Sunday, July 17, 2005

Avery Legacy - Chapter 42 - Baby Wilsonoff

Yvette has had a very emotional pregnancy. She has spent the last trimester crying and wanting it to end. Over a week past her due date, Yvette finally goes into labor.

She gives birth to a baby boy. Blake's baby boy. There is absolutely no doubts in her mind now.

Yvette named her son Kaleb. Kaleb Wilsonoff has his mother's black hair and Blake's grey eyes.

Irfan had never had any real hope that the child was his. The first time he saw his son his heart ached. Regardless, this was his son. He would do his best to take care of him. He would love him and cherish him always.

Irfan called Blake to give him the news. Blake stopped by to meet his son. When he saw they baby there was no doubts in his mind that this was an Avery. Aaron's grey eyes were right there in front of him.

Blake spent some time alone with his son. He played with him and cuddled him. It broke his heart to have to put him back in the crib and leave. But this wasn't just his son. This was Irfan's son as well. He knew that Irfan would take good care of him.

Things seemed to get back to normal for Yvette and Irfan after Kaleb's arrival. Neither has strayed since their talk. Maybe Irfan will manage to remain faithful. There is always a chance.

Irfan and Yvette sat down with Leo and tried their best to explain things to him. It wasn't an easy conversation. Leo seemed to take it all in stride though. So his baby brother had two dads. Ok. That helped actually explained a lot.

Time flies quickly and soon it was time for Kaleb's birthday. Irfan brought his son to the cake. Blake was nearby to celebrate the event.

Kaleb grew into a handsome toddler. His is a Capricorn with 10 neat, 4 outgoing, 3 active, 10 playful & 7 nice.

Blake tries to come by every few days for a visit. He doesn't really have the spare time but if he wants his son to know him then he'll just have to make the time.

Blake has a very awkward conversation with his kids about Kaleb. Cassia understood what happened right off. Of course she understands a lot of what happened with her parents that the younger kids don't. Clay was a little angry about the whole situation. He seemed to think that the new baby brother was the reason that his mom left. Blake hasn't made an official family announcement. He figures he'll tell Tracy and then the whole world should know within days. He's not sure what the reaction will be to the news but he hopes it will be at least somewhat positive.

Blake has become an almost permanent visitor at the Wilsonoff house. He was even invited over for Leo's birthday.

Leo is now a teen. After living in a house full of romancers, it's no real surprise that he turned out to be one too. This could spell trouble for Blake though. Cassia is Leo's only teen friend.


sarianastar said...

Wow. How handsome is Leo! He sure grew into his looks well! And yet another adorable baby. I gotta say, you have some very adorable toddlers in your game! Fun update, I enjoyed reading this too! :)

Simaholic said...

Its nice that Blake is so involved with Kaleb and that Irfan and Yvette don't seem to have a problem with his being present.

j00ky said...

Must be so tough for Irfan, though it is nice of him to accept Blake. As for the kids, the plot thickens...