Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 34 - Meredith's Plan

While Meredith planned, William had fun. This professor chick is really cool. She was teaching him so much. He couldn't wait to try these moves out with Meredith.

But what wasn't cool was when just moments after their little tryst, William caught his professor flirting with someone else. Come on. At least wait until I'm dressed first.

Meredith began putting her plan into action. She decided to have a party. She provided the punch. She made sure that Aiden drank more than he should.

Yes she needed him nice and tipsy for her plan to work. Aiden would never make a move on her. They were just friends and besides she was dating his brother. But if he drank enough...well then things would be different.

Meredith knew that he had drank about enough when he leaned over and kissed her. It wasn't actually that bad of a kiss. If circumstances were different...but they aren't. She can't start getting soft. Think of the plan.

When Meredith heard William coming down the hall she hopped into Aiden's arms. Luckily he didn't drop her because right at that moment he felt like he was going to hurl.

William saw Meredith wearing very little clothing wrapped around Aiden's neck. He was hurt.

But he didn't want anyone to know how much. He turned around quickly and walked away. Aiden didn't even know his brother was in the room. Actually he didn't know his own name at this point. Man this sure is good punch.

Meredith was stunned. How could he have not seen that? If he did see, how could he have not reacted? Did he not love her? Was she just some fling?

Well Meredith would get a reaction. She pulled a staggering Aiden into Williams room and pushed him down on the bed. He seemed on the verge of passing out when she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into a fiery embrace. This wasn't the plan but sometimes you have to improvise. For a brief instant she wondered if she wasn't making a mistake. Then Aiden's hands moved down her body. She reacted to his touch. All thinking stopped and she simply melted against Aiden. She was shocked by what she was feeling. She no longer wanted to stop. She just wanted fo feel.

She and Aiden were feeling very good indeed when William walked in. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Meredith and his brother...together. How could they do this to him?

While Aiden lay passed out nearby, Meredith and William had words. They went something like: "How could you do this to me?" "Me? You cheated first. Did you think I didn't know?" "But to sleep with my BROTHER. That is so WRONG." "You hurt me so I hurt you. Deal with it lover boy."

In the end nothing was settled. William stomped out of the room. He needed to get some air. Meredith took a shower. She got dressed and went to class. Aiden remained in Williams bed sleeping off the effects of the punch. He woke up later with a terrible headache and no real clue how he came to be naked in his brother's bed.

Well William informed him how he came to be there. Each word was filled with rage. Aiden wasn't sure what he was suppose to do or say. He had slept with Meredith apparently. He didn't remember. Are you suppose to apologize for things you do when you're drunk? Well he did apologize. He tried to make William understand. He would never have made a move on Meredith if he were sober. He would have apologized to Meredith too but she seemed to be avoiding him. Suddenly he had no friends in the dorm. His brother and best friend stopped talking to him. He had no idea what to do.

William knew he was being an ass. He knew it wasn't Aiden's fault. It was Meredith's fault. It was his fault. But Aiden was an easy target. It was easier to take it all out on Aiden that to admit that he was to blame. So William was a complete jerk to his brother. No matter what Aiden said he just ignored him or shot him dirty looks. Eventually Aiden stopped trying. So William was left alone to stew in his anger.

Meredith...well she had a little problem. Not knowing what else to do she dropped out of college. It was time to head home.

Over the next few month's, Meredith's little problem became a big problem. Her extremely religious family disowned her when she refused to name and then marry the baby's father. She refused to admit to them that she didn't know who the father was. They told her to find a husband and make herself respectable or get out. So once again she left. She found a small one bedroom apartment for rent. She didn't have much money but she would make do.

She often thought about that night. She found herself not missing William the lover but William the friend. She found her lusty dreams filled with Aiden and not William. She found herself hoping that the baby was Aiden's. She wanted to call him and tell him it was his baby but maybe that wasn't such a good idea. What if it was Williams child? Hadn't she put the brothers through enough?

Meredith was very alone when she went into labor. She was scared when she picked up the phone to call for an ambulance. She wanted William to be here and hold her hand. She wanted Aiden to kiss her and tell her it would be alright.

All alone in her hospital room, Meredith Lillard gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. She named her son Marcus. He had brown hair and deep blue eyes. She spent her days at the hospital trying to remember what color William and Aiden's eyes were. Her eyes were brown so where did Marcus get those blue eyes?

When Meredith brought her son home from the hospital, the urge returned to call the Avery brothers. The problem was, she didn't know what to say. It had been so long and she hadn't said a word to them. She still didn't know who the father was. Maybe she would never tell them. Maybe she would simply raise her child on her own. Of course some day she may see them again. Someday she may not have a choice but to admit that she has given birth to an Avery.

Late one night a stranger dressed as a cow came walking into the apartment. She took baby Marcus in her arms....

and took him down stairs for a bottle.

Marcus looked at her as though he knew exactly who she was. Without saying a word, the mystery cow put the baby back in his crib and quietly left.


Simaholic said...

Oh poor Aiden who was just the puppet in Meredith's evil plot. I wonder who the baby belongs to??? Is the cow mascot Tracy??? Bum bum bum.

aquatami said...

Yes the cow mascot was grandma Tracy. There was no way to write the pics into the story because she doesn't know Meredith but I liked them so I just threw them in at the end. She's always just showing up and walking around people's houses.

As far as the baby's parentage, you'll just have to wait to find out. Could be while. I have to go tie up some lose ends with the older siblings first.

sarianastar said...

Drama! I love drama! And the cow pics at the end were cute. LOL! I love that the mascots and cheerleaders show up in the neighbourhood in their mascot outfits. ;)

Anjel76 said...

WEIRD!!!! How'd that thing happen with the cow?!?! Was that Aiden's mom? Does she know about the Avery genes in the baby? What's going on?!?!?! *LOL*

Qosmic said...

I like this twist! Mucho! TTFN, gotta go read more!

j00ky said...

ohhlaa, which of the adopted Avery kids is the new father? I'm guessing that the cow is Tracey? If that is so, that is really sweet of her!