Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 22 - Baila & Mitch

After graduation, Baila's taxi dropped her off at her new home. Mitch was waiting there to greet her. He was just a little nervous. He knew that the house wasn't much but he hoped that it would do until they could buy something bigger.

Then of course there was this question that he had been waiting for so long to ask.

Baila quickly let Mitch know that she would definitely marry him. She didn't care about the house. She would live in a run down shack as long as she was there with him.

Baila suggested that they get married immediately. That wasn't part of Mitch's plan. He assumed that she would want a big family wedding. Well he had assumed wrong. Baila just wanted to be married to him. She had never dreamed of gowns and flowers. She had never dreamed of marriage at all until she fell for him. All she wanted was to be Mrs. Mitch Byall. So that day Mitch and Baila visited with the justice of the peace. They said their vows and became husband and wife.

Then came explaining things to the parents. Aaron wasn't happy that he had not been able to walk his daughter down the aisle. But the kids loved each other. They got married. He could be happy about that. He was relieved when Baila pulled him aside and told him that they didn't have to get married. He wanted grandbabies but he would rather wait until these kids were ready. He wasn't sure that they were.

Baila and Mitch were very happy. They were saving their money for a bigger house. They hoped to live here for only a short time. They had however splurged on some telescopes. They both loved to gaze at the stars.

Everything wasn't perfect though. Mitch was having trouble finding a career that made him happy. He had worked in science. He then tried natural science. A good medical position still eluded him. Baila was working. Everyone thinks she's working for a large firm in Sim City. They aren't entirely sure what she does but it has something to do with distribution maybe. They aren't sure why she's working in the business field when she always talks about science but they let it slide. She and Mitch are just starting out. It will take some times to get everything settled.

One afternoon Baila invites over Blake. She loves to see him now that he's a dad. He is so happy. This baby is the best thing that's ever happened to him. The jury is still out about her mom.

Later that night Baila took an unexpected trip. Her family looked on as she was sucked up into a very bright light.


Aaron and Blake were very concerned. Mitch was worried but he still wishes he could go too.

Later that night after everyone else had left, Baila was brought home.

At first she was very upset by the encounter. Later though she told Mitch everything she could remember which wasn't really a lot. She was as excited as a child on Christmas morning. She and Mitch both hope that he can take a trip like that someday.

After much hard work, Mitch has finally gotten a big raise and promotion at work. He finally has the funds to buy a new larger house. He knows just the place he wants to buy. Its not a huge house but it is on a large plot of land. It has two stories and is remarkably similar to Baila's parents home. It was however the site of a tragic fire. The price has been slashed dramatically because people say they see the ghosts of the former owners roaming the house. He really wants to buy this home and see for himself.

Baila listens as her husband goes on about the house. In truth she has long since had the money to purchase a new home. She simply didn't know how to explain where the money came from. She has nothing against buying a haunted house. She knows how fascinated Mitch is by the paranormal. This would be a great opportunity for both of them to explore that side of nature.

So Baila tells Mitch that they should go see the house. If there isn't to much damage from the fire then they could move right away. This makes Mitch very happy. After all, they can't start a family until they have a bigger house.

Baila isn't to sure about starting a family yet. That would be just one more person for THEM to hold over her. She already feels guilty from lying to everyone. Keeping everything a secret has become a huge strain. If only she could see some way out.

After leaving Mitch sleeping in their bed, Baila dresses the part and sneaks out of the house. She has things she has to do tonight whether she likes it or not.

But Mitch wasn't sleeping in their bed. Mitch had gotten up and taken a shower. He had just walked into the kitchen when he saw something he couldn't believe. Baila...his Baila...was leaving in a dark limousine. She was dressed...almost like....but she couldn't possibly be....a criminal mastermind?

Suddenly the late night phone calls and the weird vibe all made sense. For whatever reason Baila had turned to a life of crime. She was following in her mother's footsteps. She could have told him. He knew that Ben would never understand this but he...well he might be able to accept it. Why would she do this though? She was always so against Blake wanting to be a criminal. Why would she then become one herself?


Anjel76 said...

Because they threatened to KILL him ... HIM! Poor guy doesn't know how close he is to death. :O((

Great update! I really hope Baila is able to get herself out of this mess. DAMN her mother!

Simaholic said...

Oh no! I was afraid of this. It is always a mess when the spouse finds out.

It's too bad though that Mitch didn't get abducted instead of Baila, then you could have had little green babies ;o)

sarianastar said...

Poor Mitch! What a tangled web we weave, eh? I too hope that she's able to salvage her relationship. Theys eem so happy together.

Qosmic said...

I have a hard time not call Mitch Daryl, which is his name in my game. :) Anyway, gotta go read what'll happen when Baila finds out he knows!

j00ky said...

Like mother like daughter.. *sighs*