Sunday, July 31, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 64 - Meeting Marcus

Aiden bought a small starter home and invited Caryl to move in. It wasn't much but it would do until his political career took off.

Caryl couldn't care less about the house. She just wanted to see the bedroom. It had already been a week since she told him she was pregnant. She needed to make it true and she needed to make it true right now. She had bought an ovulation kit. She knew it was now or never. She either got pregnant within the next few days or she lost Aiden forever.

After getting Caryl settled into their new home, Aiden went to see Meredith. She looked good. Just seeing her again brought back memories and feelings that he thought had been buried forever. He quickly asked about his son. He needed something to distract him before he did what he was really wanting to do right now, reach out and touch her.

Meredith took Aiden inside and introduced him to his son. Then she just sat back and watched. They really did look a lot a like. She couldn't help but smile as Marcus ran through his limited vocabulary. Aiden was having a hard time understanding. She assured him it would just take time. After a while you get to know what every little sound means.

It was only a few days before Marcus had a birthday. Meredith made sure that Aiden was invited. She kept everything simple. She couldn't afford extravagant on her paycheck. Right before their eyes, Marcus became a child. Soon he will be starting school. Meredith found it amazing how fast he was growing up.

(Marcus as a child.)

If Meredith had any doubts about Marcus being Aiden's child they were now gone. They looked far to much alike.

(Aiden as a child. Amazing isn't it.)

Aiden started coming over after work and spending time with Marcus. He wanted to know his son. One day he showed up a little early. He said he must have lost track of time. Meredith was glad they were finally alone. She had things she wanted to say. She wanted to apologize for what she'd done all those years ago. She wanted him to know that she thought of him while she was in the hospital having Marcus. She wanted him to know that she had often thought of him. At some point she reached out and took his hands. It may have been a mistake.

Because the next thing she knew they were kissing. She couldn't remember who started it. She just didn't want it to end. Her mind was screaming stop. He's engaged to someone else. But she didn't stop. Neither did he.

If Marcus had gone upstairs that afternoon, he would have found his parents asleep in the same bed. Luckily for them he didn't go upstairs.

He had brought home his cousin Hope. They were busy playing. It was actually their giggling that woke the adults up. Aiden looked somewhat embarrassed as he got dressed. He quickly left without even saying hi to his son. Meredith got dressed. She had to be an adult about this. One amazing afternoon spent with her did not change anything. He was going to marry someone else. She needed to accept that. This could never happen again.

She was a single mom. That's just the way things are. It's her responsibility to make sure that Marcus learns what he needs to know. It's her responsibility to make sure he eats and sleeps and grows up to be a happy young man. She can't count on anyone else riding in and rescuing her. It's just her and Marcus. That's how it always will be.



Catootje73 said...

Oh, single mom with 2 kids? Or happily ever after with Aiden? Off to read the next chapter.

Simaholic said...

Wow, Marcus does look a lot like Aiden. Aiden though is getting himself into trouble. He needs to be more careful.

Anjel76 said...

OH boy ... oh boy, oh boy, oh BOY! Now she's pregnant again. Won't these people EVER learn! This is like ... Days of Our Lives! *LOL*

Qosmic said...

Meredith and Aiden belong together! If they only could get that into their thick skulls soon. *mutters*