plan 'Get an Avery' into high gear. Both Trista Shaw and Laura Mellon move into the greek house.

Trista Shaw - cheerleader - knowledge - Virgo - 0 neat, 3 outgoing, 6 active, 6 playful & 7 nice; lifetime want - max all skills

Laura Mellon - cheerleader - Popularity - Aries - 1 neat, 6 outgoing, 6 active, 6 playful & 3 nice; lifetime want - Become captain hero

Man. We didn't have hot cheerleaders living here when I was in college.

Laura begins the next phase to get her man. She slips into bed with Bram. No she won't do anything tonight. She's just hoping that maybe he'll get an idea or two when he wakes up in the morning.

Bram has ideas the next morning but not the kind Laura was after. You see Bram doesn't like the looks of the greek house. Ben did some shoddy renovation while he was in charge. Now it's his turn. He wants to change this wreck of a house into something special. Ben just kept hoarding the greek house funds. Bram plans on speeding them. All of them. So he hires a contractor who sets to work building something just a little better.

And this is what she comes up with. It's not the best looking thing in the world but the contractor isn't actually the best builder in the world. Bram doesn't mind though. She works cheap. Usually for chocolate.

Bram loves the newness of the greek house. Gone are the mismatch kitchen chairs. The kitchen is perfect. He plans on keeping the place clean and well maintained.

The girls like most of the changes. The upstairs didn't exactly get finished out the way they wanted it. It seems Bram ran out of money. Once they got more they would do more work. Well the girls knew how to get more money. Ask more people to move in. It just so happens that they have just the perfect people in mind.

Man are we really hurting for cheerleaders. This new girl really needs to work on her spirit. She'll never get the crowd fired up like that.

Valerie calls up Boris and asks him to come over and see the changes Bram has made. Boris doesn't really notice the changes. He's to busy noticing Valerie. He quickly sweeps her into his arms. When the two come up for air, Valerie asks Boris to move in with them. He quickly says yes. He wants this woman in the worst way. He will gladly give up a dorm room for a room with Valerie.

Bram's not sure what exactly has happened. He's completely lost control. The girls just moved Boris in without even consulting him. Now they want to move in Brand too. Bram hates not being in control. It seriously bugs him. Since he knows his brothers won't listen to a word he says the control of the greek house is now in the hands of three cheerleaders.

Trista invites Brand over. She asks him to move in and he agrees. He would love to living with his brothers and his best friend. Trista decides it's time to make her move. He is so dense he doesn't realize how she feels about him. So when he goes to give her a friendly hug, Trista turns it into something just a little more.

Finally a light bulb goes off in the mind of our genius. Trista is a beautiful woman. How is it that he never noticed that?

Maybe they should try being something more than just best friends. This is new territory for Brand. He's been to busy learning out of books that he never bothered to learn how to actually live. Maybe Trista can help teach him that.

At the end of the evening there is anticipation in the air. Valerie wants Boris. She wants him now. Why won't he make a move? It's not like he's shy.

But Boris is just a little shy tonight. He keeps thinking about what his father said. Woohoo is great. It's fun and exciting. It's best though when you're in love. Boris isn't in love with Valerie. He wants her but he wonders exactly what she wants out of him. Will she be ok with just a physical relationship?

Trista begins holding classes. Lesson one kissing. Brand has no experience in this area. Luckily he's a quick study with a good teacher.

Bram finds himself in a bind. There are only the tree double beds at the greek house. He wasn't expecting to have so many people living there so he didn't buy any more. Laura says it's fine. They can share. He's just not so sure that's a good idea. He still remembers waking and finding her curled up beside him. Yes a part of him was excited by it. She looked so beautiful. She smelled so good. But he just isn't ready for this. He knows what's going on in the other rooms. He knows what his brothers are doing tonight. He is even smart enough to realize that Laura wants them to be doing that too. He just isn't ready. He doesn't love her. Maybe he could some day but right now he doesn't.

Boris lets go of his worries. It will all sort itself out. She wants this as much as he does. Why shouldn't they be together.

Trista is moving through the lessons quickly. Maybe they should go slower but she doesn't want to. She wants Brand. She loves him and wants to share herself with him completely. Brand has no thoughts of stopping. He loves to learn new things. He thought he had nothing left to learn. How wrong could one guy be?

Afterwards Boris lay staring at Valerie. That was so amazing. She is so full of fire and passion. He can't wait to do that again.

As Valerie stared at Boris she saw the man that she loves. She sees herself spending the rest of her life with him. She sees wedding bands and babies. She falls asleep thinking that her future is secure.

Trista is amazed by the man across from her. He wasn't her first but he was the best. Maybe it's true what they say about love making it all the more special.

Brand is amazed by the wonderful woman he has found. Yesterday they were just friends. Today they are so much more. He hopes they will be friends and lovers for the rest of their lives.

Bram finally gave in and cuddled with Laura. He could hear what was transpiring just next door. For a moment he considered taking what Laura was offering. They could have fun together. She would be happy. Not sure that he could live with himself in the morning, Bram kissed Laura on the cheek and went downstairs to sleep on the couch.


Anjel76 said...

I'm glad to see that Bram is a bit more serious about lust than SOME people. ;O) *LOL* Good man!

Qosmic said...

A lot of luuuuve in the greek house. Or at least luuuuvemakin'. *lol* I can't decide who I'd prefer to have in one of those double beds: Bram or Boris. I think it's a tie.

j00ky said...

aww, Brand is finally growing up.. how sweet of Bram. :)