Sunday, July 10, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 32 - Ben's Wedding

It's a big day at the Avery Manor. Today Ben marries his Katy. (Didn't I tell you I wasn't a builder. Such a boring house.)

While the ladies fiddled with their accessories, Aaron and Ben played a game of chess. Ben was a little nervous. He had no doubts that the wedding would go off without a hitch. Still his stomach is tied up in knots. He just can't wait to get this part over with. He now envies Baila's quiet private ceremony.

When the big moment arrived, all nervousness was finally gone. He had known Katy for so long. They were great friends. He knew they would have a wonderful life together.

Katy was so happy. She was finally marrying the man that she loved. His family could be overwhelming sometimes but she would get use to the madness that was the Avery clan. She hoped to very soon give the family, her family, a new member.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Ben Avery.

Katy Kosmokos - uni bartender - Family - Cancer - 4 neat, 4 outgoing, 7 active, 5 playful & 5 nice; lifetime want - 6 grandkids

Once the vows were said, Katy could have happily left the party with Ben. Unfortunately it would be many hours before she finally got him alone.

First they had to cut the cake. They came dancing and pictures. The party is a lot of fun for the guest but a lot of work for the happy couple.

When the cake was cut, Ben couldn't resist having some fun with his bride. She looks good with icing all over her face.

Katy found herself eating cake with the men.

Ben found himself eating cake with the women. Both newlyweds were given all sorts of advice. Most of it was in fun and half of it had Ben turning the most amazing shade of pink.

Aaron was just finishing up the picture making when he notice a fire engine pulling into the yard. What have those kids done now?

Well apparently William decided to cook. Burnt pork chops anyone? All the men then promptly panicked. Good thing the nice lady fire fighter came by to put out the blaze.

Ben and Katy never even noticed.

So Bede, you will be next right?

Ben and Katy left to go on a short honeymoon. Ben didn't want to stay gone long. His father had confided in him that his health was starting to fail. He wanted to be there in case Aaron needed him. Katy didn't need a fancy trip. All she wanted was Ben in her bed. That was enough for her.

Man. The groom was HOT!

Bram stayed even after the party ended. He played music for hours before finally heading back to the greek house.

Ben and Katy had a great time on their trip. Only moments after exiting the limo Ben let his wife know that the honeymoon wasn't over. Not yet anyway.

The two went upstairs to the spare bedroom which they had claimed as their own. They went to work on making the next generation of Averys.


Simaholic said...

I'm so glad that Ben got married! He and Katy are very cute. The wedding was great. I can't wait to meet the next generation :o)

Anjel76 said...

OH my god ... he IS hot. *drool* I think I mentioned that before. And I love the image of them kissing for their photo. The look on his face ... you can tell he's really into it. ;O))

sarianastar said...

They are so sweet together. What a lovely wedding! I love weddings. :)

Qosmic said...

Great start on my day, reading this. :) Wanna see the next gen Avery NOW! And I can! Just gotta catch up some more.

j00ky said...

ah weddings! Good on Ben and his new wife!